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Ingraham, Franc
Spina Bifida and Cranium Bifidum. Papers reprinted from the New England Journal of Medicine with The Addition of a Comprehensive Bibliography.  £240.00 
Cushing, Harvey
The Harvey Cushing Society. Certificate of Incorporation and By-Laws. Second Edition.  £40.00 
Cushing, Harvey
The Harvey Cushing Society. Second Edition.  £40.00 
Cushing, Harvey
Bailey, Percival
Tumors Arising from the Blood-Vessels of the Brain. Angiomatous Malformations and Hemangioblastomas.  £840.00 
Thayer, W S
Osler and Other Papers.  £46.00 
Russell, Dorothy
Observations on the Pathology of Hydrocephalus.  £46.00 
Naffziger, Howard
Hertel Exophthalmometer.  £360.00 
Dandy, Walter
Surgery of the Brain.  £480.00 
Critchley, Macdonald
The Parietal Lobes.  £800.00 
Gowers, W R
Diagnosis of Diseases of the Brain and of the Spinal Cord.  £64.00 
Bradford, Keith
Spurling, Glen
The Intervertebral Disk, with Special Reference to Rupture of the Annulus Fibrosus with Herniation of the Nucleus Pulposus.  £360.00 
Bielschowsky, Alfred
Lectures on Motor Anomalies.  £120.00 
Ingraham, Franc
Matson, Donald
Subdural Hematoma in Infancy.  £240.00 
Naffziger, Howard
Naffziger Number (The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease)  £64.00 
Penfield, Wilder
Erickson, Theodore
Epilepsy and Cerebal Localization: A Study of the Mechanism, Treatment and Prevention of Epileptic Seizures.  £360.00 
Krenchel, Niels Jorgen
Intracranial Racemose Angiomas: A Clinical Study.  £120.00 
Haymaker, Webb
Guide to the History of Neuropathology Presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Psychiatric Association and the American Neurological Association.  £24.00 
Livingston, W K
Pain Mechanisms: A Physiologic Interpretation of Causalgia and Its Related States.  £240.00 
Broager, Bendt
Spinal Neurinoma. A Clinical Study.  £160.00 
Oddsson, Bjarni
Spinal Meningioma.  £120.00 
Weed, Lewis
Cushing, Harvey
Wegefarth, Paul
Studies on the Cerebro-Spinal Fluid. (The Journal of Medical Research Volume 31, 1914)  £360.00 
Wartenberg, Robert
Hemifacial Spasm - A Clinical and Pathophysiological Study.  £160.00 
Mellinkoff, Sherman
Life Is Short, The Art Is Long.  £26.00 
Mixter, William Jason
Means, James Howard
William Jason Mixter by James Howard Means - An Institution and a Man by Theodore Parker Ferris - What I Believe by William Jason Mixter Means, James Howard Published by Privately Printed (1958) Used Hardcover.  £26.00 
Cushing, Harvey
Papers Relating to the Pituitary Body, Hypothalamus and Parasympathetic Nervous System.  £360.00 
Atkins, H J B
Alta California.  £20.00