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Barnes, W E
An Apparatus Criticus to Chronicles in the Peshitta Version: With a Discussion of the Value of the Codex Ambrosianus.  £14.00 
Hatch, Edwin
Essays in Biblical Greek.  £12.00 
Guardia Mayorga, Cesar
Diccionario Castellano - Kechwa. Kechwa - Castellano.  £14.00 
Hermann, Pernille
Literacy in Medieval and Early Modern Scandinavian Culture.  £12.00 
Bostock, J K
A Handbook on Old High German Literature.  £12.00 
von Eichborn, Reinhart
Shorter Cambridge-Eichborn German Dictionary. Business and Business Law, Economics, Administration.  £36.00 
Neville, H H
Translation from German for Chemists.  £8.00 
Moffatt, C W Paget
Science German Course. Sixth Edition.  £10.00 
Camilli, Amerindo
Pronuncia e Grafia dell'Italiano.  £10.00 
Hull, Robert
The Language Gap. How Classroom Dialogue Fails.  £10.00 
Regula, Moritz
Jernej, J
Grammatica Italiana Descrittiva.  £8.00 
Battaglia, S
Pernicone, V
La Grammatica Italiana.  £12.00 
Butler, Joseph
Cruz, Marisa
Vigario, Marina
Experimental Approaches to the Production and Perception of Prosody.  £10.00 
Watanabe, Shigeru
CARLS Series of Advanced Study of Logic and Sensibility, Volume 5, 2011.  £46.00 
Watanabe, Shigeru
CARLS Series of Advanced Study of Logic and Sensibility. Volume 4, 2010.  £46.00 
Keller, Ruedi
Special Number for R E Keller (German Life and Letters, Volume 43, No. 2)  £12.00 
Burke, Lucy
Travelogues: Journeys Between Cultures (Diatribe, No 2, Autumn/Winter 1993/4)  £16.00 
Illich, Ivan
Sanders, Barry
The Alphabetization of the Popular Mind.  £16.00 
Goody, Jack
Literacy in Traditional Societies.  £16.00 
Coulmas, Florian
Ehlich, Konrad
Writing in Focus.  £36.00 
Harris, Roy
The Origin of Writing.  £8.00 
Bandello, Matteo
La Novella di Romeo e Giulietta (The Story of Romeo and Juliet)  £10.00 
Roach, J O
L'Enseignement des Langues Vivantes en Angleterre (Reprinted from 'Modern Languages' Magazine October 1938).  £14.00 
Wölfflin, Eduard von
Archiv für lateinische Lexikographie und Grammatik mit Einschluss des älteren Mittellateins. Wölfflins Archiv. Volume 1 - 12.  £220.00 
Biddulph, Joseph
Landsker: Portrait of the Two Dialects of Pembrokeshire, Welsh and English.  £16.00 
Sturz, Friedrich Wilhelm
[Etymologicum Graecae Linguae Gudianum] Etymologicum Gudianum Quod Vocatur ed. Aloysius de Stefani. Fasciculus 1, Litteras A - B.  £24.00 
Martineau, Russell
On the Romonsch or Rhaetian Language in the Grisons and Tirol.  £12.00 
Bopp, Franz
Glossarium Sanscritum in quo omnes radices et vocabula usitatissima explicantur et cum vocabulis Graecis, Latinis, Germanicis, Lithuanicis, Slavicis, Celticis comparantur.  £46.00 
Collinson, W E
Priebsch, Robert
The German Language. Second Edition.  £12.00 
Moore, James
Ritchie, R L G
Translation from French.  £12.00 
Giles, J A
A Lexicon of the Greek Language for Use in Colleges and Schools.  £64.00 
Daoud, Jacqueline
Alif. No. 9, Hiver 1977.  £12.00 
Daoud, Jacqueline
Alif. No. 7, 1976.  £10.00 
Mallarmé, Stéphane
Thèmes Anglais por toutes les Grammaires.  £22.00 
Evason, H S
Quatre Contes. A Simplified Reader.  £10.00 
Smail, Ben
Alif. Décembre 71.  £14.00 
Carter, Ronald
Vocabulary. Applied Linguistic Perspectives.  £8.00 
Bower, Eve
Gower, Mathew
McDonagh, Niall
IELTS Reading Humanities.  £56.00 
Morgan, D Francis
Signalling for Scouts (The Official Scout Manual)  £10.00 
Watson, George
The Roxburghshire Word-Book. Being a Record of the Special Vernacular Vocabulary of the County of Roxburgh, with an Appendix of Specimens.  £28.00 
Brown, G C
Wragg, E C
Questioning in the Primary School.  £16.00 
Mortimore, Tilly
Dupree, Jane
Dyslexia-Friendly Practice in the Secondary Classroom.  £14.00 
Corbett, Pie
Writing Models Year 4.  £16.00 
Tucker, Joseph
John Davies of Kidwelly (1627 - 1693), Translator from the French.  £14.00 
Le Hir, Yves
Rhétorique et Stylistique de la Pléade au Parnasse.  £18.00 
Diringer, David
The Alphabet Throughout the Ages and in all Lands.  £10.00 
Cooper, David
Knowledge of Language.  £12.00 
Bennett, Jonathan
Linguistic Behaviour.  £8.00 
Berlyne, D E
Structure and Direction in Thinking.  £12.00 
Staats, Arthur
Learning, Language and Cognition.  £10.00 
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