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d'Orsay, Margaret
Wheelock, Angela
Beaufort Region Bibliography: A Yukon Perspective. An Annotated Bibliography of Sources Available in the Yukon Archive.  £8.00 
Afanasenko, V E
Aguirre-Puente, J
Permafrost. Fourth International Conference. Proceedings July 17 - 22, 1983. And Final Proceedings. 2 vols.  £64.00 
The Alaska Geographic Society
The Brookes Range - Environmental Watershed. (Alaska Gepgraphic. Vol 4, No 2, 1977).  £8.00 
Datt Sharma, Ghanshyam
The Alaskan Shelf. Hydrographic, Sedimentary and Geochemical Environment.  £48.00 
Polar Research Board
National Issues and Research Priorities in the Arctic.  £10.00 
Acronyms and Abbreviations for the Polar Science Community.  £8.00 
Bütler, Heinrich
Some New Investigations of the Devonian Stratigraphy and Tectonics of East Greenland.  £12.00 
Huber, Walter
Geologisch-Petrographische Untersuchungen in der Innern Fjordregion des Kejser Franz Josephs Fjordsystems in Nordostgrönland.  £12.00 
Backlund, Helge
Malmqvist, D
Zur Geologie und Petrographie der Nordostgrönländischen Basaltformation. Teil 1: Die Basische Reihe.  £14.00 
Bütler, Heinrich
Beobachtungen an der Hauptbruchzone der Küste von Zentral-Ostgrönland. Ergebnisse von Untersuchungen ausgeführt in den Sommern 1955 und 1956.  £14.00 
Andersen, Torben
Fortegnelse over Meddelelser om Grønland. Afsluttet I Oktober 1964. List of Publications.  £9.00 
Haller, John
Kulp, J L
Absolute Age Determinations in East Greenland.  £9.00 
Odell, N E
The Structure of the Keyser Franz Josephs Fjord Region. North-East Greenland.  £14.00 
Bütler, Heinrich
Das Old Red-Gebiet am Moskusoksefjord. Attempt at a Correlation of the Series of Various Devonian Areas in Central East Greenland.  £10.00 
Aleinkoff, T Alexander
Klusmeyer, Douglas
From Migrants to Citizens: Membership in a Changing World.  £14.00 
The Economist
Ottawa Supplement. The Economist, October 22, 1932.  £6.00 
Katz, Joseph
Education in Canada.  £10.00 
Thompson, W P
The University of Saskatchewan. A Personal History.  £12.00 
McDiarmid, Orville John
Commercial Policy in the Canadian Economy.  £8.00 
Andrees Allgemeiner Handatlas
Britisch Nordamerika. [Map of British North America.] single double sized map in colour from Andrees Allgemeiner Handatlas, 4th Edition, Ed. A Scobel. Scale: 1:12.500.000.  £9.00 
Staley, Eugene
World Economic Devlopment. Effects on Advanced Industrial Countries.  £7.00 
Brewis, T N
Regional Economic Policies in Canada.  £5.00 
Layton, Irving
Mandel, Eli
Irving Layton.  £4.00 
Lord Commissioners of the Admiralty
Zenith Distances Observed with the Mural Circle and Calculation of Geocentric South Polar Distances.  £18.00 
Whetham, Edith
Early Explorations.  £12.00 
Roy, Gabrielle
The Cashier (Alexandre Chenevert, Caissier Translated by Harry Ninsse)  £7.00 
Richler, Mordecai
Canadian Writing Today.  £6.00 
Adelman, Howard
Seeley, J R
The University Game.  £9.00 
Child, Philip
The Wood of the Nightingale.  £14.00 
Lochhead, Douglas
Souster, Raymond
Made in Canada: New Poems of the Seventies.  £10.00 
Bellan, Ruben
Winnipeg First Century: An Economic History.  £9.00 
McDiarmid, Orville John
Commercial Policy in the Canadian Economy.  £24.00 
New, William
Among Worlds: An Introduction to Modern Commonwealth and South African Fiction.  £10.00 
Pearce, Jon
Mirrors. Recent Canadian Verse selected by Jon Pearce.  £14.00 
McMullen, Lorraine
The Lampman Symposium.  £20.00 
Parker, Franklin
American Dissertations on Foreign Education: A Bibliography with Abstracts, Volume 1: Canada.  £14.00 
Reviews of National Policies for Education: Canada.  £8.00 
Pearson, Lester
Memoirs Vol 2: 1948 - 1957: The International Years.  £12.00 
Pearson, Lester
Memoirs 1897 - 1948: Through Diplomacy to Politics. With a Foreword by Barbara Ward.  £12.00 
Carne-Tate, Agnes
Tales from the Longhouse. By Indian Children of British Columbia.  £9.00 
Westell, Anthony
Paradox: Trudeau as Prime Minister.  £6.00 
Hanan, Zahava
Heading for Home.  £16.00 
Ryga, George
The Athabasca Ryga.  £10.00 
Moss, John
Sex and Violence in the Canadian Novel: The Ancestral Present.  £12.00 
Guy, Ray
You may know them as Sea Urchins, Ma'am. Writings by Ray Guy, selected and edited by Eric Norman.  £9.00 
Smith, A J M
The Book of Canadian Poetry: A Critical and Historical Anthology.  £12.00 
Earle, G H
Old Foolishness... or Folklore?  £6.00 
Connors, William
Winds of History: Notable Newfoundland Events.  £8.00 
Partridge, Colin
The Making of New Cultures: A Literary Perspective.  £6.00 
O'Connor, Mike
Mad Angels and Amphetamines.  £9.00 
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