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Aston, Elaine
Feminism in the French Theatre: A Turn-of-the-Century Perspective. New Theatre Quarterly. August 1986.  £10.00 
Kauffman, Christopher
Transitions in Catholic Culture: The Fifties. (Special Issues of US Catholic Historian)  £22.00 
Kauffman, Christopher
Women in the Catholic Community. (Special Issues of US Catholic Historian)  £18.00 
Kauffman, Christopher
Women Religious: Historical Explorations. (Special Issues of US Catholic Historian)  £16.00 
Heiler, Friedrich
Die Mission des Christentums in Indien.  £20.00 
Ihmels, Carl
Um unsere Aufgabe in Indien. Gedanken zum Wiederbeginn deutscher Missionsarbeit im Tamulenlande.  £20.00 
Cresswell, P A
Smith, G A
Student Suicide. A Study in Social Integration.  £12.00 
Bradbrook, M C
That Infidel Place. A Short History of Girton College 1869 to 1969 With an Essay on The Collegiate University in the Modern World.  £8.00 
Illich, Ivan
Celebration of Awareness.  £10.00 
Morokvasik, Mirjana
Immigrants in the Parisian Garment Industy.  £10.00 
Carroll, Patrick
Assessing the Damage. The Demographic Impact on Society and Consequences for the Health of Women of the 1967 Abortion Act Over 40 Years.  £12.00 
Du Bosc, Jacques
L'Honneste Femme. Troisieme Edition, Reveue, corrigee & augmentee par l'Autheur.  £360.00 
Gruenwald, P
The Placenta.  £48.00 
Phillips, Anne
Feminism and Equality.  £32.00 
Berry, Ellen
Post-Communism and the Body Politic.  £10.00 
Lennon, Kathleen
Whitford, Margaret
Knowing the Difference. Feminist Perspectives in Epistemology.  £8.00 
Greed, Clara
Women & Planning. Creating Gendered Reality.  £12.00 
Geske Dijkstra, A
Plantenga, Janneke
Gender and Economics: A European Perspective.  £20.00 
Morris, Lydia
Household Finance Management and the Labour Market.  £10.00 
Segal, Lynne
New Sexual Agendas.  £18.00 
Stopes, Marie
Married Love.  £18.00 
Gardner, Augustus
The Conjugal Relationships as Regards Personal Health and Hereditary Well-Being Practically Treated.  £18.00 
Rosenthal, G D
Approach to Marriage.  £12.00 
Robins, Elizabeth
The Convert.  £64.00 
Dickenson, Donna
Property, Women and Politics: Subjects or Objects.  £10.00 
Elam, Diane
Wiegman, Robyn
Feminism Beside Itself.  £10.00 
Stockman, Norman
Bonney, Norman
Xuewen, Sheng
Women's Work in East and West. The Dual Burden of Employment and Family Life.  £10.00 
Strassmann, Diana
Seguino, Stephanie
Stevens, Thomas
Lutz, Mark
Gender and Cooperative Behaviour: Economic Man Rides Alone (Feminist Economics Volume 2 Number 1 Spring 1996)  £6.00 
Sinclair, Thea
Gender, Work and Tourism.  £10.00 
World Federation of Diaconal Associations and Sisterhoods. Profiles of Member Associations. 14th International Assembly, Coventry 1983.  £26.00 
Wilson, Brian
Byrne, Eileen
Women in the University: A Policy Report.  £36.00 
McGreyne, Sharon
Nobel Prize Women in Science: Their Lives, Struggles, and Momentous Discoveries.  £14.00 
Ward, Benedicta
Harlots of the Desert: A Study of Repentance in Early Monastic Sources.  £14.00 
Boserup, Ester
Woman's Role in Economic Development.  £12.00 
Pallis, Michael
Slaves of Slaves: Challenge of Latin American Women.  £12.00 
Gell, Edith Mary
The Churchwoman's Vote.  £14.00 
Hill, Sylvia
A King's Daughter. A Straight Talk to Girls.  £10.00 
Sharp, William
Silence Farm.  £124.00 
Game, Ann
Undoing the Social: Towards a Deconstructive Sociology.  £8.00 
Barnes, Kenneth
He and She.  £5.00 
Oliver, M F
Coronary Heart Disease in Young Women.  £24.00 
Morris, Alison
Women and Crime. Papers presented to the Cropwood Round-Table Conference December 1980.  £5.00 
Ellis, Havelock
Man and Woman. A Study of Human Secondary Sexual Characteristics. Second Edition.  £24.00 
Schaeffer, Albrecht
Elli oder sieben Treppen, Beschreibung eines weiblichen Lebens.  £26.00 
Kurnik, Max
Goethe's Frauen. In zwei Lieferungen.  £20.00 
Weichardt, Walter
Der Weiberfeind. Fröhliche und unfröhliche Betrachtungen vom Apostel Paulus bis Bernhard Shaw.  £6.00 
Roseneil, Sasha
Seymour, Julie
Practising Identities. Power and Resistance.  £18.00 
Dube, Alison
Fire With Water. Generations and Genders of Western Political Thought.  £12.00 
torkington, N P K
Those Women Never Die.  £18.00 
Christian Conventions
Nothing Matters More. 2005 London Women's Convention. Audio CD Set. Seminars.  £30.00 
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