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Passow, Arnold
[Tragoudia Romaika: Popularia Carmina Graeciae Recentioris. ??].  £20.00 
Boni, V A
Bolshoi Teatr SSSR.  £64.00 
Scott-Gatty, Alfred
Little Songs for Little Voices. Book 2. With Illustrations Specially Drawn for the Work by Mrs John Collier.  £36.00 
Kennaway, James
Bad Vibrations: The History of the Idea of Music as a Cause of Disease.  £36.00 
Hunt, G W
She Was Fat, She Was Fair, She Was Forty. Comic Song. Sung by Fred French.  £12.00 
Mackenzie, Morell
The Hygiene of the Vocal Organs. A Practical Handbook for Singers and Speakers.  £38.00 
Haydn, Joseph
Oakey, George
The Creation. An Oratorio. Edited in the Tonic Sol-Fa Notation by George Oakey.  £36.00 
Scott, Sir Walter
Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border Edited and Arranged with Introduction and Notes by Alfred Noyes and Six Illustrations by John Macfarlane.  £12.00 
Hernando, D L de
Fuente Serena. Cancionero.  £24.00 
Clinton-Baddeley, V C
Words for Music.  £14.00 
Bücher, Karl
Arbeit und Rhythmus. Zweite, stark vermehrte Auflage.  £26.00 
de Smet, Robin
My Very First Recorder Songbook.  £12.00 
Lee, Markham
Puccini's La Bohème.  £10.00 
Lee, Markham
Puccini's Madame Butterly.  £10.00 
Lee, Markham
Puccini's Girl of the Golden West.  £10.00 
Clayton, P B
The Kent Scouts' Song Book.  £12.00 
Jammers, Ewald
Ausgewählte Melodien des Minnesangs. Einführung, Erläuterungen und Übertragung.  £14.00 
Tovey, Donald
Essays in Musical Analysis: Volume 6: Supplementary Essays, Glossary and Index.  £8.00 
Fernández de la Cuesta, Ismael
El Canto Mozárabe y su Entorno: Estudios sobre la Música de la Liturgia viejo Hispánica.  £64.00 
Foss, Peter
Mini Bumper Book of TV Themes.  £10.00 
Mazuela-Anguita, Ascension
Artes del Canto en el Mundo Ibérico Renacentista: Difusión y Usos a Través del Arte del Canto Llano (Sevilla, 1530) de Juan Martínez.  £86.00 
Johnson, R Brimley
A Book of British Ballads.  £26.00 
Munrow, David
Music for John of Luxembourg.  £10.00 
No Author Mozart & l'Alsace dans l'Europe des Idées et des Arts (= Saisons d'Alsace, No 113)  £12.00 
Isou, Isidore
Introduction à la Nouvelle Poésie et à une Nouvelle Musique.  £68.00 
Gadient, Lorenz
Takt und Pendelschlag: Quellentexte zur musikalischen Tempomessung des 17. bis 19. Jahrhunderts neu betrachtet.  £46.00 
De Madariaga, Salvador
Spanish Folk Songs.  £12.00 
Milne, A A
More "Very Young" Songs.  £34.00 
Milne, A A
Teddy Bear and Other Songs From When We Were Young.  £34.00 
Parry, Hubert
College Addresses Delivered to Pupils of the Royal College of Music.  £16.00 
Shaw, Lisa
The Social History of the Brazilian Samba.  £20.00 
Peters, H W de B
The Organ Club, Handbook, Fourth Edition, Twenty-First Anniversary, 1926-47.  £10.00 
Watts, Cecil
A Guide to the Better Care of LP and Stereo Records.  £12.00 
Hope, Eric
A Handbook of Piano Playing.  £10.00 
Cooke, Greville
Tonality and Expression.  £16.00 
Spaeth, Sigmund
At Home with Music.  £10.00 
Le Barbier de Seville, Le Mariage de Figaro.  £8.00 
Johnstone, Alfred
Touch, Phrasing and Interpretation.  £16.00 
Blesh, Rudi
Shining Trumpets: A History of Jazz: New Enlarged Edition with Additional Illustrations.  £18.00 
Nerval, Gérard de
Wagner, Richard
Vues sur la France. Suivies d'Hommages à Richard Wagner  £12.00 
Helmholtz, Hermann
On the Sensations of Tone as a Physiological Basis for the Theory of Music. Second English Edition.  £22.00 
Denison, John
Dulwich College. 350th Anniversary Commemoration Concert.  £14.00 
Gilbert and Sullivan
Pirates of Penzance, The Gondoliers, Trial by Jury, Princess Ida, The Yeomen of the Guard, The Mikado, Iolanthe, Ruddigore, HMS Pinafore, Patience.  £38.00 
Hedley, Arthur
Chopin.  £8.00 
Chamberlain, Houston Stewart
Le Drame Wagnérien.  £46.00 
Boy Scouts Association
Norfolk Boy Scouts Song Book.  £16.00 
Lefèvre, Maurice
Doughty, Myrtle
Are we to Have No More Latin Sung in Church?  £12.00 
Mavor, Dorothea
Elizabethan Lyrics Selected From the Miscellanies.  £8.00 
Gal, Hans
Catalogue of Manuscripts, Printed Music and Books on Music up to 1850 in the Music Department of the University of Edinburgh.  £14.00 
Church of England
The Psalter in Metre and Scripture Paraphrases. With Tunes. Authorized for Use in Public Worship. (Scotland, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa)  £18.00 
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