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Peters, Ursula
Religiöse Erfahrung als literarisches Faktum: Zur Vorgeschichte und Genese frauenmystischer Texte des 13. und 14. Jahrhunderts.  £24.00 
Härtel, Helmar
Geschrieben und Gemalt.  £20.00 
Bennewitz, Ingrid
Der Frauwen Buoch. Versuche zu einer feministischen Mediävistik.  £26.00 
Koebner, Richard
Die Eheauffassung des ausgehenden Deutschen Mittelalters.  £24.00 
Russell, Bertrand
Russell: The Journal of the Bertrand Russell Archives, No 14, 1974.  £12.00 
Chiplin, Brian
Tackling Discrimination at the Workplace.  £10.00 
Smith, Julia
Brubaker, Leslie
Gender in the Early Medieval World. East and West, 300 - 900.  £24.00 
Thielicke , Helmut
The Ethics of Sex.  £16.00 
Taylor, Jane
Smith, Lesley
Women, the Book and the Worldly. Selected Proceedings of The St Hilda's Conference, 1993 Volume 2.  £16.00 
Davidoff, Leonore
Thicker Than Water. Siblings and Their Relations 1780 - 1920.  £26.00 
Griffin, Ben
The Politics of Gender in Victorian Britain. Masculinity, Political Culture, and the Struggle for Women's Rights.  £48.00 
Hubbard, Eleanor
City Women. Money, Sex, and the Social Order in Early Modern London.  £56.00 
Tebbutt, Melanie
Being Boys. Youth, Leisure and Identity in the Inter-War Years.  £32.00 
Davidson, Roger
Davis, Gayle
The Sexual State. Sexuality and Scottish Governance, 1950 - 80.  £44.00 
Hamburger, Jeffrey
Jaggi, Carola
Frauen - Kloster - Kunst. Neue Forschungen zur Kulturgeschichte des Mittelalters.  £88.00 
Murray, Jacqueline
Marriage in Premodern Europe: Italy and Beyond.  £36.00 
Hogg, Robert
Men and Manliness on the Frontier. Queensland and British Columbia in the Mid-Nineteenth Century.  £26.00 
Bergom-Larsson, Maria
Women and Technology in Industrialized Countries.  £18.00 
Tadesse, Zenebeworke
Women and Technological Development in Agriculture: An Overview of the Problems of Developing Countries.  £18.00 
Srinivasan, Mangalam
The Impact of Science and Technology and the Role of Women in Science in Mexico.  £18.00 
Beauvoir, Simone de
When Things of the Spirit Come First: Five Early Tales.  £10.00 
Alcott, Louisa
Good Wives. A Story for Girls.  £8.00 
Phillips, Ann
A Newnham Anthology.  £12.00 
Shapiro, Miriam
Art: A Woman's Sensibility.  £64.00 
Pizan, Christine de
Gorostiaga, Dolores
La Ciudad de las Damas, 1405 - 2005.  £48.00 
Lagro-Janssen, Toine
Noordenbos, Greta
Sekseverschillen in Ziekte en Gezondheid.  £64.00 
Wood, G R Harding
What Shall I Tell Them? A New Series of Talks to Women.  £12.00 
Mitchell, Juliet
Woman's Estate.  £6.00 
Phillips, Ann
A Newnham Anthology.  £8.00 
Harte, N B
The Admission of Women to University College London. A Centenary Lecture.  £10.00 
Cockerill, Janet
Second Chance. The Residential Working Women's College and its Contribution to the Development of Women's Adult Education.  £8.00 
Beauvoir, Simone de
Les Belles Images.  £10.00 
Beauvoir, Simone de
The Woman Destroyed.  £6.00 
Anderson, T McClurg
Housework with Ease.  £10.00 
Hardwick, Bess
Durant, David
Bess of Hardwick: Portrait of an Elizabethan Dynast.  £8.00 
Wright, F A
Feminism in Greek Literature from Homer to Aristotle.  £18.00 
Ellis, Havelock
Psychology of Sex. A Manual for Students.  £12.00 
Wells, H G
Ann Veronica.  £24.00 
Women's Labour League
Women Workers Fellowship is Life. Souvenir of Womens' Labour Day, Saturday 17 July 1909.  £64.00 
Adams, Carol
Bartley, Paula
Under Control. Life in a Nineteenth-Century Silk-Factory.  £14.00 
Ciba Foundation
Law and Ethics of A.I.D. and Embrio Transfer.  £12.00 
Waller, Harold
Clinical Studies in Lactation.  £12.00 
Mill, John Stuart
Coit, Stanton
The Subjection of Women.  £16.00 
Walker, Kenneth
Sex and Society.  £5.00 
Smallwood, Mary
The Legislation of Hadrian and Antonius Pius against Circumcision. Plus Addendum.  £12.00 
Gunn, Donald
Jenkin, Penelope
Menstrual Periodicity. Statistical Observations on a Large Sample of Normal Cases.  £14.00 
Brittain, Vera
The Women at Oxford.  £16.00 
Richardson, Ruth
The Politics of Maternity Care: Services for Childbearing Women in Twentieth-Century Britain.  £8.00 
Rowbotham, Sheila
Hidden from History. 300 Years of Women's Oppression and the Fight Against it.  £6.00 
Figes, Eva
Patriarchal Attitudes: Women in Society.  £7.00 
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