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Pevsner, Nikolaus
London 2: South.  £14.00 
Webster, A D
The Regent's Park and Primrose Hill History and Antiquities.  £12.00 
Faithfull, Joan
The Ross of Mull Granite Quarries.  £8.00 
Maier, Vitalis
Deutsch - Englische Begegnung im Geiste von Coventry in Ottobeuren.  £10.00 
Brindle, Steven
Kerr, Brian
Windsor Revealed. New Light on the History of the Castle.  £8.00 
Forbes, J R
Dictionnaire d'Architecture et de Construction. Dictionary of Architecture and Construction.  £16.00 
Ray, Nicholas
Cambridge Architecture. A Concise Guide.  £26.00 
Evans, G C
A Set of Rooms: Some Discoveries and Puzzles. A Set of Rooms Part 2. The Story From the College Archives. (The Eagle Vol LVI, Nos. 245, 246)  £20.00 
Evans, G C
A Set of Rooms: Some Discoveries and Puzzles. A Set of Rooms Part 2. The Story From the College Archives. A Set of Rooms Part 3. Upstairs (The Eagle Vol LVI, Nos. 245, 246, 247.  £30.00 
O'Keefe, Jane
Voices from the Great Houses. Cork and Kerry.  £14.00 
Falkner, J M
The Nebuly Coat.  £8.00 
Rollet, Jean
Les Maitres de la Lumiere.  £34.00 
de Bernieres, Louis
Klausner, Rachel
The History of Gawdy Hall and its Occupants. Redenhall, Norfolk. Including a Snap-shot of Estate Operations in the mid 20th Century.  £6.00 
Cowper, Francis
A Prospect of Gray's Inn.  £10.00 
Hunt, Philip
Launde Abbey. A Short History of Launde.  £10.00 
Gaudi, Antonio
Werk 6. Spanische Architektur und Kunst.  £38.00 
Bertram, Anthony
Design.  £6.00 
Webb, Beresford
Gaunt, Arthur
Flanders, Dennis
Exploring Old British Churches.  £6.00 
Wilson, John
Webster, Anthony
Building Cooperation. A Business History of the Cooperative Group, 1863 - 2013.  £18.00 
Warren, Peter
Ardtornish House. The Architectural and Decorative Marbles and Granite.  £12.00 
cummings, Abbott Lowell
Massachusetts and its First Period Houses. A Statistical Survey with Summary Abstracts of Structural History and Transcriptions of Building Documents.  £48.00 
Williams, Melvin
The Last Word. The Lure and Lore of Early New England Graveyards.  £12.00 
Stinton, Judith
Toller Fratrum. The Church of St Basil and its Parish.  £8.00 
Chatterton, Frederick
English Architecture at a Glance. A Simple Review in Pictures of the Periods of English Archtiecture.  £10.00 
No Author Kizhi.  £36.00 
Zehrfuss, Bernard
Mayor, Federico
L'Unesco. Foyer Vivant des Bonheurs Possibles.  £12.00 
Wilkinson, Neville
Titania's Palace. Illustrated Guide.  £8.00 
Butler, William
Christ Church Cathedral Dublin. A Description of its Fabric, and a Brief History of the Foundation, and Subsequent Changes.  £26.00 
Megarry, Robert
Inns Ancient and Modern. A Topographical and Historical Introduction to the Inns of Court, Inns of Chencery, and Serjeants' Inns.  £14.00 
Craig, Maurice
Bernelle, Agnes
Decantations. A Tribute in Honour of Maurice Craig.  £38.00 
Williamson, Reginald Ross
Ackermann's Cambridge.  £10.00 
Smart, Catherine
The Great Windows: King's College Chapel, Cambridge.  £24.00 
Gardiner, Rena
The Story of Ely Cathedral.  £42.00 
Burne, R H
Chester Cathedral.  £10.00 
Mulcahy, Linda
Legal Architecture. Justice, Due Process, and the Place of Law.  £28.00 
Anand, Mulk
Bharadwaj, R R
Ajanta.  £24.00 
Purcell, Donovan
The Stones of Ely Cathedral.  £8.00 
Juhasova, E
Seismic Effects on Structures.  £72.00 
Eddleston, M
Walthall, S
Engineering Geology of Construction.  £28.00 
Medzhitova, E D
Meshavkin, S
V seredine Rossii: fotoalovsky o sverdlovskoy oblasti.  £60.00 
Wright, Frank Lloyd
Sottsass, Ettore
Domus. Architettura Arredamento Arte. # 406 Settembre 1963.  £24.00 
Steadman, Philip
Stibbs, Richard
Computerised Architectural Design (article in Cambridge Research, Volume 2, No. 1, Michaelmas, 1968)  £12.00 
Guedes, Amancio
Fragments from an Ironic Autobiography. Inaugural Lecture by Amancio d'Alpoim Guedes Professor and Head of the Department of Architecture University of the Witwatersrand Johannesburg Delivered on the Twenty Fourth of August Nineteen Seventy Six.  £36.00 
Fsadni, M
Schembri, G J
Our Lady of the Grotto. Priory, Church and Sanctuary.  £10.00 
Bartolo, John
The Co-Cathedral of St. John with a Biography of Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio and Mattia Preti.  £10.00 
Fletcher, Banister
A History of Architecture.  £24.00 
Harvey, John
Henry Yevelle. The Life of an English Architect.  £8.00 
Trump, James D van
Life and Architecture in Pittsburgh.  £32.00 
The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
Legacy From the Past. A Portfolio of Eighty-Eight Original Williamsburg Buildings.  £8.00 
Paravicini, Werner
Hirschbiegel, Jan
Höfe und Residenzen im Spätmittelalterlichen Reich. Bilder und Begriffe. Teilband 2: Bilder.  £116.00 
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