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Brewer, Donald
Fastest Shutters in the West: Having Fun.  £18.00 
Shapiro, Miriam
Art: A Woman's Sensibility.  £64.00 
No Author The O'Melveny and Myers Collection.  £36.00 
Shapiro, Miriam
Anonymous was a Woman: A Documentation of the Women's Art Festival. A Collection of Letters to Young Women Artists.  £24.00 
Brautigan, Richard
The Abortion: An Historical Romance 1966.  £10.00 
Holtman, Mary
Westwind. UCLA's Journal of Fine Arts. Fall 1981.  £12.00 
Rose, Phil
Rosenberg, Philip
20 Years Less 8%.  £24.00 
Los Angeles County Chamber of Commerce
Los Angeles County, California.  £16.00 
Hickman, Leland
Mehlman, Bob
Bachy No 14.  £16.00 
Wood, Gordon
The Pacific Basin.  £12.00 
McKinney, John
Walking Los Angeles. Adventures on the Urban Edge.  £6.00 
McKinney, John
Rae, Cheri
Walking Santa Barbara. City Strolls and Country Hikes.  £10.00 
Kleinpell, Robert
Miocene Stratigraphy of California Revisited.  £28.00 
Sample, L L
Mohr, Albert
The Sacred Bundle Complex among the Cumash.  £18.00 
Stuart, Gordon
Meditations of the Old Mule Skinner.  £30.00 
Stuart, Gordon
Arizona 1900 and Bits of the West.  £24.00 
US Bureau of Census, Geography Division
Block Numbered Census Maps. Riverside, San Bernardino, Ontario, CA. Metropolitan Map Series 6780. A Comprehensive Set.  £200.00 
Stuart, Gordon
Book Number One.  £24.00 
Harrison, Hazel Clayton
Winter in LA. Poems and Stories.  £24.00 
Kurutz, Gary
Sir Robert E Cowan and the Genesis of the UCLA Library Californiana Collection.  £12.00 
Arkell, W J
Old Friends and Some Acquaintances.  £34.00 
Werfel, Franz
Die wahre Geschichte vom wiederhergestellten Kreuz.  £46.00 
Fried, Elliot
Marvel Mystery Oil. Poems.  £24.00 
Graves, Anson Rogers
The Missionary Work of the Church in the West.  £14.00 
Southern California Jewish Historical Society
Western States Jewish Historical Quarterly. Volume 1, No 3. April 1969.  £14.00 
Brandt, Jean
Birding Locations in and around Los Angeles.  £12.00 
Lark, Lolita
A Cricket in the Telephone (At Sunset). Poems from the Fessenden Review.  £12.00 
Gumprecht, Blake
The Los Angeles River.  £25.00 
Chapman, Jeffrey
Proposition Thirteen and Land Use. A Case Study of Fiscal Limits in California.  £24.00 
Golz, David
Eocene Artiodactyla of Southern California.  £18.00 
Marlow, Ronald
Brode, John
A New Salamander, Genus Batrachoseps, from the Inyo Mountains of California: With a Discussion of Relationships in the Genus.  £12.00 
Lea, Robert
Fitch, John
A New Species of Rockfish, Genus Sebastes (Scorpaenidae) from the eastern North Pacific off Mexico and California.  £8.00 
Miller, Wade
Brotherson, Jack
Size Variation in Foot Elements of Bison from Rancho La Brea.  £10.00 
Matson, John
The Distribution of Rodents of Owens Lake Region, Inyo County, California.  £14.00 
Marincovich, Louie
Late Pleistocene Molluscan Faunas from Upper Terraces of the Palos Verdes Hills, California.  £8.00 
Novacek, Michael
Insectivora and Proteutheria of the later Eocene (Uintan) of San Diego County, California.  £20.00 
Lowe, Charles
Felger, Richard
The Island and Coastal Vegetation and Flora of the Northern Part of the Gulf of California.  £20.00 
Howard, Hildegarde
Late Miocene Marine Birds from Orange County, California.  £14.00 
Susuki, Takeo
Stadum, Carol
A Neogene Section Northeastern San Clemente Island, California.  £12.00 
Stein, David
Bond, Carl
A New Deep-Sea Fish from the Eastern North Pacific. Psychrolutes Phrictus (Pisces, Cottidae (Psychrolutinae))  £12.00 
Bell, Michael
Fishes in the Santa Clara River System, Southern California.  £16.00 
Young, J H
Stray Thoughts in Verse. Collected by his Eldest Daughter and Published in Commemoration of his Seventieth Birthday, March 16, 1915.  £30.00 
California State University
Summer Class Schedule, 1974.  £14.00 
International Brotherhood of Teamsters
16th Convention. International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Chauffeurs, Warehousemen and Helpers of America. Los Angeles, California, October 13-18, 1952.  £24.00 
Whitnall, Gordon
Report on Proposed Comprehensive General Plan, Temple City, CA, June 1963.  £24.00 
Turner, Ralph
The Social Context of Ambition. A Study of High-School Seniors in Los Angeles.  £16.00 
American Association of Petroleum Geologists
The American Association of Petroleum Geologists. Marine Geology of the Gulf of California. Memoir 3. Charts.  £24.00 
Jenkins, Olaf
Oakeshott, Gordon
Earthquakes in Kern County California During 1952.  £36.00 
Van Andel, Tjeerd
Shor, George
Marine Geology of the Gulf of California. A Symposium.  £36.00 
Jennings, Dean
Leg Man.  £46.00 
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