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Lane, David
Leninism. A Sociological Approach.  £15.00 
Laski, Harold
Karl Marx. An Essay. First Edition.  £24.00 
Singer, H W
Can We Afford Beveridge.  £12.00 
Kaufmann, Moritz
Christian Socialism.  £16.00 
Parmelee, Maurice
Bolshevism, Fascism and the Liberal-Democratic State.  £12.00 
Campbell, Mike
Capitalism in the United Kingdom: A Perspective from Marxist Economy.  £16.00 
Warren, Bill
Imperialism: Pioneer of Capitalism.  £8.00 
Gramsci, Antonio
Lawner, Lynne
Letters from Prison.  £12.00 
Linhart, Robert
Lenine, les Paysans, Taylor. Essai d'Analyse Materialiste Historique de la Naissance du Systeme Productif Sovietique.  £25.00 
Colton, Ethan
The X Y Z of Communism. First Edition.  £11.00 
Ministeriat der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik
Die Lehrerbildung in der DDR. Eine Sammlung der wichtigsten Dokumente und gesetzlichen Bestimmungen fur die Ausbildung der Lehrer, Erzieher und Kindergartnerinnen.  £20.00 
Kuczynski, Jürgen
A Short History of Labour Conditions under Industrial Capitalism. Volume 3, Part 1. Germany 1800 to the Present Day.  £9.00 
Hirsch, Helmut
Eduard Bernsteins Briefwechsel mit Friedrich Engels.  £20.00 
Alexandrov, G F
The History of the Civil War in the U.S.S.R. Volume 2. The Great Proletarian Revolution (October-November 1917)  £12.00 
Brezhnev, Leonid
Report of the Central Committee of the CPSU to the XXIV Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and the Immediate Tasks of the Party in Home and Foreign Policy.  £8.00 
Styler, W E
Questions and Discussion.  £8.00 
No Author International Charter of Workers' Education.  £6.00 
Pritt, D N
Phillips, G D R
Dawn in Siberia. The Mongols of Lake Baikal. Second Edition.  £20.00 
Seton-Watson, Hugh
The Pattern of Communist Revolution: A Historical Analysis.  £14.00 
Nove, Alec
Donnelly, Desmond
Trade With Communist Countries.  £7.00 
van Mises, Ludwig
Socialism. An Economic and Sociological Analysis. New Edition.  £50.00 
Tagung Villigst
Projektstudium Mathematik: Intentionen, Erfahrungen, Kritik.  £14.00 
Lenin, V I
The State and Revolution.  £8.00 
Sweezy, Paul
Socialism.  £12.00 
Segundo, Juan
The Liberation of Theology.  £20.00 
Haldane, J B S
The Daily Worker, No 3432, Jan 25, 1940.  £12.00 
Robinson, Joan
On Re-Reading Marx.  £36.00 
Birchall, Ian
Rosmer, Alfred
Lenin's Moscow.  £10.00 
Castro, Fidel
Political, Economic, and Social Thought of Fidel Castro.  £26.00 
Guevara, Che
Che Guevara Speaks. Ed. George Lavan.  £12.00 
Carritt, E F
Morals and Politics: Theories of their Relation from Hobbes and Spinoza to Marx and Bosanquet.  £9.00 
Sansom, C J
Anticommunism and Apartheid: the British Trade Union Movement in South Africa, 1945-54 (Paper in: Society for the Study of Labour History, Bulletin No. 46, 1983)  £8.00 
Radical America
Class Struggle in Britain.  £12.00 
Why Norway? Contribution to the History of Germans Aggression against the North.  £22.00 
Menne, Bernhard
The Case of Dr Bruening.  £26.00 
Bieligk, K F
Statistical Truth (Versailles)  £22.00 
Geyer, Curt
Hitler's New Order - Kaiser's Old Order.  £16.00 
Menne, Bernhard
German Industry on the Warpath.  £20.00 
German Communists.  £28.00 
Marx, Karl
The Poverty of Philosophy. With an Introduction by Frederick Engels.  £10.00 
Münchow, Ursula
Aus den Anfängen der sozialistischen Dramatik, Vol 2.  £12.00 
Camara, Helder
Church and Colonialism.  £12.00 
Lukács, Georg
The Meaning of Contemporary Realism. Second Printing.  £15.00 
Stadnichenko, A
Monetary Crisis of Capitalism.  £8.00 
Mao Tse-Tung
Mao Tse-Tung on New Democracy.  £10.00 
Korsch, Karl
Three Essays on Marxism.  £10.00 
Burdjalov, Felix
Cambell, H
State Monopoly Incomes Policy: Conception and Practice.  £16.00 
Miller, Diana
The Political Economy of Capitalism. First English Edition.  £7.00 
Kanet, Roger
Behavioral Revolution and Communist Studies.  £8.00 
Tannenbaum, Frank
Mexican Agrarian Revolution. First Edition.  £30.00 
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