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O'Flaherty, Liam
The Ecstasy of Angus.  £260.00 
The Tourist's Illustrated Hand-Book for Ireland with numerous Engravings from Drawings by Cruikshank, Crowquill, Lover, Mahony etc and a Profusion of Minor Illustrations. Great Exhibition Year.  £360.00 
Benn, George
A History of the Town of Belfast.  £36.00 
Sheppard, David
Worlock, Derek
Better Together: Christian Partnership in a Hurt City.  £8.00 
Trinity College Dublin
Dublin University Calendar, 1976 - 1977.  £14.00 
O'Brien, Flann
The Dalkey Archive.  £6.00 
Richey, J E
The Structural Relations of the Mourne Granites (Northern Ireland)  £8.00 
Joyce, James
Chamber Music.  £12.00 
Brontë, Charlotte
An Adventure in Ireland. Miscellany May 1980.  £12.00 
Johnston, David
Dixon, Victor
El Teatro de Buero Vallejo: Homenaje del Hispanismo Britanico e Irelandes.  £16.00 
Stoddard, John
Lectures. Ireland (Two Lectures) - Denmark - Sweden.  £24.00 
Read, H H
Iyengar, S V P
Pitcher, W S
The Plutonic History of the Maas Area, Co. Donegal.  £8.00 
Fraser, Maxwell
Southern Ireland.  £64.00 
Joyce, P W
A Grammar of the Irish Tongue for the Use of Schools.  £26.00 
Faerber, Thomas
Luchsinger, Markus
Joyce und Zürich.  £12.00 
Riesman, David
The Great Irish Clinicians of the Nineteenth Century.  £14.00 
Firket, Ch
L'Éducation Médicale en Angleterre, en Écosse et en Irlande.  £24.00 
Nockolds, S R
Contributions to the Petrology of Barnavave, Carlingford. Parts 1-3.  £18.00 
Sollas, W J
The Geology of Dublin and its Neighbourhood.  £16.00 
Gindy, A R
The Plutonic History of the District around Trawenagh Bay, Co. Donegal.  £8.00 
Cole, Grenville
Halissy, T
Handbook of the Geology of Ireland.  £24.00 
Baring-Gould, William
The Lure of the Limerick. An Uninhibited History.  £12.00 
Forster, E M
E M Forster Special Number. Modern Fiction Studies.  £14.00 
Foster, John Wilson
The Interpreters. A Handbook to AE and the Irish Revival.  £10.00 
Joyce, James
James Joyce. Special Number. Modern Fiction Studies.  £14.00 
Gwynn, Stephen
Irish Books and Irish People.  £10.00 
Duffy, P J O'Connor
The Riches of the Poor Man.  £68.00 
Le Fanu, W R
Seventy Years of Irish Life, Being Anecdotes and Reminiscences. 10th Impression.  £12.00 
Corkery, Daniel
A Munster Twilight.  £32.00 
Trollope, Anthony
Dr Wortle's School.  £10.00 
Yeats, William Butler
Autobiographies.  £18.00 
Victoria & Albert Museum
Early Mediaeval Art in the North.  £4.00 
Northern Ireland Office
The Future of Northern Ireland: A Paper for Discussion.  £12.00 
Lover, Samuel
The Low-Backed Car.  £14.00 
Yeats, William Butler
Dougan, R O
W B Yeats Manuscripts and Printed Books exhibited in the Library of Trinity College, Dublin 1956. Catalogue.  £10.00 
Gkotzaridis, Evi
Trials of Irish History: Genesis and Evolution of a Reappraisal.  £60.00 
Kirkland, Richard
Cathal O'Byrne and the Revival in the North of Ireland, 1890 - 1960.  £12.00 
McCarthy, Angela
Personal Narratives of Irish and Scottish Migration, 1921-65: 'For Spirit and Adventure'.  £20.00 
Dixon, MacNeile
Trinity College Dublin.  £35.00 
Mercy, Edward
The Geochemistry of the Older Granodiorite and of the Rosses Granitic Ring Complex, Co. Donegal, Ireland.  £20.00 
Smith, Bernard
Elles, Gertrude
Fearnsides, William
The Lower Palaeozoic Rocks of Pomeroy.  £12.00 
Central Bank of Ireland
Survery of Economic Effects of Bank Dispute 1970.  £36.00 
Davy Kelleher McCarthy
The Control of Banking in the Republic of Ireland.  £86.00 
Doyle, Lynn
Ballygullion.  £20.00 
Harris, Richard
Regional Economic Policy in Northern Ireland 1945 - 1988.  £20.00 
Kenny, Ivor
Industrial Democracy. A Symposium.  £16.00 
Widgery, John
Report of the Tribunal Appointed to Inquire into the Events on Sunday, 30th January 1972, Which Led to Loss of Life in Connection with the Procession in Londonderry on that Day.  £46.00 
New Ireland Forum
New Ireland Forum. Report. 2 May 1984.  £12.00 
Secretary of State for Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland Constitutional Proposals.  £7.00 
Hayes, Maurice
Community Relations and the Role of the Community Relations Commission in Northern Ireland.  £20.00 
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