Books by Borges, Jorge Luis

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Jorge Luis Borges: An Anthology. Special Section in Encounter, April 1969, #187 Volume 32, No 4.

96p journal with yellow and blue cover, little use, pages clean, contains poems, stories & ...


200p large paperback with red card cover, minor library marks, bookplate, very good: with papers by ...


Borges contribution in Encounter, for sale is the complete issue, contains also essays by Barzini ...


Six Poems: Matthew XXV, 30, A Compass, My Entire Life, Houses Like Angels, A Key in Salonica, The Card - Trick. (Encounter, May 1963, Volume 20, No 5)

96p journal with pink and lilac card cover, little use, pages clean with articles on the Sino - ...


115p paperback, bibliography, as new


138p paperback, almost as new, very good condition


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