Author: Barlow, Frederic

Publisher: London: For the Author 1772.

Description: a defective copy of this early illustrated dictionary, lacking all before page 9 of the Grammar and all after "Whitsuntide", one board present ("To William Prideaux from James Skinner, 1881"), calf spine faintly reads "Barlow's Dictionary", title page for part 2 present, remarkable for the inclusion of many full page engravings of technical subjects, including Air Pump, Fan, Weaving Loom, Facing Vauloues Engine, Quadrant, Printing Press / Rolling Press, Oven for Assaying, Orrery, Lathe, Hothouse, Electricity, Camera Obscura, Astronomical Watch, Bee Hivel, Azimuth Compass, Sphere, etc, the plates are not signed, interesting surviver, with plenty of faults,

Order No: PIP 187321

Language: English

This book has been catalogued with the following subject terms: 18th Century, Linguistics, Reference

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