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Buchanan, Tom
East Wind. China and the British Left, 1925 - 1976.  £48.00 
Deringil, Selim
Conversion and Apostasy in the Late Ottoman Empire.  £46.00 
Vigne, Randolph
Thomas Pringle. South African Pioneer, Poet, and Abolitionist.  £38.00 
Laumann, Dennis
Colonial Africa 1884 - 1994.  £14.00 
Irwin, Ryan
Gordian Knot. Apartheid and the Unmaking of the Liberal World Order.  £24.00 
Ahmed, Siraj
The Stillbirth of Capital. Enlightenment Writing and Colonial India.  £12.00 
Berman, Morris
Why America Failed. The Roots of Imperial Decline.  £46.00 
May, Andrew
Welsh Missionaries and British Imperialism. The Empire of Clouds in North East India.  £58.00 
Andrade, Tonio
Reger, William
The Limits of Empire: European Imperial Formations in Early Modern World History.  £68.00 
Mawby, Spencer
Ordering Independence. The End of Empire in the Anglophone Caribbean, 1947 - 69.  £52.00 
Bethencourt, Francisco
Pearce, Adrian
Racism and Ethnic Relations in the Portuguese Speaking World.  £56.00 
Buckner, Phillip
Reid, John
Remembering 1759. The Conquest of Canada in Historical Memory.  £14.00 
Kelsey, Harry
Philip of Spain, King of England. The Forgotten Sovereign.  £14.00 
Short, John Phillip
Magic Lantern Empire. Colonialism and Society in Germany.  £24.00 
White, Benjamin
The Emergence of Minorities in the Middle East. The Politics of Community in French Mandate Syria.  £18.00 
Rushdy, Ashraf
American Lynching.  £14.00 
Borgstede, Simone Beate
All is Race. Benjamin Disraeli on Race, Nation and Empire.  £20.00 
Cunningham, David
Klansville, U.S.A. The Rise and Fall fo the Civil Rights Era Klux Klan.  £14.00 
Hodson, Christopher
The Arcadian Diaspora. An Eighteenth Century History.  £22.00 
Huzzey, Richard
Freedom Burning. Anti-Slavery and Empire in Victorian Britain.  £20.00 
Brown, Ras Michael
African Atlantic Cultures and the South Carolina Lowcountry.  £38.00 
Coleman, Eleanor
The Cross and the Sword of Cortes.  £10.00 
Morehouse, Ward
Technological Autonomy and Delinking in the International System: An Alternative Economic and Political Strategy for National Development.  £22.00 
Mahner, Jürg
A Preliminary Assessment of National Papers as a Basis for UNCSTD Conference Programming.  £18.00 
Chu, David
Morehouse, Ward
Third World Cooperation in Science and Technology for Development.  £18.00 
Rittberger, Volker
Options for an Institutional Follow-Up to the UNCSTD.  £16.00 
Tadesse, Zenebeworke
Women and Technological Development in Agriculture: An Overview of the Problems of Developing Countries.  £18.00 
Srinivasan, Mangalam
The Impact of Science and Technology and the Role of Women in Science in Mexico.  £18.00 
Hunter, G K
Rawson, C J
Year Book of English Studies: Volume 13, 1983. Special Number: Colonial and Imperial Themes.  £16.00 
Rittberger, Volker
Renninger, John
Financial Arrangements for the Promotion of Science and Technology for Development.  £16.00 
Altangerel, Bulgaa
Bulag, Uradyn
Chuluun, Sampildondov
Shurkhuu, Dorj
Trans-Continental Neighbours. Volume 1: A Documentary History of Mongolia - UK Relations Volume 2: A History of Mongolia - UK Relations.  £440.00 
Kipling, Rudyard
Soldiers Three: The Story of the Gadsbys in Black & White.  £8.00 
Kipling, Rudyard
The Five Nations.  £5.00 
Kipling, Rudyard
Departmental Ditties and Other Verse.  £5.00 
Kipling, Rudyard
The Seven Seas.  £5.00 
Glass, Ruth
London's Newcomers: West Indian Immigrants.  £18.00 
Empire Marketing Board
Imperial Wool Research Conference, 1930. London, Leeds, Edinburgh. Report of Proceedings.  £18.00 
Wilkes, John
Cortes en de Verovering van Mexico.  £6.00 
Kirkman, James
Fort Jesus Mombasa.  £10.00 
Mukasa, Ham
Sir Apolo Kagwa Discovers Britain.  £24.00 
Johnson, Elsie May
The Man Who Freed the Slaves: Story of William Wilberforce.  £10.00 
Church of England
The Psalter in Metre and Scripture Paraphrases. With Tunes. Authorized for Use in Public Worship. (Scotland, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa)  £18.00 
Cragg, Kenneth
Christianity in World Perspective.  £12.00 
Feist, Sigmund
Indogermanen und German. Ein Beitrag zur Europäischen Urgeschichtsforschung. Dritte Auflage.  £16.00 
Mason, Philip
A Matter of Honour. An Account of the Indian Army, Its Officers and Men.  £10.00 
Dudding, John
Captain Matthew Flinders, R.N. His Life and Place in the Exploration of Australia.  £8.00 
Killingray, David
A Plague of Europeans: Westerners in Africa Since the 15th Century.  £14.00 
Sadleir, Randal
Tanzania. Journey to Republic.  £12.00 
Marlowe, John
Cecil Rhodes: The Anatomy of Empire.  £12.00 
Beaglehole, J C
The Life of Captain James Cook.  £16.00 
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