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Thring, Herbert
The Marketing of Literary Property: Book and Serial Rights.  £14.00 
Hamilton, Ian
Linge, G J R
Spatial Analysis, Industry and the Industrial Environment. Volume 2: International Industrial Systems.  £24.00 
Central Office of Information
Fair Trading and Consumer Protection in Britain.  £12.00 
Williams, Burney
The Impact of Slave Trades in Africa Today: Mega Holocaust in Africa.  £24.00 
Friedman, Milton
Monetary Policy. Essay in the Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society.  £24.00 
Hausman, Daniel
The Inexact and Separate Science of Economics.  £46.00 
Rogers, James Thorold
The Economic Interpretation of History.  £12.00 
Guillebaud, C W
Income Tax and the Double Taxation of Savings.  £16.00 
Guillebaud, C W
The Commemoration Sermon.  £16.00 
Asher, J M
Implementing TQM in Small and Medium Companies.  £46.00 
Raj, Kanwar
Upstream India: Fifty Golden Years of ONGC.  £46.00 
Keegan, Timothy
Colonial South Africa: The Origins of the Racial Order.  £12.00 
Conti, Tito
Building Total Quality. A Guide for Management.  £22.00 
Watson, W F
Chairmanship and Debate.  £14.00 
Swan, Claire
Scottish Cowboys and the Dundee Investors.  £36.00 
Central Youth Employment Executive
Mathematical, Statistical and Computer Work.  £12.00 
Harrod, R F
Britain's Future Population.  £10.00 
Pigou, A C
The Transition from War to Peace.  £10.00 
Haussig, Hans Wilhelm
Die Geschichte Zentralasiens und der Seidenstraße in islamischer Zeit.  £12.00 
Haussig, Hans Wilhelm
Die Geschichte Zentralasiens und der Seidenstraße in vorislamischer Zeit.  £12.00 
Kent, William
Steam-Boiler Economy. A Treatise on the Theory and Practice of Fuel Economy in the Operation of Steam-Boilers.  £28.00 
Esping-Andersen, Gøsta
The Three Worlds of Welfare Capitalism.  £8.00 
O'Connor, Julia
States, Markets, Families. Gender, Liberalism, and Social Policy in Australia, Canada, Great Britain, and the United States.  £12.00 
Wilkinson, Richard
The Impact of Inequality. How to Make Sick Societies Healthier.  £16.00 
No Author Apparel Engineering and Needle Trades Handbook.  £46.00 
Coles, Arthur
Guide for the Company Secretary. A Practical Manual and Work of Reference for the Company Secretary.  £24.00 
Emery, H C
The Secretary's Guide to Private Companies. Their Formation and Management. Second Edition.  £24.00 
Light, H R
The Nature of Management.  £12.00 
Campbell, Alastair
Producer Cooperatives in Eastern Europe. Lessons for the West.  £14.00 
Roderick, Gordon
Stephens, Michael
Education and Industry in the 19th Century.  £10.00 
Strategic Directions Publications
Total Quality Portfolio. Volume 1: Total Quality Handbook, Volume 2: Total Quality in Action, Volume 3: Continuous Quality Improvement.  £76.00 
Paulus, Paul
Group Creativity: Innovation Through Collaboration.  £12.00 
Rey, P P
Colonialisme, Néo-Colonialisme et Transition au Capitalisme - Exemple de la Comilog au Congo-Brazzaville.  £36.00 
Whittaker, Alan
Child Labour in South Africa: A General Review.  £14.00 
Hahn, Eduard
Das Alter der wirtschaftlichen Kultur der Menschheit. Ein Rückblick und ein Ausblick.  £15.00 
Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies
Dawn of Modern Banking.  £36.00 
Lokkegaard, Frede
Islamic Taxation in the Classic Period. With Special Reference to Circumstances in Iraq.  £120.00 
Rieck, Max
Deutsche Kaiser und Deutsches Volksvermögen.  £22.00 
Niederer, Arnold
Gemeinwerk im Wallis: Bäuerliche Gemeinschaftsarbeit in Vergangenheit und Gegenwart.  £24.00 
Furlotti, Barbara
A Renaissance Baron and his Possessions: Paolo Giordano I Orsini, Duke of Bracciano (1541 - 1585)  £46.00 
Avila Camacho, Manuel
Convenio Celebrado entre los Gobiernos de Mexico y los Estados Unidos sobre el Valor de las Propiedades Petroleras Norteamericanas.  £24.00 
Van de Velde, Paul
Handbook of Mexican Mines. Directorio de Minas. 1926.  £46.00 
Hanna, Phil Townsend
Mexico in the Machine Age.  £20.00 
Mayer, Martin
Luessenhop, Elizabeth
Risky Business. An Insider's Account of the Disaster at Lloyd's of London.  £14.00 
Pfister, Oskar
Der seelische Aufbau des klassischen Kapitalismus und der Geldgeistes.  £24.00 
Friedman, Milton
Studies in the Quantity Theory of Money.  £10.00 
Rees, Albert
The Economics of Trade Unions.  £8.00 
Burger, A E
The Money Supply Process.  £8.00 
Hill, W G
Think Like a Tycoon.  £18.00 
Callander, Robin
A Pattern of Landownership in Scotland. With Particular Reference to Aberdeenshire.  £8.00 
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