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Popperwell, Ronald
The Pronunciation of Norwegian. (Boxed set with record)  £42.00 
Ross, Hans
Norske Bygdemaal. Part 2: Vest-Telemaal; Part 3 - 6: Oust-Telemaal, Halligmaal, Gudbrandsdalsmaal, Uplandsmaal; Part 12 - 18: Frydemaal, Oustegdemaal, Vestegdemaal, Rygemaal, Hordemaal.  £120.00 
Ekelöf, Gunnar
Dedikation. Dikter.  £46.00 
Soom, Arnold
Der Baltische Getreidehandel im 17. Jahrhundert.  £26.00 
von Eckermann, Harry
The Alkaline District of Alnö Island (Alnö Alkalina Område).  £20.00 
von Eckermann, Harry
The Alkaline District of Alnö Island (Alnö Alkalina Område).  £28.00 
Tyrrell, G W
The Geology of Prince Charles Foreland, Spitsbergen.  £20.00 
Tyrrell, G W
The Pre-Devonian Basement Complex of Central Spitsbergen.  £18.00 
Holtedahl, Hans
Geological and Petrographical Investigations in the North-Western Part of the Opdal Quadrangle, South-Western Norway.  £24.00 
Pedersen, Erik Helmer
Danish Agricultural Industry 1910.  £24.00 
Groth, P
A Norwegian Grammar. Third Edition.  £14.00 
MacMunn, George
Gustavus Adolphus: The Northern Hurricane.  £12.00 
Simpson, Douglas
The Castle of Bergen and the Bishop's Palace at Kirkwall. A Study in Early Norse Achitecture.  £26.00 
Larsen, A
Dansk-Norsk-Engelsk-Ordbog. A Dictionary of the Dano-Norwegian and English Language. Second Edition.  £24.00 
Thorsteinsson, Thorsteinn
Iceland 1936: A Handbook published on the Fiftieth Anniversary of Landsbanki Islands (The National Bank of Iceland)  £16.00 
Eneborg, Helmer
Stockman, Sven
Directory of Swedish Ports and Shipping 1927 - 1928. (Federation of Swedish Ports / Svenska Hamnforbundet)  £34.00 
Nielsen, A
Dänische Wirtschaftsgeschichte.  £24.00 
Bondesen, Erling
On Some Pre-Cambrian Metadolerites from the Central Ivigtut Region of SW Greenland.  £12.00 
Eckermann, Harry von
The Genesis of the Jotnian Sediments.  £16.00 
Eckermann, Harry von
Contribution to the Knowledge of the Jotnian Rocks of the Nordingra-Rödö Region. (Parts 1-3, 4-9)  £20.00 
Laitakari, Aarne
Geologische Bibliographie Finnlands, 1555 - 1933.  £34.00 
Deer, W A
Kempe, D R C
Geological Investigations in East Greenland. Part 11: The Minor Peripheral Intrusions, Kangerdlgssuaq, East Greenland.  £14.00 
Deer, W A
Syenitic and Associated Intrusions of the Kap Edvard Holm Region of Kangerdlgssuaq, East Greenland.  £8.00 
Ulfeldt, Leonora Christina
Leonora Christina Grevinde Ulfeldt's »Jammers-Minde« - En egenhændig Skildring af hendes Fangenskab i Blaataarn i Aarene 1663-1685.  £64.00 
Kulling, Jacob
Att Spjärna mot udden. En Studie om Kristusgestaltens betydelse I Strindbergs religiösa utveckling.  £44.00 
Collijn, Gustaf
Intiman: Historien om en Teater.  £56.00 
Svensson, Sven
Stockholms blodbad. I ekonomisk och handelspolitisk belysning.  £56.00 
Strindberg, August
Ahlström, Stellan
Strindbergs erövring av Paris. Strindberg och Frankrike 1884 - 1895.  £36.00 
Dahl, Svens
Nordisk håndbog i bibliotekskundskab. Bind 3 (Volume 3 only)  £34.00 
Hakapaa, Kari
Tupamaki, Matti
Finnish Branch of the Interational Law Association 1946 - 1986. Essays on International Law.  £18.00 
Johansson, Östen
The Gross Domestic Product of Sweden and its Compostion 1861-1955.  £28.00 
Jonsson, Bengt
Holzapfel, Otto
Sartryck ur. Sumlen - arsbok for vis - och folkmusikforskning 1978. Transactions of the Stockholm Conference on Ballad Formulas and Skandinavische Volksballadenformeln: Merkmal traditioneller Improvisation oder literarischer / verbaler Tradierung?  £15.00 
Kaukonen, Vaino
The Kalevala and Homer: Adult Education in Finland Vol 23, No 1, 1986.  £7.00 
Eskola, Katarina
Music Education in Finland: Adult Education in Finland Vol 22, No 1, 1985.  £7.00 
Alhonsaari, Antti
Discussion and Renewal in the Church: Adult Education in Finland Vol 22, No 2, 1985.  £7.00 
Helasvuo, Veikko
The Work of the Research and Training Centre at Lahti: Adult Education in Finland Vol 21, No 4, 1984.  £7.00 
Helasvuo, Veikko
Music Education in Finland: Adult Education in Finland Vol 21, No 2, 1984.  £7.00 
Rauhala, Pentti
Adult-basic Vocational Training: Adult Education in Finland Vol 20, Nos 3-4, 1983.  £7.00 
Sihvola, Tapani
Education and Aging: Adult Education in Finland Vol 20, No 1, 1983.  £7.00 
Lehtonen, Heikki
Tuomisto, Jukka
Participation in Adult Education in Finland: Adult Education in Finland Vol 12, Nos 1-2, 1975.  £7.00 
Yrjola, Pentti
Haapio, Marja
The Writers' Centre in Finnish Cultural Life: Adult Education in Finland, Vol 12, No 4, 1975.  £7.00 
Lind-af-Hageby, L
Loraine, Robert
August Strindberg. A Study, Comprising a Lecture Delivered Before the Anglo-Swedish Society on December 6th, 1927, at which Mr Robert Loraine Took the Chair. First Edition.  £20.00 
Swedenborg, Emanuel
Heaven and its Wonders and Hell from Things Heard and Seen. 3rd impression.  £9.00 
Braatoy, Bjarne
The New Sweden. A Vindication of Democracy.  £14.00 
Hamar, Haraldur
Atlantica and Iceland Review. Number 3, 1980.  £12.00 
No Author Finland to-day. 100 Pictures and a Map. Illustrated by Aleksi Gallen-Kallela.  £24.00 
Filipsson, Helena
Recent Changes in the Marine Environment in Relation to Climate, Hydrography, and Human Impact. With Special Reference to Fjords on the Swedish West Coast.  £28.00 
Ibsen, Henrik
Meyer, Michael
Brand. New Translation First edition.  £9.00 
Ibsen, Bergliot
Schjelderup, Gerik
Bull, Francis
The Three Ibsens: Memories of Henrik Ibsen, Suzannah Ibsen and Sigurd Ibsen. First Edition.  £10.00 
Riffenburgh, Beau
Polar Record. Journal of the Scott Polar Research Institute. Vol 34, 1998.  £24.00 
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