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Altman, Wilfred
Thomas, Denis
TV: From Monopoly to Competition.  £10.00 
McQuail, Denis
Trenaman, J M
Television and the Political Image. A Study of the Impact of Television on the 1959 General Election.  £10.00 
Shand, Alexander Innes
The Foundations of Character. Being a Study of the Tendencies of the Emotions and Sentiments.  £88.00 
Allan Junior
This England, Described by Allan Junior.  £10.00 
Woodman, Dorothy
India in Crisis.  £10.00 
Wade-Martins, Peter
Norfolk from the Air.  £20.00 
Lindgren, Ernest
The Art of the Film. An Introduction to Film Appreciation.  £12.00 
Reed, Stanley
Huntley, John
How Films are Made.  £25.00 
Cecchi, Emilio
Bo, Carlo
Emilio Cecchi. Un Discorso, una Tavola Ronda, una Mostra.  £26.00 
Apollinaire, Guillaume
Gide, André
Tanguy, Albert
Verger. Revue du Spectacle et des Lettres de la Zone Française d'Occupation. Novembre 1947, Première Année, Numero 3.  £16.00 
Bowser, Eileen
Kuiper, John
A Handbook for Film Archives. Based on the Experiences of Members of the International Federation of Film Archives (FIAF)  £67.00 
Board of Trade
Wilson, Harold
Distribution and Exhibition of Cinematograph Films. Presented by the President of the Board of Trade to Parliament by Command of His Majesty November 1949 [Cmd 7837].  £16.00 
Berthoud, A
Photochimie. Avec 12 Figures dans la Texte.  £62.00 
Muniz, Vik
Galassi, Peter
Durand, Regis
Vik Muniz. Natura Pictrix. Un Entretien de Vik Muniz avec Peter Galassi.  £26.00 
Mauthe, Jörg
Pflaum, Barbara
This is Vienna.  £36.00 
Markovic, Nelly
Angles of East Anglia. Video Tape 2.  £14.00 
Siepmann, Charles
Radio, Television and Society.  £12.00 
Sims, Monica
The Portrayal of Violence on Television. Suggestions for a Revised Note of Guidance.  £24.00 
Francis, Richard
Broadcasting to a Community in Conflict: The Experience in Northern Ireland.  £12.00 
Mattelart, Armand
International Image Markets.  £34.00 
Halloran, James
The Effects of Mass Communication. With Special Reference to Television.  £8.00 
Hoggart, Richard
On the Nature and Quality of Mass-Communications, with Special Reference to Television.  £20.00 
Elliott, W Y
Television's Impact on American Culture.  £36.00 
Collins, Richard
Media, Culture and Society: A Critical Reader.  £12.00 
Robertson, Geoffrey
Nicol, Andrew
Media Law: The Rights of Journalists, Broadcasters and Publishers.  £22.00 
Gallup Polls
Television and Religion. Prepared by Social Surveys (Gallup Poll) Ltd on behalf of ABC Television Ltd.  £10.00 
Ashley, Maurice
Cromwell.  £12.00 
Prorsus, Miranda
Encyclical Letter of his Holiness Pope Pius XII on Motion Pictures, Radio and Television.  £12.00 
Heath, Stephen
Representing Television.  £14.00 
Newcombe, H S
The Twin-Lens Camera Companion.  £18.00 
Harty, K J
Cinema Arthuriana: A Filmography. (Essay in: Quondam et Futurus, Quarterly for Arthurian Studies, Vol 7, No 3, 1987)  £8.00 
Mazel, Jean
Avec les Phéniciens du 20ième siècle avant au 20ième siècle apres J-C: Une conférence et deux films de Jean Mazel. Plaquette-souvenir contenant 2 articles écrits par Jean Mazel pour la revue Connaissance du Monde.  £14.00 
Schklowskij, Viktor
Schriften zum Film.  £10.00 
Rose, G G
Cinemicrography in Cell Biology.  £12.00 
Guild, Leo
Hollywood Screwballs.  £10.00 
Hallows, R W
Television Simply Explained.  £12.00 
Eastman Kodak Company
Real Orthochromatism.  £18.00 
Eastman Kodak Company
About Lenses.  £8.00 
Eastman Kodak Company
Wratten Light Filters.  £14.00 
Lewis, John
Wenham, E J
Films for Science Teachers: No. 1 - 6.  £22.00 
Levine, Kenneth
The Social Context of Literacy.  £8.00 
Eastman Kodak Company
Colour Photography: A Simple Explanation of How it Works and How to Work it.  £10.00 
Neue Gesellschaft für Bildende Kunst
Jetzt Lächeln. Atelierfotografie am Beispiel Mathesie.  £20.00 
Hubmann, Franz
Dream of Empire: The World of Germany in Original Photographs, 1840-1914.  £18.00 
No Author The Habsburg Empire: The World of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy in Original Photographs, 1840 - 1916.  £22.00 
Brain, E B
ten Cate, A R
Techniques in Photomicrography. First Edition.  £16.00 
Pillement, Georges
Paris inconnu: Itinéraires archéologiques illustrés de 80 photographies de l'auteur et 55 illustrations in-texte.  £28.00 
No Author Coleccion de Honor y Obras de Mérito. Galardonadas por la Federacion Espanola de Profesionales de la Fotografia y de la Imagen.  £28.00 
Robertson, Geoffrey
Nicol, Andrew
Media Law: The Rights of Journalists and Broadcasters.  £34.00 
Safdie, Michael Ronnen
Rwanda: After Darfur: Now. Skirball Cultural Center.  £8.00 
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