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Zander, L A
Dostoevsky.  £8.00 
Perevlesskii, P
Slavianskaia Grammatika s Izbornikom, P Perevliesskago.  £120.00 
Lowe, W H
Russian Roots and Compounds.  £24.00 
Milosevic, Miloje
Materials for the Study of the Cultural Monuments of Vojvodina 1.  £46.00 
Ancel, Jacques
Manuel Géographique de Politique Européenne. Tome 1. L'Europe Centrale.  £18.00 
Kent, Paul
International Aspects of the Provision of Medical Care.  £24.00 
Alford, John
Weisberg, Julia
The Wild Geese. Soviet Opera for Children.  £12.00 
Shapiro, Leonard
Russian Studies.  £10.00 
Bakunin, Michael
An Unpublished Letter. Bakunin and Nechayev (Encounter July 1972)  £6.00 
Bureau of Research on Russian Economic Conditions
Results of the Second five-year Plan and the Project of the Third five-year Plan, July, 1939.  £16.00 
No Author Poland's Foreign Trade.  £16.00 
Wortley, B A
Poland's New Codes of Law.  £18.00 
Kinvig, R H
Poland: Human and Economic Characteristics in their Geographical Setting.  £24.00 
Stalin, Joseph
Economic Problems of Socialism in the USSR.  £6.00 
Lermontov, Mikhail
Bela. Translated by Jessie Domb, Ilustrations by Donia Nachshen.  £10.00 
Tolstoy, L N
Faden, B
Captive of the Caucasus.  £12.00 
Gogol, Nikolai
The Government Inspector.  £8.00 
Segal, Louis
A Second Russian Reader, edited with Vocabularies. New Series.  £10.00 
Solouchin, Valentin
Ne Zdi u Morja Pogody: Roman.  £18.00 
Chekhov, Anton
Tchekoff. Five Famous Plays.  £10.00 
Tolstoy, L N
Two Tales. English Translation by R T Currall.  £6.00 
Gogol, Nikolai
The Greatcoat. English Translation by Zlata Shoenberg and Jessie Domb.  £6.00 
Kawraisky, Th
Linden, S W
[Russian English Dictionary].  £18.00 
Tolstoy, Leo
Childhood, Boyhood and Youth.  £10.00 
Lenin, V I
The Revolutionary Phase. "Left-Communist" Mistakes on the Brest Peace (Articles and Speeches)  £8.00 
Douglas, J A
Pictures of Russian Worship.  £16.00 
Treptow, Kurt
Popa, Marcel
Historical Dictionary of Romania.  £16.00 
Majakowski, Wladimir
Gedichte, Russisch und Deutsch.  £8.00 
Zimmer, Alfred
Industriegeographie der Sowjetunion.  £12.00 
Niewiarowskiego, Wladyslawa
Problemy Geografii Fizycznej.  £20.00 
Svamberovi, Vaclavu
Kral, Jiri
Recueil de Travaux Géographiques offert a M V Svambera. "Sbornik Zemepisnych Praci".  £18.00 
Ewing, Thomas
Separate Schools. Gender, Policy, and Practice in Postwar Soviet Education.  £24.00 
Petkevich, Tamara
Memoir of a Gulag Actress.  £24.00 
Dowler, Wayne
Russia in 1913.  £20.00 
Portal, R
La Russie Industrielle de 1880 à 1914.  £18.00 
Engerman, David
Know Your Enemy. The Rise and Fall of America's Soviet Experts.  £34.00 
Banffy, Miklos
They Were Counted.  £16.00 
McDermott, Kevin
Stalinist Terror in Eastern Europe. Elite Purges and Mass Repression.  £46.00 
Berg, L S
Geschichte der russischen geographischen Entdeckungen. Gesammelte Aufsätze.  £16.00 
Jungwiert, Karel
Scheufler, Pavel
Stalingrad 1942 - 1943 Yesterday and Today.  £36.00 
Gogol, Nikolai
Odojewskij, Wladimir
Petersburger Erzählungen. Deutsch von Alexander Eliasberg. Magische Novellen. Deutsch von Johannes von Guenther.  £14.00 
Lampert, Nicholas
The Technical Intelligentsia and the Soviet State.  £16.00 
Pearce, Brian
Second Ordinary Congress of the R.S.D.L.P, 1903. Complete Text of the Minutes.  £12.00 
Chekhov, Anton
The Cherry Orchard and other Plays. From the Russian by Constance Garnett.  £36.00 
Dostoyevsky, Fyodor
Magarshack, David
Crime and Punishment.  £10.00 
Wood, Alan
Russia's Frozen Frontier. A History of Siberia and the Russian Far East 1581 to 1991.  £20.00 
Butterwick, Richard
The Polish Revolution and the Catholic Church 1788 to 1792. A Political History.  £62.00 
Waldron, Peter
Russia of the Tsars.  £10.00 
Miró, Joan
Shatskikh, Alexandra
Malevich, Kazimir
Malevich and Film. Essay in: Burlington Magazine, July 1993.  £12.00 
Seton-Watson, R W
Treaty Revision and the Hungarian Frontiers.  £18.00 
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