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Searle, Ronald
Gilbert and Sullivan. A Selection from Ronald Searle's original drawings for the animated feature film 'Dick Deadeye' produced by Bill Melendez and Leo Rost.  £10.00 
Berry, Helen
The Castrato and his Wife.  £10.00 
Mathias, William
Music Now - A View from the Bridge (The 1979 Menai Music Festival Lecture).  £10.00 
Opie, Iona
The People in the Playground.  £8.00 
Mahon, Denis
The Singing 'Lute-Player' by Caravaggio from the Barberini Collection, painted for Cardinal del Monte. Essay in Burlington Magazine, January 1990.  £12.00 
Budden, Julian
The Operas of Verdi. Volume 2 From Il Trovatore to La Forza del Destino. Revised Edition.  £24.00 
Phillimore, J S
The Hundred Best Latin Hymns.  £10.00 
Jampol, Joshua
Living Opera.  £12.00 
Cott, Jonathan
Stockhausen. Conversations with the Composer.  £8.00 
Harkleroad, Leon
The Behind The Music.  £12.00 
Jenkins, Jean
Rovsing Olsen, Poul
Music and Musical Instruments in the World of Islam.  £10.00 
Pecman, Rudolf
Colloquium Leos Janacek et Musica Europaea, Brno 1968 - Musikwissenschaftliche Kolloquien der Internationalen Musikfestspiele in Brno, Band 3.  £12.00 
Bach, Johann Sebastian
Czackzkes, Ludwig
Czaczkes, Ludwig
Analyse des Wohltemperierten Klaviers. Form und Aufbau der Fuge bei Bach. Band 1.  £10.00 
Traill, H D
Saturday Songs.  £88.00 
Kirova, S M
Bogdanov-Berezovskii, V M
Balet Leningrada.  £46.00 
Schroeder, Otto
Griechische Singverse.  £24.00 
Clark, Mason
The Violin and Old Violin Makers Being a Historical & Biographical Account of the Violin with Facsimiles of Labels of the Old Makers.  £12.00 
McCartney, Richard Hayes
Songs from a Watch-Tower.  £8.00 
Ashton, John
Real Sailor-Songs.  £88.00 
Czermak, Wilhelm
Der Rhythmus der koptischen Sprache und seine Bedeutung in der Sprachgestaltung.  £18.00 
Mahler, Alma
Gustav Mahler. Memories and Letters.  £24.00 
Newman, William
The Sonata in the Classic Era. The Second Volume of a History of the Sonata Idea.  £20.00 
Moser, Hans Joachim
Grundfragen der Schulmusik.  £14.00 
Kopp, A
Über ältere deutsche Liedersammlungen.  £8.00 
Gilbert and Sullivan
Gilbert and Sullivan: Patience. Dramatis Personae.  £10.00 
Helmholtz, Hermann
On the Sensations of Tone as a Physiological Basis for the Theory of Music. Second English Edition.  £46.00 
No Author In Dulci Jubilo. Old German Christmas Carols.  £8.00 
Degenhardt, Franz
Spiel nicht mit den Schmuddelkindern: Balladen, Chansons, Grotesken, Lieder.  £8.00 
No Author Evangelisches Jugendgesangbuch. Auswahl aus dem Evangelischen Kirchengesangbuch. Auswahl für Hessen.  £10.00 
Sharp, Cecil
Marson, Charles
Folk Songs from Somerset Gathered and Edited with Pianoforte Accompaniment. Second Series.  £38.00 
Craft, Robert
Stravinsky, Igor
Dialogues.  £10.00 
Sharp, Elizabeth
Ferris, G
Great Composers. German, French and Italian.  £8.00 
Tucker, Norman
Ellison, Audrey
In Memoriam N W G T, 1910 - 1978.  £14.00 
Reinhard, Werner
Zur Erinnerung an Werner Reinhart, Dr phil, hc, 1884 - 1951.  £16.00 
Larese, Dino
Goebels, Franzpeter
Rudolf Kelterborn: Eine Lebensskizze. Der Komponist Rudolf Kelterborn.  £12.00 
Fritsch, Elizabeth
Pots about Music.  £18.00 
Posner, Sandy
Stravinsky, Igor
Millen, Joyce
Petrouchka: The Story of the Ballet.  £7.00 
Brahms, Johannes
Brahms 20 Famous Songs (Low Voice)  £16.00 
Storm, Johan
Englische Philologie. Anleitung zum wissenschaftlichen Studium der Englischen Sprache. Zweite Auflage. Die Lebende Sprache. 2 Volumes.  £46.00 
Melitz, Leo
Führer durch die Opern. 205 Operntexte ihrem Inhalte nach Wiedergegeben.  £10.00 
Murphy, Daniel
Rice, Valentine
The Arts and the Gifted Child. Conference Proceedings and Occasional Papers.  £20.00 
Finkelstein, Sidney
Composer and Nation: The Folk Heritage in Music.  £10.00 
Cordova, Sarah Davies
Paris Dances: Textual Choreographies in the Nineteenth Century French Novel.  £68.00 
Ferra, Bartomeu
Chopin and George Sand in Majorca.  £6.00 
Hapgood, Isabelle Florence
The Epic Songs of Russia.  £46.00 
Carey, Hugh
Duet for Two Voices: An Informal Biography of Edward Dent Compiled from His Letters to Clive Carey.  £14.00 
Barnby, Joseph
The Preces and Responses with Litany, According to Tallis, Arranged for four Voices.  £10.00 
Andersen, L
Deutsche Heimat. Die schönsten Volks-, Wander- und Studentenlieder. Vollständiges Textbuch.  £12.00 
The Hundred Thousand Songs. Selections from Milarepa, Poet Saint of Tibet, Translated by Antoinette Gordon with an Introduction by Peter Fingesten.  £28.00 
Salaman, William
Living School Music.  £8.00 
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