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de Silva, Lynn
Buddhism. Beliefs and Practices in Sri Lanka. Second Edition (Revised and Enlarged)  £40.00 
Darling, M L
The Punjab Peasant in Prosperity and Debt. Third Edition.  £36.00 
Coupland, R
Britain and India 1600 - 1941.  £8.00 
Lovett, Verney
A History of the Indian Nationalist Movement. Third Edition, Revised.  £26.00 
Ronaldshay, Earl of
Earl of Ronaldshay
India. Being the Inaugural Lecture Delivered at the Nineteenth Local Lectures Summer Meeting of the University of Cambridge 1926.  £18.00 
Lyall, Alfred
The Rise of the British Dominion in India (University Extension Manuals). First Edition.  £15.00 
Cumming, John
Political India 1832 - 1932. A Co-Operative Survey of a Century.  £10.00 
Marquess of Zetland
Steps Towards Indian Home Rule.  £16.00 
Tinker, Hugh
Experiment with Freedom. India and Pakistan 1947.  £8.00 
Keene, H G
History of India. From the Earliest Times to the Present Day. For the use of Students and Colleges. Volumes 1 and 2 (complete). First Edition.  £62.00 
Owen, Sidney
India on the Eve of the British Conquest. A Historical Sketch. First Edition.  £46.00 
Hopkins, Harry
New World Arising: A Journey of Discovery through the New Nations of South-East Asia.  £10.00 
Butler, Harcourt
India Insistent.  £8.00 
Wickramasinghe, Rohan
Contemporary Environmental Challenges. A Sri Lankan Reader.  £25.00 
Bailey, F G
Caste and the Economic Frontier. A Village in Highland Orissa.  £12.00 
Yagi, Toru
Memorial Ojihara Yutaka. Studia Indologica.  £72.00 
Chelliah, Raja
Fiscal Policy in Underdeveloped Countries, With Special Reference to India.  £8.00 
Hungerford Holdich, Thomas
India.  £28.00 
Leach, Edmund
Aspects of Caste in South India, Ceylon and North-West Pakistan.  £10.00 
O'Malley, L S S
Popular Hinduism: The Religion of the Masses.  £6.00 
India Office
Joint Committee on Indian Constitutional Reform (Session 1933-34) Volume 1 (Part 1) Report.  £46.00 
Dobb, Maurice
Some Aspects of Economic Development. Three Lectures.  £16.00 
Rao, Nanjangud
Some Aspects of Economic Planning: Being Sir William Meyer Lectures, 1932-33, University of Madras by S Subba Rao.  £46.00 
Halliday, Fred
Alavi, Hamza
State and Ideology in the Middle East and Pakistan.  £36.00 
Srinivas, M N
India's Villages.  £12.00 
Raman, A
British Overseas Banking in Developing Countries: The Past, Present and the Future.  £36.00 
Winslow, Jack
Christa Seva Sangha.  £60.00 
Banerji, Projesh
The Folk-Dance of India.  £15.00 
Aziz, K K
Rahmat Ali. A Biography.  £36.00 
Bruce, C G
Peeps at Many Lands: Kashmir.  £16.00 
Hosali, Priya
Nihalani, Paroo
Indian and British English: A Handbook of Usage and Pronunciation.  £18.00 
Sethi, J
Dhamija, P V
A Course in Phonetics and Spoken English. Second Edition.  £9.00 
Ghosh, Alak
Financial Intermediaries and Monetary Policy in a Developing Economy.  £16.00 
Olakanpo, J Obasanmi
Central Banking in the Commonwealth. A Comparative Study of Monetary Problems and Techniques.  £11.00 
Franke, Herbert
Akten des 24. internationalen Orientalisten-Kongresses. München, 28. August - 4. September 1957.  £120.00 
Sprawson, Cuthbert
Moore's Manual of Family Medicine and Hygiene for India. Ninth Edition.  £46.00 
Robinson, E A G
The Economic Development of Bangladesh Within a Socialist Framework.  £7.00 
Books from India
Books from India. Catalogues of Maps, Guides, Children's Books and A Select List of Punjabi Non-fiction Titles.  £8.00 
Hashmi, Alamgir
Pakistani Literature: The Contemporary English Writers.  £16.00 
Brooks, Jean
Shahane, Vasant
Brumfit, C J
Yeats and Beckett: A Study in Dramatic Tradition; The Image of the Holy Mother in Jhabvala's Latest Stories; The Relationship between the Development of Concepts and the Development of Language. (= The Uttar Pradesh Studies in English, Vol 1, 1980)  £10.00 
Tagore, Rabindranath
Der Gärtner.  £16.00 
Palmer, W J
By the Winter's Fire: Stories for Leisure Hours.  £14.00 
Blakiston, Hilary
But Little Dust: Life Amongst the Ex-Untouchables of Maharashtra.  £10.00 
Watson, Jane
India. Old Land, New Nation.  £12.00 
Rao, Ranga
An Indian Idyll and Other Stories.  £14.00 
Ansari, Asloob Ahmad
Arrows of Intellect: A Study in William Blake's Gospel of the Imagination. First Edition.  £44.00 
Chatterjee, Sati
T S Eliot: Encounters with Reality. First Edition.  £24.00 
Grindea, Miron
Passages from India. Adam International Review, No 355 - 360.  £10.00 
Singh, Satyanarain
Kakatiya Journal of English Studies. Volume 2. Number 1. Spring 1977. Mulk Raj Anand Special Number.  £16.00 
Bhattacharya, Binay
Kamakhya Hills and Elsewhere: A Novel.  £32.00 
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