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Ciba Foundation
Law and Ethics of A.I.D. and Embrio Transfer.  £12.00 
Waller, Harold
Clinical Studies in Lactation.  £12.00 
Mill, John Stuart
Coit, Stanton
The Subjection of Women.  £16.00 
Walker, Kenneth
Sex and Society.  £5.00 
Smallwood, Mary
The Legislation of Hadrian and Antonius Pius against Circumcision. Plus Addendum.  £12.00 
Gunn, Donald
Jenkin, Penelope
Menstrual Periodicity. Statistical Observations on a Large Sample of Normal Cases.  £14.00 
Richardson, Ruth
The Politics of Maternity Care: Services for Childbearing Women in Twentieth-Century Britain.  £8.00 
Rowbotham, Sheila
Hidden from History. 300 Years of Women's Oppression and the Fight Against it.  £6.00 
Figes, Eva
Patriarchal Attitudes: Women in Society.  £7.00 
Jones, Eldred Durosimi
Women in Africa (Special Issue of African Literature Today)  £12.00 
Emenyonu, Ernest
New Women's Writing in Africal Literature. Special Issue of 'African Literature Today'.  £12.00 
Bachofen, J J
Urreligion und antike Symbole. Systematisch angeordnete Auswahl aus seinen Werken in drei Bänden. Volumes 1 - 3.  £24.00 
Boehn, Max von
Die Mode. Menschen und Moden. Volume 3 - 8.  £88.00 
La Naissance du Jour.  £14.00 
Orland, Barbara
Wäsche waschen. Technik- und Sozialgeschichte der häuslichen Wäschepflege.  £12.00 
Russell, William
Extraordinary Women: Their Girlhood and Early Life.  £16.00 
Yeow, Agnes
Association for Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies. ACLALS Bulletin.  £24.00 
Bange, Petty
Tussen Heks en Heilige: Het Vrouwbeeld op de Drempel van de Moderne Tijd.  £16.00 
Laver, James
Letter to a Girl on the Future of Clothes.  £10.00 
Rowe, Martin
The Elephants in the Room. An Excavation.  £16.00 
Rose, Sonya
What is Gender History?  £10.00 
Ferguson, Eliza Earle
Gender and Justice. Violence, Intimacy, and Community in Fin-de-Siecle Paris.  £20.00 
Pink, Sarah
Women and Bullfighting. Gender, Sex and the Consumption of Tradition.  £12.00 
Adams, Carol
Gruen, Lori
Ecofeminism. Feminist Intersections with Other Animals and the Earth.  £16.00 
Williams, Merryn
Women in the English Novel 1800 - 1900.  £48.00 
Schoon, Lidy
De Gynaecologie als Belichaming van Vrouwen. Verloskunde en Gynaecologie 1840 to 1920.  £16.00 
Regan, Jim
What did you do in the War Grandma? The story of some of the women of the Parish of Our Lady and St. Paulinus, Dewsbury.  £16.00 
Maurois, André
Waugh, Evelyn
Forbes, Joan
A Book for Brides.  £78.00 
Bennett, John
Chemical Contraception.  £20.00 
Abraham, Richard
Rosa Luxemburg. A Life for the International.  £12.00 
Kaituhi, Wahine
Women Writers of Aotearoa.  £28.00 
Herrera-Sobek, Maria
Gender and Print Culture. New Perspectives on International Ballad Studies.  £46.00 
Murphy, Kevin
Spear, Jennifer
Historicising Gender and Sexuality.  £12.00 
Brooke, Stephen
Sexual Politics. Sexuality, Family Planning, and the British Left from the 1880s to the Present Day.  £22.00 
Maffly-Kipp, Laurie
Lofton, Kathryn
Women's Work. An Anthology of African American Women's Historical Writings from Antebellum America to the Harlem Renaissance.  £32.00 
Brown, Loulou
Collins, Helen
Green, Pat
The International Handbook of Women's Studies.  £10.00 
Benevelli Bristow, Anna
Women in the Public Sphere. A Comparative Study of Italian and British Women's Participation in Political Parties, Trade Unions and the Church 1970 - 1992.  £12.00 
Garcia-Ramon, Maria Dolors
Monk, Janice
Women of the European Union the Politics of Work and Daily Life.  £10.00 
Lowe, Philip
Whatmore, Sarah
Marsden, Terry
Gender and Rurality.  £48.00 
Siltanen, Janet
Locating Gender. Occupational Segregation, Wages and Domestic Responsibilities.  £8.00 
Nicol, Donald
The Byzantine Lady. Ten Portraits, 1250 - 1500.  £10.00 
Glover, Katherine
Elite Women and Polite Society in Eighteenth-Century Scotland.  £46.00 
Rumbold, Valerie
Women's Place in Pope's World.  £24.00 
Oakley, Ruth Anderson
Challenge to Heritage.  £18.00 
Leakey, Wilfrida
Cambridgeshire: A Chronicle of Country Women, 1918 - 1968.  £15.00 
Haskins, George Lee
The Development of a Common Law Dower.  £8.00 
Hargreaves, Emma
Loving Counsels. Thoughts and Hints for Wives and Mothers, Given at Mothers' Meetings.  £46.00 
Foster, Shirley
Victorian Women's Fiction: Marriage, Freedom, and the Individual.  £14.00 
Kapp, Yvonne
Eleanor Marx. Volume 1: Family Life (1855-1883); Volume 2: The Crowded Years (1884-1898)  £34.00 
Adegbite, Tobalase
The Shuttle. A Journal of English Studies. 1997/98 Volume 18.  £12.00 
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