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Sherborne School
Sherborne School for Girls. Old Girls Union. Record of Members 1899 - 1952.  £24.00 
Snow, Stephanie
Operations Without Pain: The Practice and Science of Anaesthesia in Victorian Britain.  £24.00 
Clarendon, Edward
The History of the Rebellion and Civil Wars in England, Begun in the Year 1641. Volume 1, Part 1 and 2, plus Volume 3, Part 3.  £80.00 
Camden, William
Remains Concerning Britaine: But especially England and the Inhabitants thereof.  £460.00 
Rauschenberg, Roy
The Journals of Joseph Banks's Voyage up Great Britain's West Coast to Iceland and to the Orkney Islands. Essay in the Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society.  £14.00 
Turner, Ralph
William de Forz, Count of Aumale: An Early Thirteenth-century English Baron. Essay in the Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society.  £14.00 
Socialist Party of Great Britain
Questions of the Day. A Socialist Analysis.  £8.00 
Bynum, W F
Porter, Roy
William Hunter and the Eighteenth-Century Medical World.  £18.00 
Stewart, James
Rudyard Kipling. A Biographical Catalogue.  £28.00 
Legg, Marie Louise
The Synge Letters. Bishop Edward Synge to His Daughter Alicia Roscommon to Dublin 1746 - 1752.  £22.00 
Hopkirk, Peter
Quest for Kim. In Search of Kipling's Great Game.  £6.00 
Bateman, H M
A Book of Drawings.  £24.00 
No Author St Christopher's School Prospectus.  £12.00 
Smithers, A J
Dornford Yates. A Biography.  £10.00 
Rotherham, Ian
The Peak District Journal of Natural History and Archaeology. Volume 1.  £16.00 
Salmon, John
Surrey Countryside: The Interplay of Land and People.  £22.00 
Letts, John
Smoke-Blackened Thatch: A Unique Source of Late Medieval Plant Remains from Southern England. Report to the Ancient Monuments Laboratory, English Heritage.  £20.00 
No Author Ten Years of Change: Woodland Research at Monks Wood NNR, 1993 - 2003.  £24.00 
Mellanby, Kenneth
Monks Wood Experimental Station. Report for 1960 - 1965.  £16.00 
Mellanby, Kenneth
Monks Wood Experimental Station. Report for 1966 - 1968.  £16.00 
Martynova, K P
Provisional Atlas of the Ticks (Ixodoidea) of the British Isles.  £10.00 
No Author Scientific Aspects of Forestry. Volume 2: Minutes of Evidence (House of Lords, Session 1979-80. 2nd Report of the Select Committee on Science and Technology)  £18.00 
Schober, Hans
Das "Breckland" : Eine Charakterlandschaft Ost-Englands.  £26.00 
Oliphant, Margaret
Memoir of the Life of Laurence Oliphant and of Alice Oliphant, his Wife. New Edition.  £36.00 
Overton, J H
The Anglican Revival.  £22.00 
Moyse, Peter
John Clare. A Poet For All Seasons.  £18.00 
Jeffery, P
Tacolneston. Portrait of a Norfolk Village.  £10.00 
Auden, W H
Look, Stranger!  £14.00 
Nicholson, Norman
Five Rivers.  £12.00 
Wilde, Oscar
Plays, Prose Writings and Poems, Introduction by Hesketh Pearson.  £12.00 
Bhattacharya, Hiranmoy
Raj and Literature: Banned Bengali Books.  £16.00 
Goligher, William Alexander
International University Course. British History Modern.  £10.00 
Macaulay, Thomas Babington
Pinney, Thomas
The Letters of Thomas Babington Macaulay: Volume 1, 1807 – February 1831.  £36.00 
Morton, H V
In the London of the New Queen. National Geographic Magazine, September 1953.  £10.00 
Thompson, Edward
Essex and Elizabeth. A Play in Four Acts.  £8.00 
Maclure, John
The King's Royal Rifle Corps Chronicle 1960.  £14.00 
Morton, H V
Our Fellow Men.  £6.00 
Clark, Kenneth
100 Details from Pictures in The National Gallery.  £22.00 
Coysh, A W
Blue and White Transfer Ware 1780 - 1840.  £12.00 
Brinton, Selwyn
The Eighteenth Century in English Caricature.  £15.00 
Committee of Vice-Chancellors and Principals
University Development in the 1970's: A Statement of Views by the Committee.  £14.00 
Auden, W H
Epistle to a Godson.  £10.00 
Rowse, A L
Milton the Puritan.  £14.00 
Hyam, Ronald
Elgin and Churchill at the Colonial Office, 1905 - 1908.  £14.00 
Morphet, Richard
Richard Carline: 1896 - 1980.  £22.00 
Ministry of Pensions and National Inusurance
Provision for Old Age. The Future Development of the National Insurance Scheme.  £12.00 
No Author Medical Research Council. Catalogue of Publications (including the Industrial Health Research Board). Revised to 31st May 1958.  £14.00 
Holt, J C
The Origins and Audience of the Ballads of Robin Hood.  £10.00 
The Eve of Magna Carta.  £12.00 
Falkiner, C Litton
The Parliament of Ireland under the Tudor Sovereigns. Together with: Supplementary Paper.  £16.00 
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