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Makower, Helen
Warenlagerpolitik und rationalisiertes Angebot.  £24.00 
Anglo-American Council on Productivity
Productivity Report. Simplification in Industry. Report of an Investigation in the United States of America Made by a Group Appointed by the Council.  £12.00 
United Kingdom
Iron and Steel Bill. Explanantory and Financial Memorandum.  £12.00 
No Author The Facts of Industry: The Case for Publicity.  £20.00 
No Author The Dollar Gap: Six Special Articles and a Controversial Series of Letters to the Editor Reprinted from The Times.  £14.00 
Rendel, Margherita
The Political Imapct of the French Conseil d'Etat.  £14.00 
Ministry of Labour
Ministry of Labour and National Service: Industrial Relations Handbook. Supplement No 1, May 1947.  £12.00 
Dumbarton Oaks
Dumbarton Oaks. A Collection of 5 UK Government Pamphlets.  £26.00 
Royal Economic Society
Royal Economic Society. List of Fellows, Corrected to September 1964.  £14.00 
Royal Institute of International Affairs
China and Japan. Third Edition.  £16.00 
Royal Institute of International Affairs
The Italian Colonial Empire. With Chapters on the Dodecanese and Albania.  £14.00 
Royal Institute of International Affairs
South-Eastern Europe. A Brief Survey.  £14.00 
Board of Trade
Final Report of the Committee on Consumer Protection.  £12.00 
Kellett, Richard
Taxes for Today. A Bow Group Pamphlet.  £12.00 
Royal Institute of International Affairs
Anglo-American Trade Relations.  £14.00 
Roosevelt, Franklin Delano
Thirteenth Report to Congress on Lend-Lease Operations for the Period Ended November 30, 1943.  £14.00 
Schumacher, E F
Hands Wanted.  £12.00 
Evans, Seiriol
The Medieval Estate of the Cathedral Priory of Ely. A Preliminary Survey.  £12.00 
von Eichborn, Reinhart
Shorter Cambridge-Eichborn German Dictionary. Business and Business Law, Economics, Administration.  £36.00 
Beaud, Michel
A History of Capitalism 1500 - 1980.  £10.00 
Beveridge, William
Blockade and the Civilian Population.  £8.00 
Scribner, Bob
Germany. A New Social and Economic History Volume 1: 1450 - 1630.  £18.00 
Wilson, E D
Cunningham, J B
Arizona Lode Gold Mines and Gold Mining. The Arizona Bureau of Mines, Bulletin 137.  £16.00 
Savidge, Alan
The Foundation and Early Years of Queen Anne's Bounty.  £8.00 
Bertrams, Kenneth
Coupain, Nicolas
Solvay. History of a Multinational Family.  £48.00 
Harrison, P
Book-Keeping and Accountancy for Solicitors. Volume 2 Accounts and Index.  £16.00 
Taylor, James
Freeman, Mark
Pearson, Robin
Shareholder Democracies? Corporate Governance in Britain and Ireland before 1850.  £38.00 
Ahmed, Siraj
The Stillbirth of Capital. Enlightenment Writing and Colonial India.  £12.00 
A Comprehensive Guide of Early Paper Money of India 1770 - 1861 A.D.  £22.00 
Cohen, Martin
The Eclipse of 'Elegant Economy'. The Impact of the Second World War on Attitudes to Personal Finance in Britain.  £66.00 
Middleton, Roger
Inside the Department of Economic Affairs. Samuel Brittan, the Diary of an 'Irregular', 1964 - 6.  £46.00 
Roy, Tirthankar
India in the World Economy. From Antiquity to the Present.  £16.00 
Glaeser, Martin Gustav
Outlines of Public Utility Economics.  £120.00 
Arbia, Giuseppe
Espa, Giuseppe
Statistica Economica Territoriale.  £24.00 
Hudson, John
Geographical Diffusion Theory.  £18.00 
Weissbrod, Richard
Diffusion of Relative Wage Inflation in Southeast Pennsylvania.  £18.00 
Klaassen, L H
Exercises in Spatial Thinking: Case Studies of Regional Development Issues.  £16.00 
Armstrong, Harvey
The Economics of Regional Policy.  £100.00 
Diamond, A L
Department of Trade and Industy
A Review of Security Interests in Property.  £56.00 
Central Office of Information
Britain's Way Ahead. An Official Illustrated Account of our Economic Situation and the Prospects for 1953.  £12.00 
Henkel, Karl
Agrarstrukturwandel und Migration im östlichen Amazonien (Para, Brasilien)  £12.00 
Curry, Leslie
The Random Spatial Economy and its Evolution.  £16.00 
Chisholm, Michael
Rural Settlement and Land Use.  £16.00 
Kristensen, Gustav
Symposium on the Expansion Method in the Context of the Family of Models and Methodologies with a Focus on Parametric Variation.  £88.00 
Burns, Arthur
The Frontiers of Economic Knowledge.  £18.00 
Thoman, Richard
Conkling, Edgar
Geography of International Trade.  £10.00 
Kohno, Hirotada
Nijkamp, Peter
Potentials and Bottlenecks in Spatial Development. Festschrift in Honor of Yasuhiko Oishi.  £28.00 
Greenhut, Melvin
Norman, George
Hung, Chao-Shun
The Economics of Imperfect Competition. A Spatial Approach.  £8.00 
Nijkamp, Peter
Batabyal, Amitrajeet
Research Tools in Natural Resource and Environmental Economics.  £64.00 
Griffith, Daniel
Advanced Spatial Statistics: Special Topics in the Exploration of Quantitative Spatial Data Series.  £42.00 
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