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Bryce-Smith, D
Photochemistry: A Review of Chemical Literature. Vol 1 (1969) to Vol 5 (1974)  £50.00 
Rajasundaram, C
Manual of Development Communication. (With Special Reference to Broadcasting)  £24.00 
Ehrenberg, A S C
Barwise, T
How Much Does UK Television Cost? A Position Paper.  £10.00 
Fuenzalida, Eugenio Rodriguez
Alfabetizacion y Postalfabetizacion por Radio.  £8.00 
Evans, Elwyn
Radio: A Guide to Broadcasting Techniques.  £16.00 
Berry, Ralph
Communication Through the Mass Media.  £8.00 
Espinoza, Felipe
Velaco, Aurora
Capacitacion Para La Radio Popular: La Experiencia de ALER y Una Propuesta Metodologica.  £15.00 
Duncan, John
Source: The Photographic Review, Issue 41 (Winter 2004).  £10.00 
Barker, Martin
Petley, Julian
Ill Effects: The Media Violence Debate.  £12.00 
Straub, Wolfgang
Sautter, Hans
Der photographierte Augenhintergrund.  £18.00 
Kelsey, Gerald
Writing for Television.  £5.00 
Yu, Francis
Introduction to Diffraction, Information Processing, and Holography.  £16.00 
Forster, Imogen
Red Letters. A Journal of Cultural Politics. Number 22.  £12.00 
La produzione italiana 1987 / 1988.  £14.00 
Born, Max
The Restless Universe.  £12.00 
Glasgow Shoot
Glasgow. A Book of 30 Postcards.  £7.00 
No Author Die Städtische Zentral-Fortbildungsschule an der Liebherrstrasse in München. Mit 31 Abbildungen. Architekt Baurat H Grässel.  £28.00 
Veljanovski, Cento
Freedom in Broadcasting.  £16.00 
Kirsch, Dieter
Enemenesuprabene. Pantomime für Kinder.  £15.00 
Baker, Robert
Ball, Sandra
Lange, David
Mass Media and Violence: A Staff Report to the National Commission on the Causes and Prevention of Violence. (Mass Media and Violence 9)  £16.00 
Clucas, K H
Costs and Revenues of Independent Television Companies. (Cmnd 4524)  £12.00 
Lord Jackson of Burnley
Report of the Television Advisory Committee 1967.  £10.00 
No Author An Interim Report on the Experiment in Close-Circuit Television being conducted at the Warblinton County Secondary School, Havant, Hampshire.  £10.00 
Pratten, C F
The Economics of Television.  £8.00 
Whitley, E W
Television and Religion Prepared by Social Surveys (Gallup Poll) Ltd on behalf of ABC Television Ltd.  £9.00 
Colvin, Andrew
The Control of Broadcasting in Italy. A Commentary on the New Mammi Law.  £4.00 
Becker, Wolfgang
Quandt, Siegfried
Das Fernsehen als Vermittler von Geschichtsbewusstsein.  £8.00 
Kunczik, Michael
Hiegemann, Susanne
Mikos, Lothar
Privat Kommerzieller Rundfunk in Deutschland. Entwicklungen, Forderungen Regelungen, Folgen.  £8.00 
Grasse, Christian
X-Men Extra. L'Adieu a Xavier.  £6.00 
Borzani, Luca
Ganapini, Luigi
Rugafiori, Paride
Italia Anni Cinquanta: Trasformazioni, Protagonisti Sociali, Culture. (=Movimento operaio e socialista, Anno 7, Nr 2, 1984)  £12.00 
Valentin, Karl
Mögen Hatt ich Schon Wollen, Aber Dürfen hab ich Mich Nicht Getraut! Das Beste aus Seinem Werk. Herausgegben von Helmut Bachmaier.  £6.00 
Valentin, Karl
Filme. Mit einem Nachwort von Helmut Bachmaier  £4.00 
Svennevig, Michael
Haldane, Ian
Godwatching: Viewers, Religion and Television.  £10.00 
Banaszkiewicz, Wladyslaw
Contemporary Polish Cinematography.  £18.00 
Holmes, Sir Maurice
Havelock, Anthony
Report of the Departmental Committee on The Employment of Children as Film Actors, in Theatrical Work and in Ballet. (Cmd 8005)  £14.00 
Bann, David
Gargan, John
Colour Proof Correction. Question and Answer Book.  £18.00 
Brearley, Michael
On Making a Documentary Film on Psychoanalysis.  £8.00 
Warman, Eric
Preview 1958. Hollywood - London.  £18.00 
Elley, Derek
30th London Film Festival Official Programme.  £8.00 
Starr, Cecile
Discovering the Movies. An Illustrated Introduction to the Motion Picture.  £8.00 
Jay, Michael
Matinee Idols. Portraits of the Stars.  £6.00 
Jay, Michael
Hollywood Goddesses.  £10.00 
Ranvaud, Don
Framework 24, Spring 1984.  £8.00 
Garnham, Nicholas
Television Monograph 1: Structures of Television.  £5.00 
Cook, Jim
Lewington, Mike
Images of Alcoholism.  £8.00 
Peterson, Bo
Media, Minds and Men. A History of Media in Sweden.  £36.00 
Rhode, Eric
Fellini's Double City. (Encounter, June 1964, Volume 22, No 6)  £6.00 
Altman, Wilfred
Thomas, Denis
TV: From Monopoly to Competition, and Back?  £9.00 
Boukraa, Ridha
Colucci, Celestino
La RAI in Tunisia. L'Immagine dell'Italia e degli Italiani negli Spettatori Tunisini di Raiuno. A Cura di Manuela Malchiodi. (VQPT 135)  £16.00 
Marcelli, Settimio
Il Gran Simpatico. Telematica, Nuovi Media, Multimedialita. (VQPT 123)  £12.00 
Displaying 251 to 300 (of 378 books) Page ... 6  7  8