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Manning, Samuel
English Pictures Drawn with Pen and Pencil.  £22.00 
Heron, Alasdair
A Century of Protestant Theology.  £8.00 
Hossack, Alfred
Navigation at Sea.  £8.00 
Danielsson, Robert
Andersson, Mats
Chess for Starters.  £8.00 
Myhre, Siggen
From this Day Forward.  £10.00 
Cooper, Elizabeth
Insects and Plants. The Amazing Partnership.  £10.00 
Das Neue Testament unseres Herrn und Heilandes Jesu Christi, nebst den Psalmen. Nach der deutschen Übersetzung Dr. Martin Luthers. Gedruckt auf Kosten der Amerikanischen und Ausländischen Bibel-Gesellschaft. Zu haben bei J.G. Oncken.  £14.00 
Curwen, Henry
A History of Booksellers. The Old and the New.  £20.00 
Low, A M
Thanks to Inventors.  £12.00 
Robinson, Bruce
Hunters to First Farmers.  £14.00 
Brierley, Harold
What the Cross Means to Me.  £12.00 
Chesterman, Clement
Tropical Dispensary Handbook. An Aid to the Training and Practice of Medical Assistants.  £16.00 
Hepple, Anne
Scotch Broth.  £12.00 
Rowland, John
The Penicillin Man. The Story of Alexander Fleming.  £14.00 
Solovyev, V S
God, Man, and the Church.  £16.00 
Le Feuvre, Amy
Odd Made Even.  £24.00 
Miller, Mary
Jesus the Shepherd. Picture Stories of Jesus. No. 5.  £6.00 
Miller, Mary
People Jesus Met. Picture Stories of Jesus. No. 4.  £6.00 
Miller, Mary
Jesus and his Friends. Picture Stories of Jesus. No. 6.  £6.00 
Miller, Mary
Jesus the Healer. Picture Stories of Jesus. No. 3.  £6.00 
Briggs, Asa
Iron Bridge to Crystal Palace. Impact and Images of the Industrial Revolution.  £10.00 
Williamson, Henry
The Henry Williamson Animal Saga.  £10.00 
Hjortvid, Elisabeth
The Stable Troll.  £22.00 
Grater, Michael
Alf Gorilla and the Battersea Gang.  £16.00 
Kitchen, Bert
Tenrec's Twigs.  £28.00 
Blyton, Enid
The Little Girl at Capernaum.  £10.00 
Fidler, Kathleen
The Deans Move In.  £44.00 
Gaynor, Susan
Merry Goes to Ballet School.  £54.00 
Blyton, Enid
The Boy with the Loaves and Fishes.  £6.00 
Blyton, Enid
The Buttercup Farm Family.  £48.00 
Cleves, Marjorie
Houseboat Holiday.  £8.00 
Fidler, Kathleen
Mr Simister is Unlucky.  £34.00 
Piggott, Juliet
Stowell, Gordon
Kiku of Japan.  £10.00 
Crowder, Fay
Edith and the Mermaids.  £12.00 
Fidler, Kathleen
More Adventures of the Brydons.  £36.00 
Blyton, Enid
The Boy Who Came Back.  £10.00 
Rogers, Pamela
The Lucky Bag.  £14.00 
Syme, Brian
Seasonally Fit. Nature and the Governing Dynamics of Fitness and Health.  £12.00 
Westcott, Clare
The Girl's Own Book of Hobbies.  £12.00 
Shepherd, Barrie
A Child is Born. Meditations for Advent and Christmas.  £12.00 
Comber, W M
Wilfred Grenfell: The Labrador Doctor.  £6.00 
Heward, F M
Susan the Beast.  £8.00 
Groom, Phyllis
The Farmer and the Cock.  £8.00 
Gervaise, Mary
Ponies in Clover.  £6.00 
Klickmann, Flora
Weeding the Flower Patch.  £10.00 
Cannam, Peggie
Black Fury.  £10.00 
Fidler, Kathleen
The Brydons Stick at Nothing.  £58.00 
Hepple, Anne
Scotch Broth.  £8.00 
Dennison, Dorothy
The Rebellion of the Upper Fifth.  £10.00 
Fidler, Kathleen
The Brydons Abroad.  £46.00 
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