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Lissitzky, El
El Lissitzky, 1890 - 1941. Architect Schilder Fotograaf Typograaf.  £42.00 
Kropotkin, Petr
Kropotkin's Revolutionary Pamphlets. A Collection of Writings by Peter Kropotkin.  £10.00 
Polska Akademia Nauk
Informator Zoologiczny = Directory of Polish Zoologists.  £18.00 
Leebaert, Derek
Soviet Military Thinking.  £12.00 
Friedgut, T H
Political Participation in the USSR.  £14.00 
Knickerbocker, W S
Classics of Modern Science (Copernicus to Pasteur)  £8.00 
Sternfeld, A
Interplanetary Travel.  £12.00 
Academy of Sciences, Siberian Branch
Scientific Siberia.  £36.00 
Talbot, C H
Res Polonicae Elisabetha I Angliae Regnante Conscriptae ex Archivis Publicis Londoniarum.  £68.00 
Baykov, Alexander
Soviet Foreign Trade.  £12.00 
Newbigin, Marion
Geographical Aspects of Balkan Problems in their Relation to the Great European War.  £14.00 
Hipmanova, Milka
La République Tchécoslovaque au XXème Siècle.  £20.00 
Mayhew, Christopher
Coexistence - Talks Broadcast to Europe by the BBC 1962.  £10.00 
Ward, Dennis
Keep Up Your Russian. An Anthology with Grammar Commentary.  £10.00 
Nabokov, Vladimir
Bend Sinister.  £8.00 
Nabokov, Vladimir
Laughter in the Dark.  £8.00 
Taczanowski, Wladyslaw
Listy do Antoniego Wagi, Konstantego Branickiego i Benedykta Dybowskiego.  £22.00 
Stach, Jan
Owady bezskrzydle; Apterygota.  £15.00 
Fedorowicz, Zygmunt
Materialy do historii zoologii na Uniwersytecie Jagiellonskim, 1777-1914.  £15.00 
Alexis Anjou
Moi, Alexis, arrière-petit-fils du Tsar.  £18.00 
Tolstoy, Leo
Anna Karenin. A Novel. Transl Constance Garnett. Popular Edition.  £12.00 
Maude, Aylmer
Tolstoy, Leo
The Kreutzer Sonata and Other Stories.  £8.00 
Christian, R F
Borras, F M
Russian Syntax. Aspects of Modern Russian Syntax and Vocabulary.  £10.00 
Hapgood, Isabelle Florence
The Epic Songs of Russia.  £46.00 
Smirnoff, Eugene
A Short Account of the Historical Development and Present Position of Russian Orthodox Missions.  £20.00 
Ilyichov, L F
Creative Work for the People in the Name of Communism.  £10.00 
Witalisz, Wladyslaw
Leese, Peter
PASE Papers in Culture and Literature. Proceedings of the 10th International Conference of the Polish Association for the Study of English, Cracow 2001.  £24.00 
Shils, Edward
Dicks, Henry
Project Rand (USAF Project RR 1) Service Conditions and Morale in the Soviet Armed Forces: A Pilot Study.Volume 1 - The Soviet Army.  £36.00 
Wagner, V N
Russian for English Speaking Learners.  £64.00 
Gorky, Maxim
Tales of Two Countries.  £14.00 
Harrison, James
A Contribution to the Ornithology of Bulgaria.  £140.00 
Manning, Nick
Lang-Pickvance, Katy
Environmental and Housing Movements: Grassroots Experience in Hungary, Russia and Estonia.  £20.00 
Besemeres, John
Socialist Population Politics: Political Implications of Demographic Trends in the U.S.S.R. and Eastern Europe.  £14.00 
Musil, Jiri
Urbanization in Socialist Countries.  £18.00 
Workers' Music Association
Popular Soviet Songs.  £10.00 
Shindler, Colin
Exit Visa: Detente, Human Rights and the Jewish Emigration Movement in the USSR.  £12.00 
Pushkin, Alexander
Puschkin Werke. Zwei Bände Ed. Arthur Luther.  £22.00 
Tyrkova-Williams, Ariadna
From Liberty to Brest-Litovsk: The First Year of the Russian Revolution.  £34.00 
Crankshaw, Edward
Russia and Britain.  £12.00 
United States Information Agency
Problems of Communism. 32 issues, as issued, March 1986 - Spring 1992.  £200.00 
Rosetti, Radu
Amintiri. Volume 1: Ce am Auzit de la Altii.  £88.00 
Berdyaev, Nicolas
Solitude and Society.  £14.00 
Kolni-Balozky, J
A Progressive Russian Grammar. Part 1.  £12.00 
Dostoyevsky, Fyodor
L'Idiot. Les Carnet de l'Idiot. Humiliés et Offensés. Introduction Pierre Pascal.  £20.00 
Motyl, Alexander
Will the Non-Russians Rebel? State, Ethnicity, and Stability in the USSR.  £14.00 
Belinsky, V G
Sochinenii V Bielinskago.  £640.00 
Conrad, Joseph
The Idiots. Russian-English.  £12.00 
Zlatogor, Maksim
Zhivaya rêch. Hristomatiya dlya izucheniya russkago yazyka. Chast' pervaya. Living Speech. Selections from Russian Authors, for Students, with explanations of difficult words and idioms. Accented Text.  £24.00 
Hyvernat, Henri
Études sur les Versions Coptes de la Bible.  £56.00 
Jagic, V
Archiv für Slavische Philologie. Volume 22, 1900.  £30.00 
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