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Baring, Anne
Cashford, Jules
The Myth of the Goddess. Evolution of an Image.  £26.00 
Reid, Douglas
The Decline of Saint Monday, 1766 - 1876. (Past & Present. Number 71, May 1976)  £10.00 
Evans, Richard
Prostitution, State and Society in Imperial German. (Past & Present. Number 70, February 1976)  £10.00 
Rosskopf, Rudolf
Der Traum Herzeloydes und der Rote Ritter: Erwägungen über die Bedeutung des Staufisch-Welfischen Thronstreites für Wolframs Parzival.  £24.00 
Pérennec, René
Recherches sur le Roman Arthurien en vers en Allemagne aux XII et XIII siècles.  £22.00 
Tuke, Margaret
A History of Bedford College for Women 1849 - 1937.  £20.00 
Classen, Albrecht
Women as Protagonists and Poets in the German Middle Ages: An Anthology of Feminist Approaches to Middle High German Literature.  £22.00 
Spechtler, Franz
Frauendienst.  £36.00 
Hodges, Sarah
Contraception, Colonialism and Commerce: Birth Control in South India, 1920 – 1940.  £46.00 
Lofmark, Carl
The Authority of the Source in Middle High German Narrative Poetry.  £16.00 
Loerzer, Eckart
Eheschliessung und Werbung in der Kudrun.  £12.00 
Auerbach, Nina
Woman and Nation. Special Issue of Tulsa Studies in Women's Literature.  £14.00 
Laird, Holly
Women Writing Autobiography. Special Issue of Tulsa Studies in Women's Literature.  £14.00 
Lockett, Cecily
South African Women Writing. Special Issue of Tulsa Studies in Women's Literature.  £14.00 
Bloch, R Howard
Medieval Misogyny and the Invention of Western Romantic Love.  £14.00 
Buckler, Georgina
Women in Byzantine Law, About 1100 AD.  £12.00 
McIntosh, Gillian
Irish Women at War. The Twentieth Century.  £44.00 
Herrin, Judith
Unrivalled Influence. Women and Empire in Byzantium.  £24.00 
Reay, Barry
New York Hustlers. Masculinity and Sex in Modern America.  £14.00 
WHO Scientific Group
Clinical Aspects of Oral Gestogens.  £12.00 
WHO Scientific Group
The Effects of Labour on the Foetus and the Newborn.  £12.00 
WHO Scientific Group
Nutrition in Pregnancy and Lactation.  £14.00 
WHO Scientific Group
Mechanism of Action of Sex Hormones and Analogous Substances.  £12.00 
Adams, Pauline
Somerville for Women: An Oxford College 1879 - 1993.  £14.00 
Dillon, Michael
Self: A Study in Ethics and Endocrinology.  £36.00 
Albers, Irene
Escenas de transgresion: Maria de Zayas en su contexto literario-cultural.  £14.00 
Ruskin, John
The Ethics of Dust.  £8.00 
Beer, Francis
Women and Mystical Experience in the Middle Ages.  £8.00 
Peters, Ursula
Religiöse Erfahrung als literarisches Faktum: Zur Vorgeschichte und Genese frauenmystischer Texte des 13. und 14. Jahrhunderts.  £24.00 
Menuge, Noel James
Medieval Women and the Law.  £12.00 
Härtel, Helmar
Geschrieben und Gemalt.  £20.00 
Graf, Katrin
Bildnisse schreibender Frauen im Mittelalter 9. bis Anfang 13. Jahrhundert.  £24.00 
Bennewitz, Ingrid
Der Frauwen Buoch. Versuche zu einer feministischen Mediävistik.  £26.00 
Bloch, Iwan
Die Prostitution. Volume 1 & 2. ( Handbuch der gesamten Sexualwissenschaft in Einzeldarstellungen)  £48.00 
Koebner, Richard
Die Eheauffassung des ausgehenden Deutschen Mittelalters.  £24.00 
Russell, Bertrand
Russell: The Journal of the Bertrand Russell Archives, No 14, 1974.  £12.00 
Beach, Alison
Women as Scribes. Book Production and Monastic Reform in Twelfth-Century Bavaria.  £28.00 
Bynum, Caroline Walker
Jesus as Mother. Studies in the Spirituality of the High Middle Ages.  £10.00 
Wiesner, Merry
Gender, Church and State in Early Modern Germany.  £12.00 
Chiplin, Brian
Tackling Discrimination at the Workplace.  £10.00 
O'Callaghan, Sean
The Yellow Slave Traffic.  £6.00 
Thielicke , Helmut
The Ethics of Sex.  £16.00 
Davidoff, Leonore
Thicker Than Water. Siblings and Their Relations 1780 - 1920.  £26.00 
Griffin, Ben
The Politics of Gender in Victorian Britain. Masculinity, Political Culture, and the Struggle for Women's Rights.  £48.00 
Hubbard, Eleanor
City Women. Money, Sex, and the Social Order in Early Modern London.  £56.00 
Tebbutt, Melanie
Being Boys. Youth, Leisure and Identity in the Inter-War Years.  £32.00 
Davidson, Roger
Davis, Gayle
The Sexual State. Sexuality and Scottish Governance, 1950 - 80.  £44.00 
Burns, Jane
Bodytalk. When Women Speak in Old French Literature.  £16.00 
Hamburger, Jeffrey
Jaggi, Carola
Frauen - Kloster - Kunst. Neue Forschungen zur Kulturgeschichte des Mittelalters.  £88.00 
Murray, Jacqueline
Marriage in Premodern Europe: Italy and Beyond.  £36.00 
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