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Mayer, Martin
Luessenhop, Elizabeth
Risky Business. An Insider's Account of the Disaster at Lloyd's of London.  £14.00 
Friedman, Milton
Studies in the Quantity Theory of Money.  £10.00 
Rees, Albert
The Economics of Trade Unions.  £8.00 
Burger, A E
The Money Supply Process.  £8.00 
Hill, W G
Think Like a Tycoon.  £18.00 
Callander, Robin
A Pattern of Landownership in Scotland. With Particular Reference to Aberdeenshire.  £8.00 
Andreas, Peter
Smuggler Nation. How Illicit Trade Made America.  £16.00 
McEnaney, Maura
Willard Garvey. An Epic Life.  £16.00 
Day, James Sanders
Diamonds in the Rough. A History of Alabama's Cahaba Coal Field.  £62.00 
Zairi, Mohamed
Measuring Performance for Business Results.  £10.00 
Blum, Carol
Croitre ou Périr. Population, Reproduction et Pouvoir en France au XVIIIe siècle.  £18.00 
Ladds, Catherine
Empire Careers. Working for the Chinese Customs Service, 1854 - 1949.  £54.00 
Brown, Ian
Burma's Economy in the Twentieth Century.  £24.00 
Kadane, Matthew
The Watchful Clothier. The Life of an Eighteenth-Century Protestant Capitalist.  £28.00 
Roodhouse, Mark
Black Market Britain 1939 - 1955.  £86.00 
Kiple, Kenneth
A Movable Feast. Ten Millennia of Food Globalization.  £14.00 
Wilson, John
Webster, Anthony
Building Cooperation. A Business History of the Cooperative Group, 1863 - 2013.  £18.00 
Gottmann, Felicia
Global Trade, Smuggling, and the Making of Economic Liberalism. Asian Textiles in France 1680 - 1760.  £56.00 
Quayle, Michael
Purchasing and Supply Chain Management: Strategies and Realities.  £48.00 
Mukhina, Irina
Women and the Birth of Russian Capitalism. A History of the Shuttle Trade.  £32.00 
Anderson, Aaron
Builders of the New South. Merchants, Capital, and the Remaking of Natchez, 1865-1914.  £42.00 
Cobb, Stephen
Preparing for Blockade 1885 - 1914. Naval Contingency for Economic Warfare.  £102.00 
Fernandez Perez, Paloma
The Endurance of Family Businesses. A Global Overview.  £58.00 
Abrams, Burton
The Terrible 10. A Century of Economic Folly.  £12.00 
Curry-Machado, Jonathan
Global Histories, Imperial Commodities, Local Interactions.  £58.00 
Law, Robin
Schwarz, Suzanne
Strickrodt, Silke
Commercial Agriculture, The Slave Trade and Slavery in Atlantic Africa.  £46.00 
Elvin, H H
Royal Commission on the Distribution of the Industrial Population. Report.  £12.00 
Kirby, Peter
Child Workers and the Industrial Health in Britain, 1780-1850.  £18.00 
Taylor, James
Boardroom Scandal. The Criminalization of Company Fraud in Nineteenth Century Britain.  £58.00 
Wehler, Hans-Ulrich
Die Neue Umverteilung. Soziale Ungleichheit in Deutschland.  £8.00 
Gilje, Paul
Free Trade and Sailor' Rights in the War of 1812.  £16.00 
Casson, Mark
The Entrepreneur. An Economic Theory.  £58.00 
Bevan, Aneurin
In Place of Fear.  £16.00 
Wilson, Edmund
Meetings With Max Beerbohm. (Encounter, December 1963, Volume 44, No 2)  £10.00 
Harrod, Roy
Are We Really All Keynesians Now?. (Encounter, January 1964, Volume 44, No 2)  £10.00 
Aldcroft, Derek
The British Economy. Volume 1: The Years of Turmoil 1920 - 1951.  £10.00 
Jenkins, Peter
Electoral Notebook. (Encounter, August 1970, Volume 35, No 2)  £10.00 
Forrester, John
Who is in Analysis with Whom? Freud, Lacan, Derrida (Essay in Economy and Society, Volume 13, Number 2)  £12.00 
No Author Presenting Wool to the World. The International Wool Secretariat and the Wool Bureau, Inc. Annual Report 1951 - 52.  £12.00 
Simpson, R D
Scottish Textiles Enterprise.  £12.00 
Marx, Karl
Capital. Introduced by G D H Cole. Volumes 1 and 2. Complete Set.  £18.00 
Rotz, Rhiman
The Lubeck Uprising of 1408 and the Decline of the Hanseatic League.  £14.00 
Moriarty, Thomas
The Irish Absentee Tax Controversy of 1773: A Study of Anglo-Irish Politics on the Eve of the American Revolution.  £14.00 
Salzman, L F
English Trade in the Middle Ages.  £24.00 
Curwen, Henry
A History of Booksellers. The Old and the New.  £20.00 
Knoop, Douglas
The Mason Word. The Prestonian Lecture for 1938.  £36.00 
Jones, G P
Knoop, Douglas
Some Building Activities of John, Lord Cobham.  £14.00 
Jones, G P
Knoop, Douglas
The Bolsover Castle Building Account, 1613.  £46.00 
Knoop, Douglas
The Story of the Royal Brunswick Lodge. Sheffield 1793 - 1943.  £36.00 
Hodgson, Richard
The Dartnell Direct Mail and Mail Order Handbook.  £16.00 
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