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Epstein, Jacob
Let There Be Sculpture. An Autobiography.  £12.00 
Youngman, Nan
For Nan Youngman. Tributes on her 80th Birthday. June 28, 1986.  £28.00 
Youngman, Nan
Nan Youngman. Paintings, Drawings, Prints 1924 - 1986.  £36.00 
Lewison, Jeremy
Kettle's Yard. An Illustrated Guide.  £8.00 
Higashiyama, Kaii
Shizen no naka no yorokobi. Fuyu.  £18.00 
Maclaren, Neil
Catalogue of the Dutch School 1600 - 1900.  £56.00 
Krauss, Rosalind
Whiteread, Rachel
Shedding Life.  £8.00 
Goya, Francisco de
Francisco de Goya. Los Proverbios (Proverbs) or Los Disparates (Follies)  £10.00 
Bowness, Alan
Tinguely, Jean
Tinguely.  £24.00 
Neumann, Erich
Art and the Creative Unconscious. Four Essays Translated from the German by Ralph Manheim.  £24.00 
Jung, C G
Read, Herbert
Hull, R F C
Mysterium Coniunctionis. An Inquiry into the Separation and Synthesis of Psychic Opposites in Alchemy. The Collected Works of C G Jung, Volume Fourteen.  £120.00 
Jung, C G
Read, Herbert
Hull, R F C
Alchemical Studies. The Collected Works of C G Jung, Volume Thirteen.  £56.00 
Coulton, G G
Life in the Middle Ages. Volumes 1 and 2: Religion, Folk-Lore and Superstition, Chronicles, Science and Art. Volumes 3 and 4: Men and Manners, Monks, Friars and Nuns.  £16.00 
Tzara, Tristan
Char, René
Desnos, Robert
Prevert, Jacques
Robert Desnos. Special Issue of Simoun, No 22 / 23.  £48.00 
Miller, Edward
That Noble Cabinet. A History of the British Museum.  £12.00 
Mâle, Émile
Art and Artists of the Middle Ages.  £14.00 
Ruskin, John
Ariadne Florentina: Six Lectures on Wood and Metal Engraving with Appendix.  £22.00 
Kendrick, T D
Anglo-Saxon Art. To A.D. 900. First Edition with 104 Plates and 25 Text Illustrations.  £18.00 
Cambridge Darkroom
Autograph Book.  £18.00 
Bowra, C M
The Greek Experience.  £14.00 
Marx, Enid
Lambert, M
English Popular Art.  £12.00 
Peace, David
Eric Gill: A Continuing Influence (Churchscape: Annual Review of the Council for the Care of Churches, No.4, 1985)  £8.00 
Hulme, Edward
Symbolism in Christian Art.  £8.00 
Hoffmann, Konrad
The Year 1200. 1: The Exhibition. A Centennial Exhibition at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.  £18.00 
Elliott, Kamilla
Portraiture and British Gothic Fiction. The Rise of Picture Identification, 1764 - 1835.  £26.00 
Low, Polly
Oliver, Graham
Cultures of Commemoration. War Memorials Ancient and Modern.  £62.00 
Bouwers, Eveline
Public Pantheons in Revolutionary Europe. Comparing Cultures of Remembrance, c. 1790 - 1840.  £48.00 
Margolin, Jean-Claude
Briggs, E R
Aspects du Libertinisme au XVIème Siecle. Actes du Colloque International de Sommières.  £36.00 
Hamburger, Jeffrey
Jaggi, Carola
Frauen - Kloster - Kunst. Neue Forschungen zur Kulturgeschichte des Mittelalters.  £88.00 
Beltran, Antonio
Goya en Zaragoza.  £14.00 
Glendinning, Nigel
Goya en la Fundacion Lazaro Galdiano.  £18.00 
Glendinning, Nigel
Medrano, Jose Miguel
Goya y el banco nacional de San Carlos. Retratos de los primeros directores y accionistas.  £48.00 
Garcia, Palma Martinez-Burgos
Erasmo en Espana. La Recepciondel Humanismo en el Primer Renacimiento Espanol.  £40.00 
Matheron, Laurent
Müller, G Belmonte
Goya. Edicion bilingue del texto original frances (1858) y de la traduccion espanola. Edition bilingue du texte original français (1858) et de la traduction espagnole.  £48.00 
Fisher, E A
An Introduction to Anglo-Saxon Architecture and Sculpture.  £12.00 
Cohen, Ada
The Alexander Mosaic. Stories of Victory and Defeat.  £64.00 
Sullivan, Edward
Holden, J H
The Book of Kells.  £12.00 
Rice, David Talbot
English Art 871 - 1100.  £18.00 
Kaiser, Ernst
Wilkins, Eithne
Franger, Wilhelm
The Millennium of Hieronymus Bosch.  £36.00 
Sima, Joseph
Facchetti, Paul
Joseph Sima. Exposition du 19 Juin 1959.  £14.00 
Semenov, Vladislav
Malachite. Volume 1: Poetika Kamnia / Poetics of Stone. Volume 2: Khronika, Dokumenty, Lomentarii / Chronicles, Documents, Commentaries.  £120.00 
Bruk, Iakov Vladimirovich
Gosudarstvennaia Tret'iakovskaia Galereia: Istoriia i Kollektsii.  £88.00 
Worringer, Wilhelm
Abstraktion und Einfühlung: Ein Beitrag zur Stilpsychologie. 10th Edition.  £12.00 
Syson, Luke
Keith, Larry
Leonardo da Vinci. Painter at the Court of Milan.  £36.00 
Smolensk Museum
Carved and Painted Woodwork by Russian Craftsmen at the Smolensk Museum of Art History and Architecture.  £16.00 
Sylvester, David
Magritte.  £58.00 
de Massot, Pierre
André Breton ou Le Septembriseur.  £8.00 
Piranesi, Giovanni
Batista, Giovanni
Hofer, Philip
The Prisons (Le Carceri) The Complete First and Second States.  £16.00 
Llewellyn, Nigel
The Art of Death. Visual Culture in the English Death Ritual c.1500 - c.1800.  £10.00 
Mallarmé, Stéphane
La Musique et les Lettres.  £46.00 
Displaying 201 to 250 (of 1943 books) Page  1  2  3  4  5 ...