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McLaren, John
Our Troubled Schools.  £14.00 
Systematics: The Journal of the Institute for the Comparative Study of History, Philosophy and the Sciences. Volume 4, No 4. March 1967.  £18.00 
Alston, Jean
Handwriting Review 1990.  £24.00 
Mauldon, Elizabeth
Layson, June
Teaching Gymnastics.  £12.00 
University of Oxford
Report of Her Majesty's Commissioners Appointed to Inquire into the State, Discipline, Studies, and Revenues of the University and Colleges of Oxford: Together with the Evidence and an Appendix.  £80.00 
May, Jonathan
Students' Guide to the Development of Education in England and Wales.  £8.00 
Silver, Harold
Nothing but the Present, or Nothing but the Past. Inaugural Lecture.  £12.00 
Stradling, Robert
A Programme for Political Education the Political Awareness of the School Leaver.  £10.00 
Cole, G D H
Hints on Reading and Writing. A Guide for WEA Students.  £10.00 
Michael, Ian
Literature in School. A Guide to the Early Sources 1700 - 1830.  £18.00 
No Author Hornsey County School. Distribution of Prizes 1949, 1951, 1952.  £12.00 
Wiseman, Stephen
Examinations and English Education.  £10.00 
Dumas, Alexandre
Crofts, T R N
L'Histoire d'une Tulipe. Founded on "La Tulipe Noire" of Alexandre Dumas.  £12.00 
Cubitt, Sean
Over the Borderlines. Questioning National Identities. Special issue of Screen, Incorporating Screen Education. Volume 30, No 4, 1989.  £10.00 
Merck, Mandy
Screen, Incorporating Screen Education. Volume 24, No 6, 1983.  £10.00 
Alldridge, H C
Lorettonian Magazine. Number 25. December 1998.  £12.00 
Lewis, Roger
How to Tutor with NEC.  £8.00 
Lewis, Roger
How to Tutor with NEC.  £14.00 
No Author The Royal Readers, Number 1. First Series.  £12.00 
United Kingdom
The Education Acts (England and Wales) 1870 - 1907. Printed for Official Use Only. Confidential.  £30.00 
Docking, J W
Victorian Schools and Scholars. Church of England Elementary Schools in Nineteenth Century Coventry.  £6.00 
Graham, Dom Lucius
Downside and the War 1914 - 1919. Containing List of Old Gregorians who served in HM Forces during the War, together with Memoirs of those Killed in Action or who died on Active Service.  £68.00 
Livingstone, Richard
Some Thoughts on University Education.  £6.00 
Ewing, Thomas
Separate Schools. Gender, Policy, and Practice in Postwar Soviet Education.  £24.00 
Board of Education
Handbook of Suggestions on Health Education. For the Consideration of Teachers and Others Concerned in the Work of Public Elementary Schools.  £8.00 
Cross, G J
Second Form Latin.  £18.00 
Independent Television Programmes for Schools
The Automobile Age.  £10.00 
Griffiths, E T
Test Papers in French.  £8.00 
Bloom, E & L
Leites, Edmund
Educating the Audience: Addison, Steele and Eighteenth-Century Culture (Papers Read at the Clark Library Seminar, 1980)  £24.00 
Styler, W E
How to Study.  £12.00 
Eckersley, C E
General Service English Wall Pictures. Pupils' Workbook.  £10.00 
Thornley, G C
Kesteven, Peter
Life is Like This.  £8.00 
Marlborough College
The Marlburian. June 1934. Volume LXIX. No 936.  £14.00 
Rostron, Hilda
Uptton, Clive
Baby Jesus. A Ladybird Book.  £4.00 
Daniell, David Scott
Matthew, Jack
Flight Six. The Holy Land. A Ladybird Book of Travel Adventure.  £6.00 
Rostron, Hilda
Uptton, Clive
Stories About Jesus.  £6.00 
Newing, F E
Wingfield, J H
Light, Mirrors and Lenses.  £6.00 
Murray, W
Teaching Reading. The Handbook of the Ladybird Keywords Reading Scheme.  £4.00 
Abbs, Peter
Autobiography in Education.  £8.00 
Hodgkin, R
Born Curious. New Perspectives in Educational Theory.  £6.00 
Burkholder, Zoe
Color in the Classroom. How American Schools Taught Race 1900 to 1954.  £14.00 
Hughes, Clifford
Hurst Grange. The First Ten Years 1919 - 1929.  £12.00 
Pacha, Yacoub Artin
L'Instruction Publique en Egypte.  £28.00 
Spencer, Herbert
Education: Intellectual, Moral and Physical.  £10.00 
Campe, J H
Erziehung, Unterricht, Schulwesen. Sammlung pädagogischer Schriften.  £34.00 
Montaigne, Michel de
Ansichten über die Erziehung der Kinder. Hrsg. Karl Reimer.  £18.00 
Locke, John
Einige Gedanken über Erziehung. Hrsg. Moritz Schuster.  £26.00 
Kant, Immanuel
Über Pädagogik. Einleitung und Anmerkungen O Willmann.  £16.00 
Bhatia, Rajendra
Fourier Series.  £34.00 
Jones, D E
Examples in Physics.  £8.00 
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