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Carruthers, I D
Impact and Economics of Community Water Supply. A Study of Rural Water Investment in Kenya.  £54.00 
Pigou, A C
The Veil of Money.  £40.00 
Haberler, Gottfried
Yates, P Lamartine
Kawano, Shigeto
Disparities in Pace and Form of Rural Development. International Journal of Agrarian Affaira. Volume IV, Number 3. May 1964.  £18.00 
No Author Global Food Interdependence: Challenge to American Foreign Policy.  £16.00 
Hirschman, Albert
Development Projects Observed.  £16.00 
Gittinger, J Price
Economic Analysis of Agricultural Projects.  £8.00 
Wicksell, Knut
Lectures on Political Economy. Volume 2: Money.  £14.00 
Pigou, A C
The Theory of Unemployment.  £12.00 
Robinson, Joan
Economics of Imperfect Competition.  £12.00 
Alarcón, Jorge
Heemst, Jan van
Keuning, Steven
Ruijter, Willem de
Vos, Rob
The Social Accounting Framework for Development.  £360.00 
North, Douglass
Understanding the Process of Economic Change.  £10.00 
Wicksell, Knut
Interest and Prices. A Study of the Causes Regulating the Value of Money.  £10.00 
Robinson, Joan
Collected Economic Papers. Volume 1.  £10.00 
Harriss, C Lowell
Innovations in Tax Policy and Other Essays.  £22.00 
Akerman, Johan
Economic Progress and Economic Crises.  £28.00 
US Department of Agriculture
Agricultural Rents in Theory and Practice. An Annotated Bibliography.  £10.00 
Leontief, Wassily
The Future of the World Economy: A United Nations Study.  £8.00 
Clarke, D G
Agricultural and Plantation Workers in Rhodesia.  £22.00 
Krauss, Melvyn
A Geometric Approach to International Trade.  £10.00 
Das Gupta, A K
The Economics of Austerity.  £14.00 
Haslemere Group
Coffee. The Rules of Neo-Colonialism.  £10.00 
Walters, Alan
Economists and the British Economy. Eighth Wincott Memorial Lecture.  £52.00 
Lal, Deepak
Estimates of Shadow Prices for Korea.  £10.00 
Carr, Marilyn
Economically Appropriate Technologies for Developing Countries: An Annotated Bibliogrpahy.  £38.00 
Kuznets, Simon
Postwar Economic Growth. Four Lectures.  £10.00 
Mabro, Robert
The Egyptian Economy 1952 - 1972.  £8.00 
Menzies-Kitchin, A W
Land Settlement. A Report Prepared for the Carnegie United Kingdom Trustees.  £16.00 
Johnson, Stanley
The Population Problem.  £10.00 
Johnson, J Keith
Evaluating Rice Market Intervention Policies. Some Aisan Examples.  £18.00 
Squire, Lyn
The New British System of Taxation.  £12.00 
Meier, Gerald
Pricing Policy for Development Management.  £58.00 
Squire, Lyn
The British System of Taxation.  £12.00 
Park, S
Growth and Development: A Physical Output and Employment Strategy.  £24.00 
Behrman, Jere
Development, the International Economic Order, and Commodity Agreements.  £18.00 
Wallerstein, Immanuel
The Modern World-System: Capitalist Agriculture and The Origins of the European World-Economy in the Sixteenth Century.  £22.00 
Keating, Giles
The Production and Use of Economic Forecasts.  £12.00 
Power, Jonathan
Holenstein, Anne-Marie
World of Hunger: A Strategy for Survival.  £10.00 
Harle, Vilho
Political Economy of Food.  £12.00 
Clark, C
The Value of Agricultural Land.  £10.00 
Mishan, E J
Welfare Economics. An Assessment.  £16.00 
Jones, E L
Woolf, S J
Agrarian Change and Economic Development. The Historical Problems.  £12.00 
Lipsey, Richard
An Introduction to Positive Economics. Second Edition.  £18.00 
Stigler, George
The Theory of Price. Third Edition.  £16.00 
Cowell, Frank
Cheating the Government.  £26.00 
Blum, Walter
The Uneasy Case for Progressive Taxation.  £28.00 
Andrews, P W S
Studies in Pricing.  £14.00 
Kaldor, Nicholas
Strategic Factors in Economic Development.  £38.00 
Baumol, William
Business Behavior, Value and Growth.  £8.00 
Rubner, Alex
The Price of a Free Lunch. The Peverse Relationship Between Economists and Politicians.  £16.00 
Maital, Shlomo
Minds, Markets, and Money. Psychological Foundations of Economic Behavior.  £16.00 
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