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Campbell, Mike
Capitalism in the United Kingdom: A Perspective from Marxist Economy.  £16.00 
Warren, Bill
Imperialism: Pioneer of Capitalism.  £8.00 
Gramsci, Antonio
Lawner, Lynne
Letters from Prison.  £12.00 
Linhart, Robert
Lenine, les Paysans, Taylor. Essai d'Analyse Materialiste Historique de la Naissance du Systeme Productif Sovietique.  £25.00 
Colton, Ethan
The X Y Z of Communism. First Edition.  £11.00 
Ministeriat der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik
Die Lehrerbildung in der DDR. Eine Sammlung der wichtigsten Dokumente und gesetzlichen Bestimmungen fur die Ausbildung der Lehrer, Erzieher und Kindergartnerinnen.  £20.00 
Hirsch, Helmut
Eduard Bernsteins Briefwechsel mit Friedrich Engels.  £20.00 
Styler, W E
Questions and Discussion.  £8.00 
No Author International Charter of Workers' Education.  £6.00 
Pritt, D N
Phillips, G D R
Dawn in Siberia. The Mongols of Lake Baikal. Second Edition.  £20.00 
Seton-Watson, Hugh
The Pattern of Communist Revolution: A Historical Analysis.  £14.00 
Nove, Alec
Donnelly, Desmond
Trade With Communist Countries.  £7.00 
van Mises, Ludwig
Socialism. An Economic and Sociological Analysis. New Edition.  £50.00 
Tagung Villigst
Projektstudium Mathematik: Intentionen, Erfahrungen, Kritik.  £12.00 
Lenin, V I
The State and Revolution.  £8.00 
Sweezy, Paul
Socialism.  £12.00 
Segundo, Juan
The Liberation of Theology.  £20.00 
Haldane, J B S
The Daily Worker, No 3432, Jan 25, 1940.  £12.00 
Robinson, Joan
On Re-Reading Marx.  £36.00 
Birchall, Ian
Rosmer, Alfred
Lenin's Moscow.  £10.00 
Castro, Fidel
Political, Economic, and Social Thought of Fidel Castro.  £26.00 
Guevara, Che
Che Guevara Speaks. Ed. George Lavan.  £12.00 
Carritt, E F
Morals and Politics: Theories of their Relation from Hobbes and Spinoza to Marx and Bosanquet.  £9.00 
Sansom, C J
Anticommunism and Apartheid: the British Trade Union Movement in South Africa, 1945-54 (Paper in: Society for the Study of Labour History, Bulletin No. 46, 1983)  £8.00 
Radical America
Class Struggle in Britain.  £12.00 
Why Norway? Contribution to the History of Germans Aggression against the North.  £22.00 
Menne, Bernhard
The Case of Dr Bruening.  £26.00 
Bieligk, K F
Statistical Truth (Versailles)  £22.00 
Geyer, Curt
Hitler's New Order - Kaiser's Old Order.  £16.00 
Menne, Bernhard
German Industry on the Warpath.  £20.00 
German Communists.  £28.00 
Marx, Karl
The Poverty of Philosophy. With an Introduction by Frederick Engels.  £10.00 
Münchow, Ursula
Aus den Anfängen der sozialistischen Dramatik, Vol 2.  £12.00 
Camara, Helder
Church and Colonialism.  £12.00 
Dutt, R Palme
Socialism and the Living Wage.  £8.00 
Lukács, Georg
The Meaning of Contemporary Realism. Second Printing.  £15.00 
Stadnichenko, A
Monetary Crisis of Capitalism.  £8.00 
Mao Tse-Tung
Mao Tse-Tung on New Democracy.  £10.00 
Korsch, Karl
Three Essays on Marxism.  £10.00 
Burdjalov, Felix
Cambell, H
State Monopoly Incomes Policy: Conception and Practice.  £16.00 
Miller, Diana
The Political Economy of Capitalism. First English Edition.  £7.00 
Kanet, Roger
Behavioral Revolution and Communist Studies.  £8.00 
Tannenbaum, Frank
Mexican Agrarian Revolution. First Edition.  £30.00 
Zaslavskaja, Tatjana
The Second Socialist Revolution: An Alternative Soviet Strategy.  £12.00 
Hall, Gus
The Crisis of Everyday Living and the Winning Fightback. The Communist Party's View.  £8.00 
Jarrett, Bede
Mediaeval Socialism.  £8.00 
Dahlberg, Edward
Defanti, Charles
The End of Silence: 1959 - 1975. An Excerpt from Edward Dahlberg: Notes towards a Biography. (Armadillo 3, 1976)  £12.00 
Shakhnazarov, G
Boborikin, A
Obshchestvovedenie: uchebnik dlia vypusknogo klassa sred. Shkoly i sred. spets.  £20.00 
Zimbalist, Andrew
Case Studies on the Labor Process.  £6.00 
Furtak, Robert
Political Systems of the Socialist States. An Introduction to Marxist-Leninist Regimes.  £42.00 
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