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Barth, Miles
Weegee's World by Miles Barth and Weegee.  £80.00 
Henry, N F M
Lipson, H
The Interpretation of X-Ray Diffraction Photographs. Second Edition.  £18.00 
Abellan, J L
La Industria Cultural en España.  £12.00 
Norge. Billeder Fra Vort Lands Vakreste, Turist-Trakter.  £34.00 
Hollows, Joanne
Jancovich, Mark
Approaches to Popular Film.  £8.00 
Whatling, Clare
Screen Dreams: Fantasising Lesbians in Film.  £12.00 
Baty, Paige
American Monroe: The Making of a Body Politic.  £8.00 
Petric, Vlada
Constructivism in Film. The Man with the Movie Camera. A Cinematic Analysis.  £28.00 
Eisenstein, Sergei
The Complete Films of Eisenstein, transl John Hetherington.  £14.00 
Bluestone, George
Novels into Film.  £24.00 
Henry, N F M
Lipson, H
The Interpretation of X-Ray Diffraction Photographs.  £30.00 
Crespi, Franco
Mucchi Faina, Angelica
Influenza senza potere. Minoranze attive e mezzi di comunicazione di massa in Umbria. (VQPT 100)  £26.00 
Anobile, Richard
Why a Duck? Visual and Verbal Gems from the Marx Brothers Movies.  £14.00 
Truffaut, François
Jules et Jim. Decoupage Intégral.  £12.00 
Wiegand, Thomas
Ferdinand Tellgmann. Gewerbsmässiges Portraitieren in Malerei und Fotografie um 1850.  £46.00 
Evans, Walker
Walker Evans: An Alabama Record.  £12.00 
Prague. Leporello bound in red cloth with 12 Real Photographs.  £12.00 
Marseille. Bound Leporello with 12 Real Photographs.  £14.00 
Walsh, David
Kazan, Elia
Hollywood Honors Elia Kazan, Filmmaker and Informer.  £24.00 
Cash, Allan
Boys Book of Photography.  £10.00 
Stoddard, John
Lectures. Ireland (Two Lectures) - Denmark - Sweden.  £24.00 
Rasmussen, Nicolas
Picture Control. The Electron Microscope and the Transformation of Biology in American 1940 - 1960.  £48.00 
Kenez, Peter
The Cultural Revolution in Cinema.  £8.00 
Flach, W I
A Modern Home-Built Televisor: Its Design and Construction.  £68.00 
Shaw, Bernard
Deans, Marjorie
Meeting at the Sphinx. Gabriel Pascals's Production of Shaw's Caesar & Cleopatra.  £12.00 
Wiltshire, Harold
Bayliss, Fred
Teaching Through Television.  £24.00 
Hersey, John Brackett
Deep-Sea Photography.  £24.00 
Television. The First 25 Years. Are We Happy with what we're Watching? How a Nework Boss Picks Shows. Vol 71, No 11, 10 September 1971.  £24.00 
The Movies. Special Double Issue. Vol 55, No 25, 20 December 1963.  £24.00 
Andrasko, Kenneth
Halevi, Marcus
Alaska Crude. Visions of the Last Frontier.  £16.00 
TV Guide
TV Guide: Vol 11, No 10, March 9 - 15, 1963.  £14.00 
Shaw, A C
Lazell, S K
Photomicrographs of the Flowering Plant.  £8.00 
Engel, Charles
Photography for the Scientist.  £18.00 
Ripostelli, Giuseppe
Roma e i suoi monumenti come erano nell'epoca Romana e come sono oggi.  £15.00 
De Buron, Nicole
Girls of Paris. Translated By Jean MacGibbon.  £12.00 
Fellini, Federico
The World of Federico Fellini. (The Italian Consulate General Announces its Program of Cultural Activities Winter Spring 1972)  £18.00 
Bayerdörfer, Hans-Peter
Dietz, Bettina
Bilder des Fremden: Mediale Inszenierung von Alterität im 19. Jahrhundert.  £30.00 
Nohl, Ingrid
Das dramatische Werk Sudermanns. Versuch einer Darstellung seiner Gesellschaftskritik auf dem Theater im 19. und 20. Jahrhundert und im Film. (Dissertation Köln)  £44.00 
Olobardi, Umberto
Lo Spettacolo oggi in Italia. Il Teatro, il Cinema, la Radiotelevisione. (Special Issue of Il Ponte)  £28.00 
Newby, Howard
Broadcasting - A Professional View.  £18.00 
Altman, Wilfred
Thomas, Denis
TV: From Monopoly to Competition.  £10.00 
McQuail, Denis
Trenaman, J M
Television and the Political Image. A Study of the Impact of Television on the 1959 General Election.  £10.00 
Shand, Alexander Innes
The Foundations of Character. Being a Study of the Tendencies of the Emotions and Sentiments.  £88.00 
Allan Junior
This England, Described by Allan Junior.  £10.00 
Woodman, Dorothy
India in Crisis.  £10.00 
Wade-Martins, Peter
Norfolk from the Air.  £20.00 
Lindgren, Ernest
The Art of the Film. An Introduction to Film Appreciation.  £12.00 
Reed, Stanley
Huntley, John
How Films are Made.  £25.00 
Cecchi, Emilio
Bo, Carlo
Emilio Cecchi. Un Discorso, una Tavola Ronda, una Mostra.  £26.00 
Apollinaire, Guillaume
Gide, André
Tanguy, Albert
Verger. Revue du Spectacle et des Lettres de la Zone Française d'Occupation. Novembre 1947, Première Année, Numero 3.  £16.00 
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