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Broby-Johansen, R
Den Danske Billedbibel. I Kalkmalerer. De middelaladerlige Kalkmalerier i de Danske Kirker et Udvalg Samlet. Met Text fra Bibel og samtidige Kilder.  £24.00 
Orfinski, V P
V Mire Skazochnoi Real'nosti.  £26.00 
Petrov, Mikhail
Gospodin Gosudar Veliki Novgorod.  £68.00 
Klapthor, Margaret Brown
Benjamin Latrobe and Dolley Madison Decorate the White House, 1809 - 1811.  £16.00 
Clément, Bernard
Plaine des Riaux: Le Creusot, lectures du paysage industriel.  £36.00 
Kiuchariants, D A
Antonio Rinal'di.  £24.00 
Poupet, André
L'Abbaye du Bec au Temps des Chevaux 1790 - 1948.  £18.00 
Neefjes, Jan
Strubben Kniphorstbosch: Inrichtings - & Beheerplan.  £46.00 
Duncan, Ronald
Home-Made Home.  £10.00 
Ruskin, John
The Seven Lamps of Architecture. Fifth Edition in Small Format.  £12.00 
von Simson, Otto
Sacred Fortress: Byzantine Art and Statecraft in Ravenna.  £18.00 
Stubbs, Charles
The Story of Cambridge.  £24.00 
Lovegrove, E W
St Davids Cathedral.  £14.00 
Carpenter, S S
Exeter Cathedral. 1942 and After.  £20.00 
No Author Mayfield and Fountainhall: A Short History Leading up to the Union of the Churches of Mayfield North and Fountainhall Road.  £14.00 
Parry, Edward
A Short History of the George Inn at Norton St Philip, Somerset.  £16.00 
Coldstream, Nicola
The Decorated Style: Architecture and Ornament, 1240 - 1360.  £12.00 
Lancaster, Osbert
Pevsner, Nikolaus
Richards, J M
Man Made America. A Special Number of the Architectural Review for December 1950. Also Machine-Made America May 1957 plus two additional articles bound in on Skyscrapers and Philip Johnson's Glass House.  £48.00 
No Author Sir Gilbert Scott (1811 - 1878) Architect of the Gothic Revival.  £6.00 
Atkins, Ken
The Royal Albert. The History of a Cambridge Almshouse set in its Times. 1846 to the present.  £8.00 
Thistlethwaite, Nicholas
The Organs of Cambridge. An Illustrated Guide to the Organs of the University and  £8.00 
Institution of Civil Engineers
Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers. March 1968. Volume 39.  £12.00 
Pennick, Nigel
The Mysteries of King's College Chapel.  £16.00 
Purcell, Donovan
Cambridge Stone.  £10.00 
Thompson, James
The Mouseman of Kilburn. The Story of Robert Thompson and the 'Church Mouse'  £16.00 
Watkin, David
Kersting, A F
Peterhouse 1284 - 1984. An Architectural Record.  £28.00 
Ivancevic, Radovan
Reinterpretacija zbornecrkve Pagu (1982) / Odnos antiknog I srednjovjekovnog rastera Poreca (1964)  £16.00 
Adams, R J
Patel, Diana
Chirambahuyo. A Case Study in Low-Income Housing.  £24.00 
Fiskovic, Cvito
Prvi Poznati Dubrovacki Graditelji.  £36.00 
Bokotopulos, Panagiotes
He Ekklesiastike Architektonike eis ten Dytiken Sterean Hellada kai ten Epeiron: Apo tu telus tu 7. mechri tu telus tu 10. Aionos.  £86.00 
Pevsner, Nikolaus
London 2: South.  £14.00 
Webster, A D
The Regent's Park and Primrose Hill History and Antiquities.  £12.00 
Maier, Vitalis
Deutsch - Englische Begegnung im Geiste von Coventry in Ottobeuren.  £10.00 
Brindle, Steven
Kerr, Brian
Windsor Revealed. New Light on the History of the Castle.  £8.00 
Ray, Nicholas
Cambridge Architecture. A Concise Guide.  £6.00 
Evans, G C
A Set of Rooms: Some Discoveries and Puzzles. A Set of Rooms Part 2. The Story From the College Archives. (The Eagle Vol LVI, Nos. 245, 246)  £20.00 
Evans, G C
A Set of Rooms: Some Discoveries and Puzzles. A Set of Rooms Part 2. The Story From the College Archives. A Set of Rooms Part 3. Upstairs (The Eagle Vol LVI, Nos. 245, 246, 247.  £30.00 
Architectura et Amicitia
Forum 24, No 3. Herman Hertzberger - Huiswerk voor mehr herbergzame Vorm.  £36.00 
O'Keefe, Jane
Voices from the Great Houses. Cork and Kerry.  £14.00 
Falkner, J M
The Nebuly Coat.  £8.00 
Rollet, Jean
Les Maitres de la Lumiere.  £34.00 
de Bernieres, Louis
Klausner, Rachel
The History of Gawdy Hall and its Occupants. Redenhall, Norfolk. Including a Snap-shot of Estate Operations in the mid 20th Century.  £6.00 
Cowper, Francis
A Prospect of Gray's Inn.  £10.00 
Hunt, Philip
Launde Abbey. A Short History of Launde.  £10.00 
Gaudi, Antonio
Werk 6. Spanische Architektur und Kunst.  £38.00 
Bertram, Anthony
Design.  £6.00 
Webb, Beresford
Gaunt, Arthur
Flanders, Dennis
Exploring Old British Churches.  £6.00 
Wilson, John
Webster, Anthony
Building Cooperation. A Business History of the Cooperative Group, 1863 - 2013.  £18.00 
Warren, Peter
Ardtornish House. The Architectural and Decorative Marbles and Granite.  £12.00 
cummings, Abbott Lowell
Massachusetts and its First Period Houses. A Statistical Survey with Summary Abstracts of Structural History and Transcriptions of Building Documents.  £48.00 
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