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Jungwiert, Karel
Scheufler, Pavel
Stalingrad 1942 - 1943 Yesterday and Today.  £36.00 
Gogol, Nikolai
Odojewskij, Wladimir
Petersburger Erzählungen. Deutsch von Alexander Eliasberg. Magische Novellen. Deutsch von Johannes von Guenther.  £14.00 
Lampert, Nicholas
The Technical Intelligentsia and the Soviet State.  £16.00 
Pearce, Brian
Second Ordinary Congress of the R.S.D.L.P, 1903. Complete Text of the Minutes.  £12.00 
Chekhov, Anton
The Cherry Orchard and other Plays. From the Russian by Constance Garnett.  £36.00 
Dostoyevsky, Fyodor
Magarshack, David
Crime and Punishment.  £10.00 
Bullock, Ian
Romancing the Revolution. The Myth of Soviet Democracy.  £18.00 
Wood, Alan
Russia's Frozen Frontier. A History of Siberia and the Russian Far East 1581 to 1991.  £20.00 
Butterwick, Richard
The Polish Revolution and the Catholic Church 1788 to 1792. A Political History.  £62.00 
Waldron, Peter
Russia of the Tsars.  £10.00 
Miró, Joan
Shatskikh, Alexandra
Malevich, Kazimir
Malevich and Film. Essay in: Burlington Magazine, July 1993.  £12.00 
Seton-Watson, R W
Treaty Revision and the Hungarian Frontiers.  £18.00 
Steed, Henry Wickham
A Short History of Austria-Hungary and Poland. Illustrated.  £12.00 
Woodring, Jim
Daddy is So Far Away…We Must Find Him!  £24.00 
Babic, Slavna
Serbo-Croat for Foreigners.  £7.00 
Gorsuch, Anne
All This is Your World. Soviet Tourism at Home and Abroad After Stalin.  £36.00 
Michail, Eugene
The British and the Balkans. Forming Images of Foreign Lands, 1900 to 1950.  £40.00 
Kirschenbaum, Lisa
The Legacy of the Siege of Leningrad, 1941-1995: Myth, Memories, and Monuments.  £32.00 
Dostoyevsky, Fyodor
Polnoe sobranie sochinenii v tridtsati tomakh. (Collected Works in Russian) Volume 6. (Akademiia nauk SSSR. Institut russkoi literatury.  £12.00 
Turgenev, Ivan
Redgrave, Michael
A Month in the Country.  £7.00 
Strausz, Adolf
Dugovich, Imre
Bulgarische Grammatik. Ein Handbuch zur Erlernung der modernen bulgarischen Schrift- und Verkehrssprache.  £36.00 
Askenazy, Szymon
Thaddeus Kosciuszko.  £18.00 
Kirova, S M
Bogdanov-Berezovskii, V M
Balet Leningrada.  £46.00 
Russo-Jewish Committee
The Persecution of the Jews in Russia: with Appendix containing a Summary of Special and Restrictive Laws, also a map of Russia, showing the Pale of Jewish Settlement, and a letter reprinted from "The Times" of 5th November, 1890.  £56.00 
Berdyaev, Nicolas
The Russian Idea.  £14.00 
Krader, Lawrence
Feudalism and the Tartar Polity of the Middle Ages.  £14.00 
Hasluck, F W
Athos and its Monasteries.  £124.00 
Obrknezevic, Milos
Development of Orthodoxy in Croatia and the Croatian Orthodox Church.  £16.00 
Ligers, Ziedonis
Histoire des Villes de Lettonie et d'Estonie des Origines jusqu'à la Fin du 18e Siècle.  £46.00 
Gille, Bertrand
Histoire économique et Sociale de la Russie du Moyen Âge au XXe Siècle.  £12.00 
Jiricek, Josef
Rymovana Kronika Ceska tak receneho Dalimila: Podle Prvotniho Textu Ceskeho i s Pripojenim Obou Prekladuv Nemeckych.  £240.00 
Uhryn, Kalena
La Notion de "Russie" dans la Cartographie Occidentale du Début du XVIe Siecle a la Fin du XVIIIe Siecle.  £34.00 
Serge, Victor
Destiny of a Revolution.  £18.00 
Levensohn, Yoel
The Warsaw Rabbinic Bible. Mikra'ot Gedolot. Miqra'ot Gedolot.  £3,600.00 
Trotsky, Leon
The 3rd International After Lenin.  £22.00 
Trotsky, Leon
The Fight for Marxism: Two Speeches and an Article.  £10.00 
Trotsky, Leon
The Suppressed Testament of Lenin with On Lenin's Testament.  £10.00 
Trotsky, Leon
Tasks Before the Twelfth Congress of the Russian Communist Party.  £10.00 
Deutscher, Isaac
Lenin's Childhood.  £10.00 
Kanitz, Felix
Donau-Bulgarien und der Balkan. Historisch-geographische-ethnographische Reisestudien aus den Jahren 1860 - 1879.  £280.00 
Dewey, John
Not Guilty. Report of the Commission of Inquiry Into the Charges Made Against Leon Trotsky in the Moscow Trials.  £20.00 
Inter-Allied Commission in Eastern Macedonia
An Account of the Bulgarian Occupation. Report of the Inter-Allied Commission in Eastern Macedonia. Part 1.  £36.00 
Scheel, Otto
Die Kirche im Urchristentum, mit Durchblicken an die Gegenwart.  £8.00 
Lempp, Otto
Tolstoi.  £12.00 
Odlozilik, Otakar
Three Offprints: Good King Wenceslas, Karel of Zerotin, Wycliffe's Influence.  £14.00 
Nestor-Schnurmann, Ivan
Russian Reader: Lermontof's Modern Hero, With English Translation and Biographical Sketch.  £18.00 
Trotsky, Leon
Rapport de la Délégation Sibérienne. Trotsky contre Lénine.  £12.00 
Chekhov, Anton
Three Farces. Tri Shutki.  £14.00 
Cartwright, John
North Atlantic Assembly. Special Committee on Nuclear Strategy and Arms Control. Interim Report.  £14.00 
Pihlemann, J
Praktischer Leitfaden zum Erlernen der russischen Sprache.  £36.00 
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