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Merrill, George
Collection of 6 Offprints on Meteorites.  £10.00 
Hytönen, Kai
On the Petrology and Mineralogy of some Alkaline Volcanic Rocks or Toror Hills, Mt. Moroto, and Morulinga in Karamojo, Northeastern Uganda.  £14.00 
Sagama, Th G
Kalsilite in the Lavas of Mt. Nyiragongo (Belgian Congo)  £10.00 
Wimmenauer, W
Beiträge zur Petrographie des Kaiserstuhls. Einführung und Teil 1: Die Ergußgesteine und Tuffe. Teil 2: Intrusivgesteine. Teil 3: Ganggesteine.  £12.00 
Washington, H S
Deccan Traps and other Plateau Basalts.  £8.00 
Bowen, Norman
Geologic Thermometry.  £12.00 
Eskola, Pentti
On the Esboitic Crystallization of Orbicular Rocks.  £10.00 
Washington, H S
The Lavas of Etna.  £10.00 
Poldervaart, Arie
Green, D
Coal in the Bechuanaland Protectorate. (Association des Services Géologiques Africains)  £12.00 
Poldervaart, Arie
The Gaberones Granite. (Association des Services Géologiques Africains)  £8.00 
Eskola, Pentti
About the Granite Problem and some Masters of the Study of Granite.  £10.00 
Branca, W
Ziele vulkanologischer Forschung. Eine Begründung des Antrages der Berliner Akademie der Wissenschaften auf Internationalisierung der vulkanologischen Forschung.  £12.00 
Koch, Sandor
Grasselly, Gyula
Acta Mineralogica Petrographica, Tomus 6: The Minerals of the Sulphide Ore-Deposite of Nagybörzsöny. (etc)  £18.00 
Erdélyi, I
Die Mineralien von Bicsad (Sepsibükskad) in Rumänien: Pseudobrookit, Apatit, Magnetit, Hämatit, Titanit und ein fragliches Mineral.  £10.00 
Adie, R J
Geological Investigations in the Falkland Island Dependencies since 1940.  £12.00 
Vaughan, Arthur
Dixon, E E L
The Carboniferous Succession in Gower.  £18.00 
Harwood, H F
Brammall, A
The Dartmoor Granites: Their Genetic Relationships.  £12.00 
Isshiki, Naoki
Explanatory Text of the Geological Map of Japan. Scale 1:50.000. Hachijo-Jima.  £16.00 
Isshiki, Naoki
Explanatory Text of the Geological Map of Japan. Scale 1:50.000. Miyake-Jima.  £16.00 
Boswell, P G H
A Comparison of British and American Foundry Practice with Special Reference to the Use of Refractory Sands.  £16.00 
Double, I S
The Petrography of the Triassic Rocks of the Vale of Clwyd.  £10.00 
Eckermann, Harry von
The Gevle-Diabase.  £10.00 
Elles, Gertrude
The Relation of the Ordovician and Siluran Rocks on Conway.  £8.00 
Buchan, Stevenson
Ground-Water. Geological and Engineering Aspects. A Symposium.  £12.00 
Balk, Robert
Structural and Petrologic Studies in Dutchess County, New York. Part 1: Geologic Structure of Sedimentary Rocks.  £14.00 
Le Maitre, R W
The Geology of Gough Island, South Atlantic.  £12.00 
Turner, Francis
Griggs, David
Experimental Deformation of Calcite Crystals.  £14.00 
Hobbs, William
Meteorite from Algoma, Wisconsin.  £10.00 
Merrill, George
An Occurrence of Free Gold in Granite.  £6.00 
Marr, J E
The Origin of Moels, and their Subsequent Dissection.  £8.00 
Rastall, R H
Metallogenic Zones.  £10.00 
Pogue, Joseph
On Sand-Barites from Kharga, Egypt.  £8.00 
Lameyre, Jean
La Partie Nord du Massif des Grandes-Rousses. Étude des Schistes Cristallins et de la Couverture Sédimentaire.  £14.00 
Ringwood, A E
Chemical Evolution of the Terrestrian Planets.  £14.00 
Ringwood, A E
Chemical and Genetic Realtionships among Meteorites.  £12.00 
Ringwood, A E
Genesis of Chondritic Meteorites.  £12.00 
Barth, Tom F W
Structural and Petrologic Studies in Dutchess County, New York. Part 2: Petrology and Metamorphism in the Paleozoic Rocks.  £16.00 
Merwin, H E
Lombard, R H
The System Cu - Fe - S.  £16.00 
Tilley, C E
The Ternary System Na2SiO3 - Na2Si2O5 - NaAlSiiO4.  £10.00 
Donnay, J D H
Derivation of the Thirty-Two Point-Groups.  £8.00 
Binns, R A
Cognate Xenoliths in Chondritic Meteorites: Examples in Mezö-Madaras und Ghubara.  £12.00 
Piggot, C S
Factors Involved in Submarine Core Sampling.  £10.00 
Donnay, J D H
Memorial of Georges Friedel.  £8.00 
Barth, Tom F W
Donnay, J D H
Various Modes of Attack in Crystallographic Investigations.  £10.00 
Andersen, Olaf
Das ternäre System: Diopsid - Anorthit - Albit.  £12.00 
Andersen, Olaf
Das System Anorthit - Fosterit - Kieselsäure.  £12.00 
Schüller, Arno
Die Druck-, Temperatur- und Energiefelder der Metamorphose.  £14.00 
Ramberg, Hans
Fluid Dynamics of Viscous Buckling Applicable to Folding of Layered Rocks.  £12.00 
Brindley, J C
The Geology of the Northern End of the Leinster Granite: Part 1: Internal Structural Features.  £12.00 
Lundegardh, Henrik
Den Ultrabasiska Gabbron i Roslagen.  £10.00 
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