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Foot, Michael
The Uncollected Michael Foot Essays, Old and New 1953 - 2003.  £10.00 
Sun Life
The Sun Life Story 1810 - 1985.  £14.00 
Chope, R Pearse
The Book of Hartland.  £64.00 
Joly, Cyril
Take These Men.  £22.00 
Fordham, Montague
The Rebuilding of Rural England.  £18.00 
Reid, Douglas
Lest We Regret.  £16.00 
Gardiner, Rolf
England Herself: Ventures in Rural Restoration.  £22.00 
Clifton, George
The Happy Hunted.  £16.00 
Williamson, J A
The Evolution of England. A Commentary on the Facts.  £20.00 
Royal Norfolk Agricultural Association
Royal Norfolk Show 1956. Catalogue.  £24.00 
Hearnshaw, F J C
A Survey of Socialism: Analytical, Historical, and Critical.  £15.00 
Szechi, D
Jacobitism and Tory Politics, 1710-14.  £15.00 
Salzman, L F
English Life in the Middle Ages.  £16.00 
Verity, Hugh
We Landed by Moonlight: Secret RAF Landings in France, 1940 - 1944.  £24.00 
Hartmann, Cyril
Clifford of the Cabal: A Life of Thomas, First Lord Clifford of Chudleigh, Lord High Treasurer of England. (1630 - 1673)  £36.00 
Collins, George
Farming and Fox-Hunting.  £46.00 
Seebohm, M E
The Evolution of the English Farm.  £24.00 
Heape, Grundy
Georgian York: A Sketch of Life in Hanoverian England.  £12.00 
Baker, Richard
The Terror of Tobermory: An Informal Biography of Vice-Admiral Sir Gilbert Stephenson.  £16.00 
Fortescue, John
Six British Soldiers.  £14.00 
Morton, J B
Blitz.  £12.00 
Hasted, Edward
The History and Topographical Survey of the County of Kent. The Second Edition, Improved, Corrected, and Continued. Volume 5 ONLY.  £100.00 
Spenser, Edmund
The Works of Mr. Edmund Spenser. In Six Volumes. Volume the Sixth (ONLY)  £40.00 
Aparicio, Angel Alloza
Diplomacia Caníbal. España y Gran Bretaña en la pugna por el dominio del mundo, 1638-1660.  £58.00 
Sainty, J C
Hawkyard, Alasdair
Sir Thomas Duppa's Commonplace Book.  £14.00 
Epkenhans, Michael
Hillmann, Jorg
Nagler, Frank
Jutland. World War I's Greatest Naval Battle.  £40.00 
Howell, David
Mosley and British Politics 1918 - 32. Oswald's Odyssey.  £60.00 
Jones, Michael
Barrow, Julia
Crook, David
The White Book (Liber Albus) of Southwell. 2 Volume Complete Set.  £100.00 
Lake, Peter
Stephens, Isaac
Scandal and Religious Identity in Early Stuart England. A Northamptonshire Maid's Tragedy.  £60.00 
Shawcross, William
Kowtow!  £12.00 
Bonner, Ali
The Myth of Pelagianism.  £78.00 
Harmes, Marcus
Bladen, Victoria
Supernatural and Secular Power in Early Modern England.  £62.00 
Beaken, Robert
The Church of England and the Home Front 1914 - 1918.  £22.00 
Thompson, Noel
Social Opulence and Private Restraint. The Consumer in British Socialist Thought Since 1800.  £28.00 
Butler, Katherine
Music in Elizabethan Court Politics.  £60.00 
Taylor, David
Laybourn, Keith
The Battle for the Roads of Britain. Police, Motorists and the Law, c. 1890s to 1970s.  £66.00 
Bejjit, Karim
English Colonial Texts on Tangier, 1661 - 1684. Imperialism and the Politics of Resistance.  £72.00 
Turnham, Margaret
Catholic Faith and Practice in England 1779 - 1992. The Role of Revivalism and Renewal.  £66.00 
Brogan, Stephen
The Royal Touch in Early Modern England. Politics, Medicine and Sin.  £42.00 
Dancy, J Ross
The Myth of the Press Gang. Volunteers, Impressment and the Naval Manpower Problem in the Late Eighteenth Century.  £78.00 
Burk, Kathleen
The Lion and the Eagle. The Interaction of the British and American Empires 1783 - 1972.  £20.00 
Garipzanov, Ildar
Graphic Signs of Authority in Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages, 300 - 900.  £62.00 
White-Spunner, Barney
Of Living Valour. The Story of the Soldiers of Waterloo.  £34.00 
Seyler, Dorothy
The Obelisk and the Englishman. The Pioneering Discoveries of Egyptologist William Bankes.  £16.00 
Pollnitz, Aysha
Princely Education in Early Modern Britain.  £56.00 
Bellany, Alastair
Cogswell, Thomas
The Murder of King James I.  £22.00 
Street, A G
Farming England.  £24.00 
Stone, Janet
Edward Sydney Woods, 94th Bishop of Lichfield.  £14.00 
Lee, Roger
British Battle Planning in 1916 and the Battle of Fromelles. Case Study of an Evolving Skill.  £72.00 
Hodgkinson, Peter
British Infantry Battalion Commanders in the First World War.  £72.00 
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