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Haldane, J S
The Philosophy of a Biologist.  £8.00 
Callinicos, Alex
Against Postmodernism. A Marxist Critique.  £8.00 
Searle, John
Intentionality. An Essay in the Philosophy of Mind.  £16.00 
Miller, David
George Herbert Mead. Self, Language, and the World.  £10.00 
Schuster, John
Cartesian Method as Mythic Speech: A Diachronic and Structural Analysis.  £10.00 
Shapin, Steven
Of Gods and Kings: Natural Philosophy and Politics in the Leibniz-Clarke Disputes. (ISIS, 1981, 72 (262))  £10.00 
Chuvin, Pierre
A Chronicle of the Last Pagans.  £16.00 
Rowe, William
God and the Problem of Evil.  £26.00 
Stump, Eleonore
Murray, Michael
Philosophy of Religion. The Big Questions.  £16.00 
Hoffman, Joshua
Rosenkrantz, Gary
The Divine Attributes.  £24.00 
Beveridge, William
Voluntary Action. A Report on Methods of Social Advance.  £16.00 
Bonhoeffer, Dietrich
De Gruchy, John W.
De Gruchy, John
The Cambridge Companion to Dietrich Bonhoeffer.  £14.00 
Abe, Masao
Heine, Steven
A Study of Dogen. His Religion and Philosophy.  £10.00 
Godley, A D
Socrates and Athenian Society in His Day.  £18.00 
Annas, Julia
Barnes, Jonathan
Sextus Empiricus. Outlines of Scepticism.  £16.00 
Sen, Amartya
Williams, Bernard
Utilitarianism and Beyond.  £24.00 
Pattison, George
A Short Course in the Philosophy of Religion.  £10.00 
Cary, Henry
The Works of Plato. A New and Literal Version, Chiefly from the Text of Stallbaum. Volume 1 ONLY.  £18.00 
Tully, James
Philosophy in an Age of Pluralism. The Philosophy of Charles Taylor in Question.  £18.00 
Peterson, Michael
The Problem of Evil. Selected Readings.  £10.00 
Schmidtz, David
Nozick, Robert
Robert Nozick.  £10.00 
Locke, John
Goldie, Mark
Two Treatises of Government.  £6.00 
Gay, Peter
The Enlightenment. An Interpretation. Volume 1: The Rise of Modern Paganism.  £10.00 
Schanz, Martin
Platonis Opera quae feruntur omnia. Ad codices denuo collatos. Volume 12: Leges et Epinomis, Pars 1.  £20.00 
Sextus Empiricus
Bekker, Immanuel
Sextus Empiricus ex Recensione Immanuelis Bekkeri.  £120.00 
Schweighaeuser, Johannes
L Annaei Senecae ad Lucilium Epistolae Morales, ad Fidem Veterum Librorum in his Trium MSStorum Argentoratensium Recognovit Emendavit Iohannes Schweighaeuser.  £46.00 
Cicero, Marcus Tullius
Wilkins, A S
M Tulli Ciceronis Rhetorica. Recognovit Brevique Adnotatione Critica Instruxit A S Wilkins. Tomus 1: Libros De Oratore Tres Continens.  £20.00 
Cicero, Marcus Tullius
Clark, Albert
M Tulli Ciceronis Orationes. Pro Milone, Pro Marcello, Pro Ligario, Pro Rege Deiotaro, Philippicae I - XIV. Recognovit Brevique Adnotatione Critica Instruxit Albertus Curtis Clark. Editionis Alterius.  £16.00 
Taliaferro, Charles
Cambridge Platonist Spirituality.  £12.00 
Nietzsche, Friedrich
Clark, Maudemarie
Daybreak. Thoughts on the Prejudices of Morality.  £16.00 
Burnet, John
Platonis Res Publica: recognovit brevique adnotatione critica instruxit Johannes Burnet.  £10.00 
Kant, Immanuel
Practical Philosophy. (The Cambridge Edition of the Works of Immanuel Kant)  £64.00 
Bossuet, Jacques Bénigne
Education = Oeuvres Complètes de Bossuet, Eveque de Meaux. Volumes 13 - 18 ONLY.  £100.00 
Kingsland, William
Scientific Idealism, or Matter and Force and their Relation to Life and Consciousness.  £56.00 
Tallentyre, S G
The Friends of Voltaire.  £22.00 
Gide, André
The Living Thoughts of Montaigne.  £8.00 
Centre International de Synthèse
Gassendi, Pierre
Pierre Gassendi, Sa Vie et Son Oeuvre (1592 - 1655)  £16.00 
Hjort, Johan
The Unity of Science - A Sketch.  £36.00 
Pascal, Blaise
Discours sur les Passions de l'Amour (Attribué à Pascal). Avec un Commentaire de Emile Faguet.  £26.00 
Rousseau, Jean Jacques
Tisserand, Roger
Les Concurrents de J - J Rousseau a l'Academie de Dijon pour le Prix de 1754.  £30.00 
Rousseau, Jean Jacques
Les Confessions. Reproduction du Manuscrit de Neuchâtel. Postface de Pierre-Paul Clément.  £34.00 
Unger, Eric
The Imagination of Reason. Two Philosophical Essays.  £14.00 
Monro, D H
Argument of Laughter.  £18.00 
Lipton, Peter
Inference to the Best Explanation.  £46.00 
Passeron, Jean-Claude
Revel, Jacques
Penser par Cas.  £56.00 
Lewens, Tim
Organisms and Artefacts. Design in Nature and Elsewhere.  £10.00 
Tamas, Demeter
Mentalis Fikcionalizmus.  £24.00 
Bernal, J D
The Freedom of Necessity.  £24.00 
Le Poidevin, Robin
Arguing for Atheism. An Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion.  £8.00 
McDougall, William
Modern Materialism and Emergent Evolution.  £16.00 
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