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Keil, Carl Friedrich
Delitzsch, Franz
Biblical Commentary on the Old Testament: The Twelve Minor Prophets (2-Volume Set)  £36.00 
Dods, Marcus
The Visions of a Prophet. Studies in Zechariah.  £18.00 
Vaughan, C J
The Church of the First Days: Lectures on the Acts of the Apostles. Volumes 1 - 3 complete.  £46.00 
Godet, F
Commentary on the Gospel of St John. With a Critical Introduction. Translated from the Last Edition by M D Cusin. Third Edition. Complete Set.  £46.00 
Vaughan, C J
St Pauls Epistle to the Philippians with Translation, Paraphrase and Notes for English Readers.  £20.00 
Urquhart, John
The Inspiration and Accuracy of the Holy Scriptures.  £24.00 
Vaughan, C J
Lectures on St Pauls Epistle to the Philippians.  £20.00 
Hort, Fenton
The Epistle of St James: The Greek Text with Introduction, Commentary as far as Chapter IV, Verse 7, and Additional Notes.  £18.00 
Eadie, John
Alexander, Joseph Addison
The Prophecies of Isaiah, Earlier and Later.  £46.00 
Riemann, Hugo
Allgemeine Musiklehre (Katechismus der Musik). Dritte Auflage.  £18.00 
Hausegger, Siegmund von
Alexander Sascha Ritter: Ein Bild seines Charakters und Schaffens.  £12.00 
Eco, Umberto
How to Write a Thesis.  £6.00 
Heinemann, Margot
Puritanism and Theatre. Thomas Middleton and Opposition Drama Under the Early Stuarts.  £16.00 
Bossuet, Jacques Bénigne
Oraisons Funèbres et Sermons. Volumes 1 and 2. Complete Set.  £8.00 
Grant, Helen
Studies in Modern Spanish Literature and Art.  £14.00 
Heyman, Carlo
Wuift ons uit.  £18.00 
Rao, G Nageswara
The Peace Which Passeth Understanding. A Study of The Waste Land.  £28.00 
Eliot, T S
The Waste Land.  £8.00 
Hackett, C A
Rimbaud. A Critical Introduction.  £8.00 
Smith, Henry Nash
Virgin Land. The American West as Symbol and Myth.  £12.00 
Eliot, T S
The Idea of a Christian Society.  £8.00 
Poynter, E J
Ten Lectures on Art.  £8.00 
Bell, Clive
Since Cezanne.  £12.00 
English Literature and History. Thursday 17 December 1998.  £10.00 
Ortega y Gasset, José
History as a System and Other Essays Toward a Philosophy of History.  £14.00 
Spurgeon, C H
Commenting and Commentaries. Two Lectures Addressed to the Students of The Pastors' College Metropolitan Tabernacle, together with a Catalogue of Biblical Commentaries and Expositions.  £68.00 
Read, Herbert
The Meaning of Art.  £10.00 
Dalton, William
An Explanatory and Practical Commentary on the New Testament of our Lord Jesus Christ. Volume One: Gospels and Acts. Volume Two: Epistles and Revelation.  £56.00 
Taylor, Lance
Structuralist Macroeconomics: Applicable Models for the Third World.  £22.00 
Thomas, David
Problemata Mundi: The Book of Job Exegetically and Practically Considered Containing Ninety-One Homiletic Sketches. Critically Revised, with an Introduction by Samuel Davidson.  £36.00 
MacDuff, J R
The Hart and the Water-Brooks; A Practical Exposition of the Forty-Second Psalm.  £20.00 
Griffith-Jones, E
Selby, Thomas
The Sermon on the Mount, A Practical Exposition of St. Matthew V-vi. 8 (including the Beatitudes)  £28.00 
Orelli, C von
The Twelve Minor Prophets.  £12.00 
Gifford, E H
The Epistle of St Paul to the Romans.  £20.00 
Pheby, John
Methodology and Economics: A Critical Introduction.  £36.00 
Adam, John
An Exposition of the Epistle of James in a Series of Discourses.  £24.00 
Henderson, E
The Book of the Prophet Isaiah, Translated from the Original Hebrew: With a Commentary, Critical, Philological, and Exegetical, to which is Prefixed an Introductory Dissertation. Second Edition.  £36.00 
Chop, Max
Erläuterungen zu Ludwig van Beethovens Symphonien. Geschichtlich und musikalisch analysiert mit zahlreichen Notenbeispielen.  £12.00 
Wicksell, Knut
Lectures on Political Economy. Volume One: General Theory.  £78.00 
Internationale Stiftung Mozarteum
Mozart-Jahrbuch 1962/63.  £14.00 
Kolb, Herbert
Munsalvaesche. Studien zum Kyotproblem.  £20.00 
Füeterer, Ulrich
Prosaroman von Lanzelot. Nach der Donaueschinger Handschrift herausgegeben von Arthur Peter.  £38.00 
Stigler, George
The Theory of Price. Third Edition.  £16.00 
Frejaville, Gustave
Les Méditations de Lamartine.  £10.00 
Hickman, C Addison
J M Clark.  £10.00 
Levy, G R
The Sword from the Rock: An Investigation into the Origins of Epic Literature and the Development of the Hero.  £12.00 
Young, Christopher John
Narrativische Perspektiven in Wolframs Willehalm. Figuren, Erzähler, Sinngebungsprozeß.  £46.00 
Yeandle, David
Commentary on the Soltane and Jeschute Episodes in Book III of Wolfram von Eschenbach's 'Parzival' (116,5 - 138,8)  £46.00 
Streeten, Paul
Basic Needs. Premises and Promises.  £10.00 
Stephen, James
Essays in Ecclesiastical Biography. Volume 2.  £28.00 
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