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Castelnuovo, Enrico
Il Ciclo dei Mesi di Torre Aquila a Trento.  £18.00 
Butler, Patricia
Paintings in Ipswich.  £10.00 
Kettle's Yard
Excavating the Present 3. The Exhibition.  £22.00 
Kettle's Yard
Paintings and Drawings by Martin Ball, Graham Crowley, Jeff Dellow, Clyde Hopkins, Joan Key, Bruce Russell, and David Wiseman. A Kettle's Yard Touring Exhibition.  £22.00 
Ormsby, Bronwy
Caring for Acrylics. Modern and Contemporary Paintings.  £20.00 
Walker, Nick
The Painted Hills. Rock Art of the Matopos, Zimbabwe.  £28.00 
Shiraishi, Yuko
Yuko Shiraishi.  £160.00 
Shiraishi, Yuko
Space Space. Installation, Project and Painting.  £10.00 
No Author Anatol Chechik.  £28.00 
South Bank Centre
The British Art Show 1990.  £12.00 
Wilcox, Denys
Modern British Art. The Court Gallery.  £24.00 
Kettle's Yard
Victor Willing. Paints Since 1978.  £48.00 
Cunningham, John
Scouller, Glen
Flying Colours Gallery. John Cunningham RGI 1926 - 98.  £18.00 
Munn, Geoffrey
Southwold. An Earthly Paradise.  £36.00 
Arnatt, Keith
Keith Arnatt. Works 1968 - 1990.  £58.00 
Oberhuber, Konrad
Disegni di Tiziano e della sua Cerchia.  £14.00 
Laurie, A P
The Painters Methods and Materials.  £12.00 
Gullick, Thomas John
Painting Popularly Explained.  £14.00 
Dardes, Kathleen
The Structural Conservation of Paintings. Proceedings of a Symposium at the J. Paul Getty Museum, April 1995.  £38.00 
Scrase, David
The Golden Century. Dutch Master Drawings from the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge.  £22.00 
Hiler, Hilaire
The Painter's Pocket Book.  £8.00 
Good, Robert
A New Dictionary of Art.  £20.00 
Bell, Clive
Since Cezanne.  £12.00 
Goodchild, Anne
William Strang RA 1859 - 1921.  £12.00 
Camuffo, Dario
Bernardi, Adriana
Fattori Microclimatici e Conservazione dei Beni Artistici.  £26.00 
Newton, Eric
Christopher Wood 1901 - 1930.  £28.00 
Benton, Charlotte
Art Deco 1910 - 1939.  £46.00 
Sandberg, John
'Japonisme' and Whistler. Essay in Burlington Magazine, November 1964.  £12.00 
Ray, Anthony
A Special Issue Devoted to French Nineteenth Century Painting and Sculpture, Burlington Magazine, June 1964.  £12.00 
Ray, Anthony
A Special Issue Devoted to The Italian Seventtenth Century, Burlington Magazine, April 1964.  £12.00 
Cohon, Robert
Discovery and Deceit. Archaeology and the Forger's Craft.  £52.00 
The Bridgeman Art Library. A to Z.  £10.00 
Bomford, David
Italian Painting Before 1400.  £16.00 
Brown, Beverly Louise
The Genius of Rome, 1592 - 1623.  £24.00 
Kettle's Yard
The Place of the Past. Art and Archaeology in Britain.  £12.00 
Wikborg, Tone
Vigeland. Sculpture Park and Museum in Oslo.  £10.00 
Newcomb, Mary
Mary Newcomb's Odd Universe. A Memorial Exhibition Celebrating the Work of Mary Newcomb.  £26.00 
Compton, Anne
John Piper. Painting in Coloured Light.  £18.00 
Shaw, James Byam
Guardi, Tiepolo, and Canaletto from the Royal Museum, Canterbury and Elsewhere.  £32.00 
Jesus College
Sculpture in the Close 2015.  £16.00 
Christopher Hull Gallery
Renos Loizou. An Exhibtion of Paintings 1987.  £24.00 
Christopher Hull Gallery
Renos Loizou. An Exhibtion of Paintings 1989.  £28.00 
Kettle's Yard
Paul Gopal-Chowdhury.  £34.00 
Reynolds, Bernard
Bernard Reynolds. A Retrospective.  £28.00 
Impressionist/Modern Art, 4 - 5 February 2014.  £14.00 
Hewitt, Catherine
Renoir's Dancer. The Secret Life of Suzanne Valadon.  £14.00 
Swan, Richard
In a Flat Land.  £42.00 
Lister, Raymond
The Paintings of Samuel Palmer.  £14.00 
Doran, Susan
Elizabeth. The Exhibition at the National Maritime Museum.  £14.00 
Moore, Andrew
Norfolk and the Grand Tour.  £22.00 
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