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Drabble, Margaret
The Millstone. A Novel.  £5.00 
Lilliput, Vol. 23, No 3, Issue No 135.  £6.00 
Adamovich, Ludwig
Österreichischer Kulturverein
Österreichische Wissenschaft. (Der Turm. Monatsschrift für österreichische Kultur. Heft 3, Jahrgang 1, Oktober 1945.  £7.00 
Lettau, Reinhard
Gedichte.  £6.00 
Plievier, Theodor
Eine Deutsche Novelle.  £6.00 
Lessing, Doris
Winter in July.  £3.00 
Bowen, John
After the Rain.  £22.00 
Drabble, Margaret
A Natural Curiosity.  £6.00 
Böll, Heinrich
Fischer, Joachim Karl
Heinrich Böll - Materialien. Herausgegeben von Joachim Karl Fischer und Karl Pfeiffer.  £9.00 
Stanford, Barbara Dodds
Amin, Karima
Black Literature for High School Students.  £9.00 
Montherlant, Henry de
Malatesta. Pièce en 4 actes suivie d'une bibliographie complète de l'oeuvre de l'auteur.  £5.00 
Oprescu, G
La Peinture Roumaine Contemporaine. 12 planches en couleurs, introduction de G Opresco.  £10.00 
Döring, Christian
Steinert, Hajo
Erste Einsichten: Neueste Prosa aus der Bundesrepublik.  £5.00 
Schlote, Werner
British Overseas Trade. From 1700 to the 1930's. Translated by W H Chaloner and W O Henderson.  £12.00 
Bolt, Robert
A Man for All Seasons.  £4.00 
Éluard, Paul
La jarre peut-ell etre plus belle que l'eau? 5th edition.  £10.00 
Osborne, John
A Bond Honoured. A Play.  £5.00 
Osborne, John
West of Suez.  £7.00 
Osborne, John
Very Like a Whale.  £5.00 
Osborne, John
The Gift of Friendship.  £6.00 
Osborne, John
A Sense of Detachment.  £4.00 
Anderson, Maxwell
Winterset.  £5.00 
Hayman, Ronald
John Arden.  £5.00 
Behan, Brendan
The Hostage.  £6.00 
Havighurst, Alfred
Twentieth - Century Britain. Second Edition.  £6.00 
Hoffmann, W
British Industry 1700 - 1950. Translated by W H Chaloner and W O Henderson.  £26.00 
Bates, H E
The Nature of Love.  £4.00 
Klocke, Peter
Irre bis wolkig in Höhenlagen.  £12.00 
Andres, Stefan
Das goldene Gitter. Novellen Erzählungen 2.  £8.00 
Andesch, Alfred
Geister und Leute.  £4.00 
Quine, Willard Van Orman
Grundzüge der Logik.  £6.00 
Smythe, Martin
Jottings.  £7.00 
Wilding, Michael
Social Visions.  £9.00 
Bishop, Thomas
Pirandello and the French Theatre.  £12.00 
Hochhuth, Rolf
The Representative.  £6.00 
Bellow, Saul
Mosby's Memoir and Other Stories.  £4.00 
Bellow, Saul
Dangling Man.  £4.00 
Cooper, David
The Language of Madness.  £12.00 
Reavey, George
The New Russian Poets 1953 - 1968. Bilingual Edition.  £10.00 
Sergeant, Howard
How Strong the Roots. Poems of Exile. Illustrated by Christopher Corr.  £6.00 
Hughes, Ted
The Iron Woman. A Sequel to the Iron Man.  £5.00 
Kerouac, Jack
Book of Dreams.  £12.00 
Frayn, Michael
A Landing on the Sun.  £6.00 
Mitford, Nancy
The Blessing.  £6.00 
Camp, William
Two Schools of Thought.  £6.00 
Bradbury, Malcolm
Who Do You Think You Are?  £4.00 
O'Brien, Martin
All the Girls.  £4.00 
Morgan, W G
My Life Through Six Reigns.  £8.00 
Lodge, David
Ginger, You're Barmy.  £4.00 
Weyrauch, Wolfgang
Expeditionen. Deutsche Lyrik seit 1945.  £6.00 
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