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British Antarctic Survey
British Antarctic Survey. Annual Report, 1980-81.  £14.00 
British Antarctic Survey
British Antarctic Survey. Annual Report, 1981-82.  £14.00 
British Antarctic Survey
British Antarctic Survey. Annual Report, 1982-83.  £14.00 
Strand, Trygve
Structural Petrology of the Bygdin Conglomerate.  £10.00 
Vogt, Thorolf
Vulkanismens faser i Trondheimsfeltet.  £12.00 
Asitchaq Jimmie Killigivuk
Lowenstein, Tom
The Shaman Aningatchaq. An Eskimo Story from Tikiraq, Alaska.  £24.00 
Stoddard, John
Lectures. Ireland (Two Lectures) - Denmark - Sweden.  £24.00 
Reusch, H H
Kolderup, Carl Fred
Fjeldbygnengen og bergarterne ved Bergen. Resume in deutscher Sprache.  £28.00 
Ahnlund, Hans
Sexual Maturity and Breeding Season of the Badger, Meles meles in Sweden.  £12.00 
Blom, Arne
Wiking, Albert
Lund.  £18.00 
Bull, Francis
Norges Litterartur. Fra Reformasjonen til 1814. (= Norsk Litterartur Historie)  £20.00 
Bull, Francis
Norges Litterartur. Fra Februarrevolusjonen til forste Verdenskrig. (= Norsk Litterartur Historie. Ny Utgave)  £20.00 
Sturluson, Snorri
Snorre Sturlesons norske Kongers Sagaer. Oversatte af Jacob Aall.  £200.00 
Poole, Graham
The Development of Greenland's Shrimp Fishing and Processing Industry since 1979: A Study in Applied Economics.  £36.00 
Dinesen, Isak
Carnival. Entertainments and Posthumous Tales.  £8.00 
Fifield, Richard
International Research in the Antarctic.  £14.00 
Berthelsen, Asger
A Pre-Cambrian Dome Structure at Tovqussaq, West Greenland.  £10.00 
Sederholm, J J
On Synantetic Minerals and Related Phenomena (Reaction Rims, Corona Minerals, Kelyphite, Myrmekite etc.  £24.00 
Sederholm, J J
On the Sub-Bothnian Unconformity and on Archaean Rocks Formed by Secular Weathering.  £24.00 
Sederholm, J J
Pre-Quaternary Rocks of Finland. Explanatory Notes to Accompany a General Geological Map of Fennoscandia.  £24.00 
Sederholm, J J
On Migmatites and Associated Pre-Cambrian Rocks of Southwestern Finland: Part 1: The Pelling Region.  £24.00 
Sederholm, J J
On Migmatites and Associated Pre-Cambrian Rocks of Southwestern Finland: Part 3: The Aland Island.  £24.00 
Heier, Knut
The Orsdalen Tungsten Deposit.  £12.00 
Kvale, Anders
Petrofabric Analysis of a Quartzite from the Bergsdalen Quadrangle, Western Norway.  £10.00 
Den Swenska Psalm-Boken, med de Stycken, som därtil höra, och på följande sida finnas uptecknade; Uppå Kongl. Maj:ts Nådigsta befallning, år 1695 öfwersedd och nödtorfteligen förbättrad.  £56.00 
Flink, Gustaf
Om schefferit från Långban och Pajsberg.  £18.00 
Simonen, Ahti
Orbicular Rocks in Kemijärvi and Esbo.  £16.00 
Sederholm, J J
Subdivision of the Pre-Cambrian of Fenno-Scandia.  £12.00 
Kolderup, Niels-Henr
Zur Kenntnis der Injektionsmetamorphose im westlichen Norwegen.  £12.00 
Kolderup, Niels-Henr
Oversikt over den kaledoniske fjellkjede på Vestlandet.  £12.00 
Brögger, W C
Reusch, H H
Giant's Kettles at Christiania.  £18.00 
Bugge, Arne
En Forkastning i det Syd-Norske Grunnfjell.  £18.00 
Eek, Hilding
The Swedish Conflict of Laws.  £24.00 
Stene, Aasta
English Loan Words in Modern Norwegian. A Study of Linguistic Borrowing in the Process.  £14.00 
Cavallin, Christian
Latinskt Skol-Lexikon. I Alfabetisk Uppställning Utarbetadt. Stereotyperad Upplaga.  £24.00 
Gjellerup, Pia
An Ethical Foundation for Genetic Engineering Choices. (The Danish Ministry of Trade and Industry)  £14.00 
Björling, K
Möllerström, G
Factors Affecting the Incidence of Downy Mildew in Beets in Sweden, 1946 - 1963. (Socker Handlingar II)  £10.00 
Dilacar, A
Thomsen, Vilhelm
Thomsen.  £16.00 
Jansson, Ulf
Agriculture and Forestry in Sweden since 1900. A Cartographic Description.  £46.00 
Hübner, Helmut
Die Geologie der Sulfiderz-Lagerstätte in Kalvbäcken, Mittelschweden.  £46.00 
Rutland, R W R
Structural Geology of the Sokumvatn Area, North Norway.  £12.00 
Lomholt, Asger
The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters.  £12.00 
Watt, W Stuart
Petrology and Geology of the Precambrian Gardar Dykes on Qaersuarssuk, South Greenland.  £15.00 
Gayer, Rodney
Wallis, Roger
The Petrology of the Harkerbreen Group of the Lower Hecla Hoek of Ny Friesland and Olav V Land, Spitsbergen.  £14.00 
Haapala, Paavo
On Serpentine Rocks in Northern Karelia.  £24.00 
Vogt, Thorolf
The Geology of Part of the Holonda-Horg District, a Type Area in the Trondheim Region.  £18.00 
Gayer, Rodney
Wallis, Roger
Radiometric Age Determination on Rocks from Spitsbergen.  £14.00 
Grönlands Geologiske Undersögelse
Geological Survey of Greenland. Report of Activities, 1967.  £14.00 
Allen, E L
Kierkegaard: His Life and Thought.  £16.00 
Claesson, Stig
Fast Reactions and Primary Processes in Chemical Kinetics. Proceedings of the Fifth Nobel Symposium held August 28 - September 2, 1967 at Södergarn, Lidingö, in the County of Stockholm.  £28.00 
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