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Bell, Michael
Fishes in the Santa Clara River System, Southern California.  £16.00 
Young, J H
Stray Thoughts in Verse. Collected by his Eldest Daughter and Published in Commemoration of his Seventieth Birthday, March 16, 1915.  £30.00 
California State University
Summer Class Schedule, 1974.  £14.00 
International Brotherhood of Teamsters
16th Convention. International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Chauffeurs, Warehousemen and Helpers of America. Los Angeles, California, October 13-18, 1952.  £24.00 
Whitnall, Gordon
Report on Proposed Comprehensive General Plan, Temple City, CA, June 1963.  £24.00 
Turner, Ralph
The Social Context of Ambition. A Study of High-School Seniors in Los Angeles.  £16.00 
American Association of Petroleum Geologists
The American Association of Petroleum Geologists. Marine Geology of the Gulf of California. Memoir 3. Charts.  £24.00 
Jenkins, Olaf
Oakeshott, Gordon
Earthquakes in Kern County California During 1952.  £22.00 
Van Andel, Tjeerd
Shor, George
Marine Geology of the Gulf of California. A Symposium.  £36.00 
Jennings, Dean
Leg Man.  £46.00 
Hilgard, E W
Osterhout, W J V
Agriculture for Schools of the Pacific Slope.  £18.00 
Santa Monica High School
Santa Monica High School. Queen of the Setting Sun. Alumni Directory 2003.  £44.00 
Archbishop Ioann
Sachovskoi, Dmitrii
Palatka.  £36.00 
Kendrick, J B
TRW Space Data. Third Edition.  £28.00 
Bukowski, Charles
Notes of a Dirty Old Man.  £24.00 
Tobler, John
The Beach Boys.  £8.00 
Durrell, Cordell
Metamorphism in the Sierra Nevada Northeast of Visalia California.  £14.00 
Los Angeles County
Report on the Revised Master Plan of Shoreline Development.  £68.00 
Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce
Southern California and National Defense.  £46.00 
Office of Concerned Cycling Students and Parents
Bicycles at School. A Resolution for the Santa Monica Malibu Unified School District, April 2009.  £1.00 
Kasbeer, Tina
Flora of Baja Norte.  £14.00 
Strauss Marlin, Rhoda Leonore
From Whence you Came.  £120.00 
Guild, Leo
Hollywood Screwballs.  £10.00 
Parker, Robert
The Wine Advocate. No 150: California Dreamin: Deja Vu (2-64)  £18.00 
No Author Chapman's Point. Vol 1, No 1, Summer 1973.  £18.00 
No Author Donald Tillman Water Reclamation Plant.  £12.00 
Pratt, Norma
Women Moving Forward: Dreamers, Builders, Leaders. A History of Jewish Women in Southern California.  £12.00 
South Coast Air Quality Management District. 1997 Air Quality Management Plan. Final.  £48.00 
Simpich, Frederick
San Diego Can't Believe it; Santa Catalina - 400 Years a Lure (=The National Geographic Magazine, January 1942).  £10.00 
Mendocino County Historical Society
North Coast Tour Booklet.  £10.00 
Stiles, Ed
Solot, Mort
Bike Tours in Southern Arizona.  £14.00 
Stanford University
Affiliated Stanford Clubs of Southern California. Membership Directory.  £14.00 
Gilbert, Roy
History and Functions of the Los Angeles County Health Department.  £24.00 
Serber, David
The Politics of Insurance Regulation: An Ethnographic Study of the Process of Insurance Regulation in California and Pennsylvania.  £36.00 
No Author A Brief History of Bel-Air Based on a Talk Given before the Bel-Air Association, June 18, 1980.  £15.00 
LaVine, W Robert
In a Glamorous Fashion: Fabulous Years of Hollywood Costume Design.  £44.00 
Greeley, Ronald
Aeolian Features of Southern California: A Comparative Planetary Geology Guidebook.  £25.00 
Joint Committee on Seismic Safety
Meeting the Earthquake Challenge. Final Report to the Legislature State of California.  £12.00 
Crowell, John
San Andreas Fault in Southern California. A Guide to San Andreas Fault from Mexico to Carrizo Plain.  £15.00 
Schad, Jerry
Krupp, Don
50 Southern California Bicycle Trips.  £12.00 
Murphy, Tom
50 Northern California Bicycle Trips.  £8.00 
Dawson's Bookshop
A Catalogue of Americana with Social Reference to California and the West. No 63.  £15.00 
Westside Guild of Childrens Hospital
Polly Put the Kettle On! A cookbook for the benefit of the Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles. Compiled and edited by the Westside Guild.  £15.00 
Ragir, Sonia
The Early Horizon in Central California Prehistory.  £46.00 
Heizer, Robert
Papers in California Ethnography.  £24.00 
Heizer, Robert
Powers, Stephen
Park, Susan
Stephen Powers, California's First Ethnologist and Letters of Stephen Powers to John Wesley Powell concerning Tribes of California.  £24.00 
Wuertele, Elizabeth
Bibliographical History of California Anthropological Research 1850 - 1917.  £26.00 
Norris, Frank
The Octopus. A Story of California.  £14.00 
Hannau, Hans
San Francisco.  £12.00 
Wellman, David
The Union Makes Us Strong. Radical Unionism on the San Francisco Waterfront.  £8.00 
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