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Trotsky, Leon
Broué, Pierre
Leon Trotsky Oeuvres. Volume 3: Novembre 1933 - Avril 1934.  £12.00 
Marx, Karl
Capital. Volume 2 only.  £10.00 
Cohen, G A
Karl Marx's Theory of History: A Defence.  £16.00 
Bukharin, Nikolai
La Théorie du matérialisme historique. Manuel populaire de sociologie marxiste.  £12.00 
Bhaskar, Roy
Reclaiming Reality. A Critical Introduction to Contemporary Philosophy.  £18.00 
McCoy, Charles
The Structure of Political Thought. A Study in the History of Political Ideas.  £88.00 
Trotsky, Leon
Jenness, Douglas
Leon Trotsky on the Paris Commune.  £8.00 
Buchanan, Tom
East Wind. China and the British Left, 1925 - 1976.  £48.00 
Wicker, Brian
Work and the Christian Community.  £14.00 
Wicker, Brian
First the Political Kingdom. A Personal Appraisal of the Catholic Left in Britain.  £14.00 
Lukács, Georg
History and Class Consciousness. Studies in Marxist Dialectics. transl R Livingstone.  £20.00 
Tressell, Robert
The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists.  £10.00 
Marcuse, Herbert
An Essay on Liberation.  £6.00 
Bouquet, A C
Karl Marx and his Doctrines.  £6.00 
Engels, Friedrich
Marx, Karl
On the Paris Commune.  £10.00 
Ironside, O C
Life-Theory and Socialism. Essays.  £24.00 
Horowitz, David
Imperialism and Revolution.  £5.00 
Rothfels, H
Bismarck und Karl Marx.  £8.00 
Arab League
Israeli Socialism: A Reality or a Myth?  £8.00 
Marx, Karl
Das Elend der Philosophie.  £8.00 
Stalin, Joseph
Economic Problems of Socialism in the USSR.  £6.00 
Lenin, V I
The Proletarian Revolution and the Renegade Kautsky.  £8.00 
Lenin, V I
The State. A Lecture Delivered at the Sverdlov University, July 11, 1919.  £4.00 
Lenin, V I
Karl Marx. A Brief Biographical Sketch with an Exposition of Marxism.  £6.00 
Seidler, G W
Two Essays in Political Theory.  £12.00 
Werskey, Gary
The Visible College: A Collective Biography of British Scientists and Socialists of the 1930s.  £10.00 
Freire, Paulo
Illich, Ivan
Pedagogy of the Oppressed. The Oppression of Pedagogy.  £20.00 
Lenin, V I
The Revolutionary Phase. "Left-Communist" Mistakes on the Brest Peace (Articles and Speeches)  £8.00 
Beer, Max
A History of British Socialism. Volumes 1 and 2.  £14.00 
Rose, Margaret
Marx's Lost Aesthetic. Karl Marx and the Visual Arts.  £24.00 
Rattansi, Ali
Marx and the Division of Labour.  £14.00 
Pearce, Brian
Second Ordinary Congress of the R.S.D.L.P, 1903. Complete Text of the Minutes.  £12.00 
Bottomore, Tom
Karl Marx. Selected Writings in Sociology and Social Philosophy.  £6.00 
Sayers, Sean
Marxism and Human Nature.  £60.00 
Collins, Hugh
Marxism and Law.  £8.00 
Bloch, Ernst
Marx, Karl
Mann, Golo
Karl Marx 1818 / 1968.  £12.00 
Kuczynski, Jürgen
A Short History of Labour Conditions under Industrial Capitalism. Volume Four. France 1700 to the Present Day.  £9.00 
Engels, Friedrich
Marx, Karl
Del Bo, Giuseppe
Marx e Engels Corrispondenza con italiani 1848 - 1895.  £36.00 
Engels, Friedrich
Marx, Karl
The Civil War in the United States. Centennial Edition.  £24.00 
Engels, Friedrich
Marx, Karl
Capital. Vol 1. A Critical Analysis of Capitalist Production. Vol. 2. A Critique of Political Economy. The Process of Circulation of Capital. Vol. 3. A Critique of Political Economy. The Process of Capitalist Production as a Whole.  £96.00 
Jessop, Bob
Malcolm-Brown, Charlie
Marx's Social and Political Thought: Critical Assessments. Volume 3: The State, Politics, and Revolution.  £38.00 
Jessop, Bob
Malcolm-Brown, Charlie
Marx's Social and Political Thought: Critical Assessments. Volume 2: Social Class and Social Conflict.  £38.00 
Serge, Victor
From Lenin to Stalin.  £16.00 
Plekhanov, G V
Fundamental Problems of Marxism.  £8.00 
Liebknecht, Wilhelm
The Spider and the Fly.  £8.00 
Bebel, August
Society of the Future.  £8.00 
Serge, Victor
Vie et Mort de Léon Trotsky. Volumes 1 and 2. Complete Set.  £14.00 
Labriola, Antonio
Essays on the Materialistic Conception of History.  £8.00 
Frank, Pierre
The Class Nature of the Workers States.  £12.00 
Mouloud, Noel
Structuralisme et Marxisme. La Pensée. Numéro Spécial. No. 135 Octobre 1967.  £14.00 
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