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Rao, Ramachandra
Metallurgy in India: A Retrospective.  £120.00 
Portway, Christopher
Indian Odyssey: Around the Subcontinent by Public Transport.  £14.00 
Ahmad, Waheed
Letters of Mian Fazl-i-Husain.  £140.00 
Steel, Flora
Indian Scene.  £14.00 
Viswanathiah, M N
The Indian Mineralogist. Journal of the Mineralogical Society of India. Vol 7, No 1-2.  £14.00 
Krenz, Frank
International Enclaves and Rights of Passage, with special Reference to the Case Concerning Right of Passage over Indian Territory.  £86.00 
Matsui, Toru
Agricultural Prices in Norther India, 1861 - 1921. Vol 2: Tables.  £15.00 
Day, Richard
Singh, Inderjit
Economic Development as an Adaptive Process: The Green Revolution in the Indian Punjab.  £18.00 
Sur, Mary
Collective Bargaining. A Comparative Study of Developments in India and Other Countries.  £18.00 
Chagla, M C
India 1962. Annual Review.  £26.00 
Prawer Jhabvala, Ruth
The Award. The Kenyon Review, Vol. 23, No. 1.  £12.00 
Prawer Jhabvala, Ruth
Wedding Preparations. The Kenyon Review, Vol. 23, No. 3.  £12.00 
Balakrishna, S
Physics of the Solid State. Commemoration Volume to Professor Suri Bhagavantam.  £24.00 
O'Hanlon, Rosalind
Washbrook, David
Religious Cultures in Early Modern India: New Perspectives.  £52.00 
Griffiths, Percival
The Road to Freedom.  £14.00 
Pathak, Bindeshwar
New Princesses of Alwar: Shame to Pride.  £36.00 
Wainwright, Martin
'The better Class' of Indians: Social Rank, Imperial Identity, and South Asians in Britain 1858-1914.  £32.00 
Chandavarkar, Rajnarayan
History, Culture and the Indian City.  £26.00 
Lodge, D
Doctoring in Bengal. A Dispensary Scene.  £12.00 
Ayub Khan, Mohammed
The Pakistan-American Alliance: Stresses and Strains.  £14.00 
Nehru, Jawaharlal
Changing India.  £14.00 
Saunders, K J
The Story of Buddhism.  £10.00 
Jaini, Jagmanderlal
Outlines of Jainism.  £24.00 
Paul, Rajaiah
The Cross over India.  £5.00 
Mitchell, Lisa
Language, Emotion, and Politics in South India: The Making of a Mother Tongue.  £12.00 
Patki, M D
Institute of Armament Technology, 1952 - 2002. 50 Years of Excellence. History of IAT.  £50.00 
Robson, John
Hinduism and its Relations to Christianity.  £36.00 
Feldman, Herbert
Pakistan. An Introduction.  £12.00 
Bruce, George
The Stranglers: The Cult of Thuggee and Its Overthrow in British India.  £14.00 
Iliffe, R O
Viswa Nath, B
The Conduct of Field Experiments.  £18.00 
Barber, C A
Seedling Canes in India.  £12.00 
Rajagopalacharil, C
Mahabharata.  £9.00 
Bhutto, Zulfikar Ali
My Pakistan.  £120.00 
Daniel, R R
Ravichandran, V
Proceedings of the International Seminar on "Impacts of Biotechnology in Agriculture and Food in Developing Countries": Madras, February 1992.  £46.00 
Swaminathan, M S
Biotechnology in Agriculture. A Dialogue.  £28.00 
Swaminathan, M S
From Stockholm to Rio de Janeiro. The Road to Sustainable Agriculture.  £16.00 
Swaminathan Research Foundation
M S Swaminathan Research Foundation. Centre for Research on Sustainabale Agriculture and Rural Development, Madras. 1990 - 91. First Annual Report.  £24.00 
Lenton, Dudley
The Tiger of Karan.  £16.00 
Anwar ul Haq
Ahmad, Nazeer
Khan, A Q
Advanced Materials - 91. Proceedings of the Second International Symposium on Advanced Materials 1991, Islamabad.  £36.00 
Anwar ul Haq
Ahmad, Nazeer
Khan, A Q
Advanced Materials. Proceedings of the First International Symposium on Advanced Materials 1989, Islamabad.  £36.00 
Rao, C N R
Ram, H Y Mohan
Science in India. 50 Years of the Academy.  £24.00 
Spencer, Edmondson
Albite and other Authigenic Minerals in Limestone from Bengal.  £8.00 
Holland, Thomas
On Some Norite- and Associated Basic Dykes and Lavaflows in Southern India.  £16.00 
Krishnan, M S
The Structural and Tectonic History of India.  £24.00 
Malhotra, P D
Prasanda Rao, G H S V
On the Composition of Some Indian Chromites.  £14.00 
Krishnan, M S
Balakrishna, S
Seminar on Geophysical Investigations in the Peninsular Shield.  £46.00 
Waida, D N
Geology of India. Second Edition.  £36.00 
Ellison, Thomas
The Cotton Trade of Great Britain, Including a History of the Liverpool Cotton Market and of the Liverpool Cotton Brokers Association.  £64.00 
Nikitin, Afanasii
Khozhdenie za tri moria. ['Khozhenie'].  £64.00 
Osipov, A M
Aleksandrov, V A
Goldberg, N M
Afanasii Nikitin i ego vremia.  £56.00 
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