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Fernández de Miranda, Maria Teresa
Diccionario Ixcateco.  £28.00 
Moser, Edward
Moser, Mary
Vocabulario Seri: Seri-Castellano / Castellano-Seri.  £46.00 
Palfrey, John
Elements of Chaldee, Syriac, Samaritan and Rabbinbical Grammar.  £26.00 
Carrera, Oscar
Asi Hablan en mi Tierra. Refranes y Dicharachos con algunas estampas del viejo San Juan Bautista de Tabasco.  £28.00 
Espinosa Morales, Antonio
Gramatica del Totonaco de San Andres Tlayehualancingo, Puebla. Thesis.  £68.00 
Hearn, Lafcadio
Gombo Zhebes. Little Dictionary of Creole Proverbs.  £18.00 
Rikles, Bernardo
Technical Glossary of the Petroleum Industry English - Spanish Spanish - English. Glosario Tecnico de la Industria del Petroleo Espanol - Ingles Ingles - Espanol.  £16.00 
Mulholland, James
Sounding Imperial. Poetic Voice and the Politics of Empire, 1730-1820.  £44.00 
Ogilvie, Harold
Helps to the Study of Hausa.  £6.00 
Broad Norfolk. Being a Series of Articles and Letters Reprinted from the "Eastern Daily Press".  £24.00 
Bell, C W
The Essentials of French Grammar.  £8.00 
Magnussen, Johannes
Madsen, Otto
Engelsk-Dansk Ordbog.  £12.00 
Beaumont, Emilie
Mon Cahier du Corps Humain.  £10.00 
Williams, Ingrid
Deutscher Kursus.  £8.00 
Opie, Iona
Opie, Peter
The Lore and Language of Schoolchildren.  £8.00 
Ionesco, Eugène
Abuses of Language. (Encounter, January 1977, Volume 48, No 1)  £8.00 
Murphy, Raymond
Essential Grammar in Use.  £14.00 
Huguet, Edmond
La Précellence du Language François.  £18.00 
Miroiu, Mihai
English - Rumanian Conversation Book.  £16.00 
Forrester, John
A Linguagem e as Origens da Psicanalise.  £16.00 
Forrester, John
El lenguaje y los origenes del psicoanalisis.  £18.00 
Leroi-Gourhan, Andre
Le Geste et la Parole. 1. Technique et Langage. 2. La Mémoire et les Rythmes.  £24.00 
Robinson, Peter
Deceit, Delusion, and Detection.  £10.00 
Smith, William
Hall, Theophilus
Ingram, John
A Smaller Latin-English Dictionary. With a Dictionary of Proper Names.  £20.00 
Robinson, John
New English Spelling Book; or, Key to the English Language; in which its Difficulties are Simplified, and its Beauties Pointed Out. The Second Edition, Corrected and Much Improved.  £360.00 
Cerf, Albert
Short Historical Grammar of the German Language: Old, Middle, and Modern High German - Part 1. Introduction and Phonology.  £12.00 
Brachet, Auguste
Historical Grammar of the French Tongue.  £12.00 
Sainte-Claire, Arthur
The Verbs and Genders of the French Language.  £14.00 
Ritschl, Friedrich
Kleine Philologische Schriften, Zweiter Band: Zu Plautus und lateinischer Sprachkunde.  £36.00 
Ritschl, Friedrich
Kleine Philologische Schriften, Vierter Band: Zur lateinischen Inschriften- und Sprachkunde.  £46.00 
Geffcken, Johannes
Der Wortschatz des Heliand und seine Bedeutung für die Heimatfrage.  £18.00 
Mannhardt, Wilhelm
Der Korndämon: Beitrag zur germanischen Sittenkunde.  £24.00 
Bather, F A
Pentacrinus: A Name and its History. (Natural Science: A Monthly Review of Scientific Progress, Vol 12, No 74, 1898)  £14.00 
Heath, Frank
The Modern Quarterly of Language and Literature. Number 4, April 1899.  £12.00 
Heath, Frank
The Modern Quarterly of Language and Literature. Number 3, November 1898.  £12.00 
Atkinson, Harold
Mauritian Creole.  £14.00 
Furnivall, Frederick
F J Furnivall, M A. A Birthday Greeting.  £14.00 
Dickins, Victor
Sketch Portraitures of Far Eastern Languages: Japanese.  £14.00 
Wiesmann-Wiedemann, Friederike
Le Roman du "Willehalm" de Wolfram d'Eschenbach et l'épopée d'"Aliscans": Étude de la Transformation de l'épopée en Roman.  £24.00 
Dietz, Reiner
Der "Tristan" Gottfrieds von Strassburg: Probleme der Forschung (1902-1970)  £24.00 
Schulze-Belli, Paola
Liebe und Aventiure im Artusroman des Mittelalters : Beiträge der Triester Tagung 1988.  £22.00 
Kamihara, K
Des Strickers Pfaffe Amis.  £38.00 
Peiffer, Lore
Zur Funktion der Exkurse im Tristan Gottfrieds von Strassburg.  £14.00 
Strauss, Dieter
Redegattungen und Redearten im Rolandslied sowie in der Chanson de Roland und in Strickers Karl.  £26.00 
Sayce, Olive
Plurilingualism in the Carmina Burana: A Study of the Linguistic and Literary Influences on the Codex.  £36.00 
Pillet, Alfred
Zum Ursprung der altprovenzalischen Lyrik.  £12.00 
Kraschewski-Stolz, Siegrun
Studien zu Form und Funktion der Bildlichkeit im 'Tristan' Gottfrieds von Straßburg.  £20.00 
Jürgens-Lochthove, Kristina
Heinrich Wittenwilers "Ring" im Kontext hochhöfischer Epik.  £20.00 
Duke of Edinburgh
Communication. The English Association, Presidential Address 1968.  £12.00 
Fisher, Rodney
Studies in the Demonic in Selected Middle High German Epics.  £36.00 
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