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Motion, Andrew
Famous for the Creatures. First printing.  £9.00 
Tomalin, Claire
Mrs. Jordan's Profession: The Story of a Great Actress and a Future King.  £14.00 
Meynell, Alice
Meynell, Francis
The Poetry of Alice Meynell from 'Family Poetry'. A Talk Broadcast on the BBC Home Service on Easter Day 1962.  £18.00 
Meyers, Jeffrey
Homosexuality and Literature 1890 - 1930.  £18.00 
Roll, Lord
Fifty Years of Political & Economic Planning. Looking Forward 1931-1981.  £6.00 
White, Michael
Stephen Hawking: a life in science.  £6.00 
Crosland, Margaret
Simone De Beauvoir: The Woman and Her Work.  £8.00 
Krause, David
O'Casey, Sean
Sean O' Casey. The Man and his Work.  £10.00 
TDR [Tulane Drama Review]: British Theatre 1956 - 1966. Vol.11, no. 2. Winter 1966, T34.  £4.00 
Meyn, Boris
Der Tote im Fleet. Ein historischer Kriminalroman.  £5.00 
Arden, John
Armstrong's Last Goodnight.  £8.00 
Sartre, Jean-Paul
Le Diable et le Bon Dieu. Trois actes et onze tableaux.  £6.00 
Newby, P H
The Novel 1945 - 1950.  £6.00 
Lehmann, Rosamond
The Ballad and the Source.  £8.00 
Ibsen, Henrik
John Gabriel Borkman.  £12.00 
Moore, Geoffrey
Poetry To-day.  £5.00 
McLean, Donald
The World Turned Upside Down.  £10.00 
Dunn, Nell
Incurable.  £4.00 
Vidal, Gore
On Our Own Now.  £8.00 
Thrush Green by 'Miss Read'. Illustrated by J S Goodall.  £18.00 
Smith, Margaret
The Collected Poems of Angela Gordon (Alice Mary Smith).  £18.00 
Beecham, Audrey
The Coast of Barbary.  £8.00 
Cowie, Donald
The Indiscretions of an Infant or, The Baby's Revenge.  £9.00 
Avermaete, Roger
Goemans, Camille
Le Corbusier als stedebouwer. ( = Artes, 1ière Serie, Nos 11 - 12, 1947).  £8.00 
Sosset, Léon-Louis
De Tsjechische Kunstziel. ( = Artes, on Czech Arts, 1ière Serie, Nos 5 - 6, 1947).  £8.00 
Avermaete, Roger
Spaak, Charles
Artes, 2ième Serie, Nos 1 - 2, 1947 - 1948.  £9.00 
Frankland, Edward
The Half Bothers.  £12.00 
Roy, Katherine
Lise.  £10.00 
Habe, Hans
Agent of the Devil. A Novel. Translated from the German by Ewald Osers.  £18.00 
Freeman, Austin
A Certain Dr Thorndyke.  £16.00 
Kolleritsch, Alfred
Manuskripte: Zeitschrift für Literatur, 22 Jg, No 77, 1982.  £8.00 
Kolleritsch, Alfred
Manuskripte: Zeitschrift für Literatur, 41 Jg, No 151, März 2001.  £8.00 
Campling, Elizabeth
The Police.  £7.00 
Hales-Tooke, John
Sampson, Barbara
Three Times Three.  £18.00 
Steig, William
Abel's Island. Second Printing.  £18.00 
Servillo, Rosa
Pier Paolo Pasolini. Seconda Coscienza Civile.  £12.00 
Plesur, Milton
Intellectual Alienation in the 1920's  £7.00 
Bradbrook, M C
The Image of the Delinquent in Literature, 1955 - 1960.  £7.00 
Webber, Philip
Wilkinson, Graeme
Crisis Over Cruise.  £5.00 
Lilliput, Vol 25, No 4, Issue No 148.  £6.00 
Lilliput, Vol 24, No 4, issue No 142.  £6.00 
Lilliput, Vol 26, No 1, Issue No 151, January 1950.  £6.00 
Kerr, Alfred
"Le theatre actuel en Allemagne." Beitrag (30 Seiten) in französischer Sprache zu Estudios y Comunicaciones, Tercer Congreso Internacional del Teatro, Barcelona 1929.  £12.00 
Lunacharski, A V
Three Plays of A V Lunacharski: Faust and The City, Vasilisa the Wise, The Magi. (Translated by L A Magnus and K Walter).  £18.00 
Cantwell, Robert
Wendell the Book. (First Edition)  £28.00 
Roy, Gabrielle
The Cashier (Alexandre Chenevert, Caissier Translated by Harry Ninsse)  £7.00 
In-Sob Zong
A Pageant of Korean Poetry.  £12.00 
James, Brian
The Art of Brian James and Other Essays on Australian Literature. By Clement Semmler.  £10.00 
Pollard, Eliza
The Doctor's Niece. With 6 Illustrations by Sydney Cowell.  £28.00 
Herold, Jörg
Kaspar Hauser kehrt zurück: In L trägt H die Wunden Hausers zur Schau.  £8.00 
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