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Lee, J A N
IEEE Annals of the History of Computing. Volume 16, Number 2. Special Issue: Computing in Canada.  £36.00 
Harvey, John
Slow Dancer. No 30, Summer 1993.  £8.00 
Granatstein, J L
Marlborough Marathon. One Street Against a Developer.  £16.00 
Ferns, John
The Snow Horses.  £12.00 
Stevenson, John
The Tectonics of the Canadian Shield.  £16.00 
Wicken, William
The Colonization of Mi'kmaw Memory and History, 1794 - 1928. The Kind v. Gabriel Sylliboy.  £18.00 
Cross, Michael
A Biography of Robert Baldwin. The Morning Star of Memory.  £14.00 
Hutchinson, Bruce
Canada. Tomorrow's Giant.  £10.00 
Buckner, Phillip
Reid, John
Remembering 1759. The Conquest of Canada in Historical Memory.  £14.00 
Rièse, Laure
L'Ame de la Poésie Canadienne Française.  £14.00 
Nelson, J G
Chambers, M J
Vegetation, Soils and Wildlife. Selected Readings.  £18.00 
Currie, A W
Economic Geography of Canada.  £12.00 
Roberts, Charles
The Hunters of the Silences. A Book of Animal Life. With many Illustrations by Stuart Tresilian.  £14.00 
Bolus, Malvina
The Beaver - Magazine of the North. Autumn 1963.  £12.00 
Province of Nova Scotia
Royal Commission Provincial Economic Inquiry. Appendices.  £24.00 
Alberta Society of Petroleum Geologists
Fourth Annual Field Conference Guidebook: Banff-Golden-Radium, August 1954.  £18.00 
Gross, G A
Geology of Iron Deposits in Canada, Volume 2: Iron Deposits in the Appalachian and Grenville Regions of Canada.  £24.00 
Knopf, Kerstin
Aboriginal Canada Revisited.  £16.00 
Blaise, Clark
Time Lord. The Remarkable Canadian Who Missed His Train, and Changed the World.  £12.00 
Williams, Alan
John Guy of Bristol and Newfoundland. His Life, Times and Legacy.  £18.00 
Nelles, H V
A Little History of Canada.  £8.00 
Perret, Robert
La Géographie de Terre-Neuve.  £38.00 
Lower, Arthur
Great Britain's Woodyard: British America and the Timber Trade, 1763-1867.  £24.00 
Haight, G D
Hart House, University of Toronto.  £28.00 
Combined Food Board
Food Consumption Levels in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Report of a Special Joint Committee.  £14.00 
Combined Production and Resources Board
The Impact of the War on Civilian Consumption in the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada.  £18.00 
Combined Production and Resources Board
The Impact of the War on Civilian Consumption in the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada.  £18.00 
Brewster, Elizabeth
Cogswell, Fred
Gibbs, Robert
Nowlan, Alden
Smith, Kay
Five New Brunswick Poets.  £48.00 
Krauter, Joseph
Davis, Morris
Minority Canadians: Ethnic Groups.  £16.00 
Minton, Eric
Ottawa. The Way We Were. A Collection of Photo Stories About Canada's Capital City.  £10.00 
Collie, Michael
Poems.  £14.00 
Powell, Enoch
Foot, Dingle
Empire to Commonwealth 1910-70. The Round Table. The Commonwealth Journal of International Affairs No. 240.  £26.00 
Graham, Gerald
Canada. A Short History.  £16.00 
Kemp, Murray
The Demand for Canadian Imports 1926 - 1955.  £22.00 
Purdy, Sean
Kenny, Robert S
Radicals and Revolutionaries. The History of Canadian Communism from the Robert S. Kenny Collection.  £12.00 
Ménard, Louis
Dictionnaire de la Comptabilitè.  £36.00 
Barr, Brenton
Regional Diversification and Structural Change.  £24.00 
Hemons, Maria
Maria Chapdelaine. Translated by W H Blake. Illustrated Thoreau MacDonald.  £14.00 
Marshall, Bill
Montreal - Glasgow.  £36.00 
Wilson, M E
Geological Survey. Memoir 229: Noranda District, Quebec.  £20.00 
Bureau, René
Monseigneur Joseph-Clovis Laflamme, Géologue.  £16.00 
Sheppard, George
Paleozoic Submarine Landslips near Quebec City.  £16.00 
Phemister, T C
A Comparison of the Keweenawan Sill-Rocks of Sudbury and Cobalt Ontario.  £16.00 
Derry, D R
Some Examples of Detailed Structure in Early Pre-Cambrian Rocks of Canada.  £12.00 
Parkman, Francis
Count Frontenac and New France under Louis XIV.  £16.00 
Graham, Gerald
Britain and Canada.  £14.00 
Bourinot, John
Canada under British Rule 1760-1905.  £16.00 
Greswell, William Pass
Geography of the Dominion of Canada and Newfoundland.  £22.00 
Miller, Willet
Knight, Cyril
The Pre-Cambrian Geology of Southeastern Ontario.  £24.00 
Head, Ivan
This" Fire Proof House". Canadians Speak out About Law and Order in the International Community. Signed Copy.  £24.00 
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