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Mwanangonze, Eli
Journal of African Marxists. Issues 1, 2 and 3.  £20.00 
Cunningham, Adrian
Eagleton, Terry
Slant Manifesto: Catholics and the Left.  £15.00 
McLellan, David
Marx Before Marxism.  £6.00 
Santos, Abdias José dos
Chaves, Ercy Rocha
Consciência operária e luta sindical: metalúrgicos de Niterói no movimento sindical brasilero.  £24.00 
Calvert, Peter
A Study of Revolution.  £12.00 
Knickerbocker, W S
Classics of Modern Science (Copernicus to Pasteur)  £8.00 
Voloshinov, Valentin
Marxism and the Philosophy of Language.  £24.00 
Thomson, George
Studies in Ancient Greek Society. Volume 2: The First Philosophers.  £36.00 
Menger, Anton
The Right of the Whole Produce of Labour. The Origin and Development of the Theory of Labour's Claim to the Whole Product of Industry.  £34.00 
Schlesinger, Rudolf
Marx: His Time and Ours.  £10.00 
Apple, Michael
Ideology and Curriculum.  £14.00 
Freedman, Robert
Marx On Economics.  £4.00 
Bardhan, Pranab
Roemer, John
Market Socialism: The Current Debate.  £124.00 
Abercrombie, Nicholas
Class, Structure and Knowledge: Problems in the Sociology of Knowledge.  £10.00 
Tesarek, Anton
Victor Adler aus seinen Reden und Schriften.  £14.00 
Bernstein, Eduard
Lassalle, Ferdinand
Ferdinand Lassalle. Eine Würdigung des Lehrers und Kämpfers.  £16.00 
Engels, Friedrich
Friedrich Engels der Denker. Aufsätze aus der Großen Sowjet-Enzyklopädie.  £12.00 
Marx, Karl
Ruge, Arnold
Deutsch-Französische Jahrbücher 1844.  £12.00 
United States Information Agency
Problems of Communism. 32 issues, as issued, March 1986 - Spring 1992.  £200.00 
Bellis, Paul
Marxism and the U.S.S.R: The Theory of Proletarian dictatorship and the Marxist Analysis of Soviet Society.  £10.00 
Frow, John
Marxism and Literary History.  £14.00 
Steiner, George
Georg Lukacs and his Devil's Pact. The Kenyon Review, Vol. 22, No. 1.  £14.00 
Hall, Stuart
Samuel, Raphael
New Left Review No 221.  £10.00 
Gott, Richard
Che Guevara and the Congo. Essay in New Left Review No 220.  £10.00 
Frow, John
Information as Gift and Commodity. Essay in New Left Review No 219.  £10.00 
Debray, Régis
Remarks on the Spectacle. Essay in New Left Review No 214.  £10.00 
Gowan, Peter
Neo-Liberal Theory and Practice for Eastern Europe. Essay in New Left Review No 213.  £10.00 
New Left Review
Charting China's Future. New Left Review No 208.  £9.00 
Hall, Stuart
Negotiating Caribbean Identities. Essay in New Left Review No 209.  £9.00 
Cockburn, Alexander
A Short, Meat-Oriented History of the World. From Eden to Mattole. Essay in New Left Review No 215.  £9.00 
Anderson, Perry
New Left Review
Watkins, Susan
New Left Review. Second Series. No 1 - 34.  £88.00 
Berki, R N
The Genesis of Marxism.  £8.00 
Plekhanov, G V
Utopian Socialism of the Nineteenth Century.  £6.00 
Jaurès, Jean
Studies in Socialism.  £12.00 
Abercrombie, Nicholas
Urry, John
Capital, Labour and the Middle Classes.  £6.00 
Singer, Margaret Fuchs
Legacy of a False Promise: A Daughter's Reckoning.  £18.00 
Cheng, Yinghong
Creating the "New Man": From Enlightenment Ideals to Socialist Realities.  £36.00 
Kuczynski, Jürgen
Labour Conditions in Western Europe, 1820 - 1935.  £12.00 
Maehl, William Harvey
August Bebel. Shadow Emperor of the German Workers.  £86.00 
Martin, Hugh
Christian Social Reformers of the Nineteenth Century.  £14.00 
Wilson, Edmund
To the Finland Station. A Study in the Writing and Acting of History.  £10.00 
Peri, Gabriel
Toward Singing Tomorrows. The Last Testament of Gabriel Peri with an Essay by Louis Aragon.  £7.00 
Plekhanov, G V
Beltov, N
K voprosu o razvitii monisticheskogo vzgliada na istoriiu.  £16.00 
Sheed, F J
Communism and Man.  £7.00 
Wermuth, Carl
Stieber, Wilhelm
Die Communisten-Verschwörungen des 19. Jahrhunderts. 1: Die historische Darstellung der betreffenden Untersuchungen. 2: Die Personalien der in Communisten-Untersuchungen vorkommenden Personen.  £24.00 
Lukács, Georg
Nietzsche és a Fasizmus.  £24.00 
Guevara, Che
Sinclair, Andrew
Guevara.  £7.00 
Serge, Victor
Birth of our Power.  £8.00 
Engels, Friedrich
Die Herkunft des Friedrich Engels: Briefe aus der Verwandtschaft 1791-1847 Hrsg von Michael Knieriem.  £34.00 
Eagleton, Terry
Marxism and Literary Criticism.  £4.00 
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