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No Author Commers-Buch für den deutschen Studenten.  £12.00 
Crowest, Frederick
Beethoven.  £10.00 
Beethoven, Ludwig van
Hadow, W H
Beethoven's Op. 18 Quartets.  £6.00 
O'Neill, Norman
A Golden Treasury of Song: First Volume.  £12.00 
Gray, Alan
Taylor, Sedley
John Sebastian Bach's Mass in B minor in Cambridge, 1908. Three Papers.  £12.00 
No Author Pitman's Musical Monthly, No 23, Vol 2, August 1, 1885.  £10.00 
No Author Hymns Ancient and Modern: New Standard: Melody Edition.  £12.00 
Handel, Georg Friedrich
Oakey, George
Judas Maccabaeus: An Oratorio.  £14.00 
No Author The New English Hymnal, Melody Edition.  £46.00 
Lutkin, Peter Christian
Music in the Church.  £16.00 
Dawson, George
The Church Bells of Nottinghamshire Part One Adbolton to Forest Town.  £36.00 
Williams, C F A
Bach.  £10.00 
Weiss, David
Sacred and Profane. A Novel of the Life and Times of Mozart.  £8.00 
Wekerlin, J B
Chants des Alpes. 30 Tyroliennes avec Variantes Vocalises et Annotations.  £24.00 
Pidoll, Carl
Eroica: A Novel - Nikolaus Zmeskall von Domanovetz's Reminiscences of Beethoven.  £10.00 
Hogg, James
Hercus, J L
Hawick Common-Riding Songs and Ceremonies with Music, and a Selection of Other Local Songs and Readings. List of Cornets from 1705 to Present Time.  £12.00 
Handel, Georg Friedrich
Curwen, John
The Messiah (Curwen's Edition, 3304) A Sacred Oratorio.  £14.00 
Alford, John
Weisberg, Julia
The Wild Geese. Soviet Opera for Children.  £12.00 
Davis, Miles
Miles Davis, Musician of the Year. Article within a complete issue of Jazz News, June 5, 1959.  £14.00 
Wenner, Jann
Lennon Remembers. The Rolling Stones Interviews.  £10.00 
Zanon, Maffeo
100 Canti Popolari Ordinati per 3 e 4 Voci ad Uso deo Cori Misti senza Accompagnamento.  £12.00 
Bevers, W
Cusack's Tonic Sol-Fa Questions and How to Answer them.  £10.00 
Potter, Jim
Smallwood, Lydia
Schubert and Vienna (The 1997 Cambridge Music Festival November 1997)  £12.00 
van Straten, L
Digital Dexterity for Musicians. A Method for Strengthening and Rendering the Fingers Flexible for Instrumentalists whose Facilities for Practice are Limited.  £18.00 
Ellacombe, Henry Thomas
Practical Remarks on Belfries and Ringers; with an Appendix on Chiming. With Illustrations. Fifth Edition.  £48.00 
Palmstierna, Erik
Horizons of Immortality. A Quest for Reality.  £18.00 
Willberg, Brigitte
Evangelisches Gesangbuch für die Evangelische Kirche von Kurhessen-Waldeck.  £12.00 
Tschaikowsky, P I
Zweites Concert (G-dur) für Pianoforte mit Begleitung des Orchesters oder eines zweiten Pianoforte. Opus 44, Edited by A Siloti.  £15.00 
Jacobs, Charles
Spanish Renaissance Discussion of Musica Ficta.  £12.00 
Beauvais, Robert
Guy Béart. Chansons d'Aujourd'hui.  £8.00 
Woodward, G R
Songs of Syon. A Collection of Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs. Set, for the Most Part, to their Ancient Proper Tunes.  £24.00 
Cowper, Frederick
Italian Folk Tales and Folk Songs.  £10.00 
Sawyer, Frederick
Sussex Songs and Music. A Lecture Delivered at the Soiree Given by the Worshipful the Mayor of Brighton August 21st 1885 to the British Archaeological Association and the Learned Societies of Brighton.  £14.00 
Jan, Carl
Musici Scriptores Graeci: Aristoteles, Euclides, Nicomachus, Bacchius, Gaudentius, Alypius et Melodiarum Veterum quidquid exstat.  £56.00 
Stevens, John
The Old Sound and the New. An Inaugural Lecture.  £10.00 
Mander, Margaret
Suzi Quatro.  £10.00 
Healy, James
The Mercier Book of Old Irish Street Ballads. Volume Four: No Place Like Home.  £10.00 
Chopin, Frederic
Valses. Oeuvres pour le Piano par Fr. Chopin Soigneusement corrigées d'après les Editions originales par C. Klindworth.  £20.00 
Regalado, Nancy
Chazan, Mireille
Lettres, Musique et Société en Lorraine Médiévale. Autour du Tournoi de Chauvency.  £42.00 
Boccerini, Luigi
Quintetto Op 47.  £12.00 
Waltershausen, Margit von
Steig ein - Fahr mit, 3 (Die Schäbische Alb; Wir Fahren in die Eifel; Strassenmusik)  £20.00 
Pfeiffer, Hellmut
Was Feiert der Deutsche? Weihnachten in der Röhn.  £12.00 
Pfeiffer, Hellmut
Was Feiert der Deutsche? Weihnachten in der Röhn.  £12.00 
Farmer, John
Gaudeamus. A Selection of Songs for Colleges and Schools.  £16.00 
Lord Harewood
An Exhibition of Music and Dance in Indian Art Sponsored by the Edinburgh Festival Society.  £12.00 
Schnauber, Cornelius
Ausdrucksphonetische Untersuchungen von Rhythmus und Melodik an Hitlers Rede zum Ermächtigungsgesetz.  £28.00 
Cuchet-Albaret, E
Lachenal, N
Le Beau Chateau. Poémes et Rondes.  £10.00 
Leal, Luis
Vallejo, Armando
Xalmán. Alma Chicana de Aztlán.  £26.00 
Arundell, Denis
Purcell, Henry
The Fairy Queen. An Opera by Henry Purcell. As Performed at the New Theatre, Cambridge 10 - 14 February 1931 with The Dialogue taken from Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream in place of the alterations made by the Anonymous Librettist of 1692.  £24.00 
Ebert, Peter
In This Theatre of Man's Life. The Biography of Carl Ebert.  £24.00 
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