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Godfrey, J A
Cleary, R C
School Design and Construction.  £14.00 
Silver, Harold
Teague, John
The History of British Universities 1800 to 1969. A Bibliography.  £18.00 
Hammer, A G
Elementary Matrix Algebra for Psychologists and Social Scientists.  £12.00 
Gomulicki, Bronislaw
The Development and Present Status of the Trace Theory of Memory.  £14.00 
Armstrong, H W
Vickerman, R W
Convergence and Divergence Among European Regions.  £16.00 
Krippendorf, Jost
The Holiday Makers: Understanding the Impact of Leisure and Travel.  £8.00 
Roscoe, John
Twenty-Five Years in East Africa.  £36.00 
Connell, William
The Educational Thought and Influence of Matthew Arnold.  £10.00 
Dickinson, A K
Lee, P J
Learning History.  £14.00 
Thompson, F
Newport Free Grammar School: A Brief History. Quartercentenary Edition.  £12.00 
Munrow, A D
Pure and Applied Gymnastics. First Edition.  £10.00 
Association of Education Committees
School Construction. A reprint of the articles which appeared in the school construction section of "Education" (Official Organ of the Association of Education Committees) 1951, 1952.  £46.00 
Kamin, Leon
The Science and Politics of I.Q.  £8.00 
Mason, Stella
Signs, Signals and Symbols. A Presentation of a British Approach to Speech Pathology and Therapy.  £10.00 
Darmois, Geneviéve
Seaton, M J
Seaton, Joy
Matter, Electricity, and Energy.  £12.00 
Hoggart, Richard
After Expansion: A Time for Diversity. The Universities into the 1990s.  £10.00 
Talboys, R St C
A Victorian School, Being the Story of Wellington College.  £7.00 
Fagley, Richard
The Population Explosion and Christian Responsibility.  £16.00 
Cambridgeshire Education Committee
The Cambridgeshire Syllabus of Religious Teaching for Schools.  £12.00 
Kohl, Herbert
Reading, How To.  £10.00 
Cowan, L G
Education and Nation-Building in Africa.  £14.00 
Watt, David
Constitution of Northern Ireland.  £8.00 
Adams, John
Errors in School; Their Causes and Treatment.  £12.00 
Spiero, Ella
Passages from German Authors.  £7.00 
Robb, Margaret
The Dynamics of Motor-Skill Acquisition.  £18.00 
Clark, Alan
The Foundation Deeds of Felsted School and other Charities.  £12.00 
Thackray, R M
Creative Music in Education.  £7.00 
Stenhouse, David
Crisis in Abundance.  £18.00 
Zennaro, Gino
Lingua Nostra Antica. Integrazione dell'insegnamento dell'Italiano con la Conoscenza del Latino per la seconda Classe della scuola media. Parte Analitica / Florilegio.  £18.00 
Ullman, B L
Henry, Norman
Second Latin Book.  £12.00 
Morris, Sidney
Advanced Latin Tests.  £8.00 
Lowe, W D
Tales of the Civil War. From the third Book of Caesar's Civil War.  £6.00 
Gardner, J W
Tertius Annus. A Latin Reader.  £12.00 
Evrard, Etienne
Textes Latins authentiques a l'Usage des Classes de Sixieme et du Cinquieme.  £12.00 
Agosti, M
Chizzolini, V
La Scuola Materna Italiana. 3a edizione.  £12.00 
Fletcher, Sheila
Women First: The Female Tradition in English Physical Education, 1880-1980.  £12.00 
Jarvis, Peter
International Dictionary of Adult and Continuing Education.  £14.00 
Ballard, Peter Boswood
The Changing School.  £12.00 
Hodge, Bob
Readings in Language and Communication for Teachers.  £8.00 
Burkersrode, Johannes
Die Lesbarkeit der Gross- und der Kleinschreibung. (Pädagogisch-Psychologische Arbeiten aus dem Institut des Leipziger Lehrervereins. Ed. F Schlotte, Vol 29, 2)  £9.00 
Calam, Rachel
Franchi, Cristina
Child Abuse and its Consequences. Observational Approaches.  £6.00 
Jourdain, Charles
Memoire sur l'Education des Femmes au Moyen Age.  £12.00 
Terry, J H
Latin Reader. (Nepos, Caesar, Cicero, Livy, Sallust, Curtius, Pliny, Vergil, Ovid, Tibullus and Martial)  £8.00 
Howson, A G
School Mathematics Project. Book T 4.  £12.00 
Howson, A G
School Mathematics Project. Teacher's Guide for Book 5 Metric.  £9.00 
Howson, A G
School Mathematics Project. Teacher's Guide for Book 3.  £10.00 
Howson, A G
School Mathematics Project. Book T.  £12.00 
Worth, J G
Nomen Romanum: A Book of Augustan Latin.  £7.00 
Lake, E D C
Porter, F S
Aeneas Triumphant. A Shortened Form of the Story Told by Virgil (Aen 7 - 12).  £8.00 
Petrie, A
A Latin Reader for Matriculation and Other Students with Notes and a Vocabulary.  £12.00 
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